87 "Dream of Red Mansions", the six beautiful actors, disappeared after the filming, and never participated in the crew party

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87 "Dream of Red Mansions", the six beautiful actors, disappeared after the filming, and never participated in the crew party

2022-05-16 00:13:18 13 ℃

The 87th version of "Dream of Red Mansions" is a magical crew. As Zhang Guoli said, he has never seen a crew, like the 87 Red Mansion Dream crew, as long as he drank one by one, three days and two meetings.

Indeed, now any crew cannot be compared with the 87th version of Honglou Dream crew.

The 87th edition of "Dream of Red Mansions" was filmed for three years. The actors lived in the crew, lived together, and got along with each other, and formed a deep friendship. Many people became friends for a lifetime.

After filming "Dream of Red Mansions", everyone ran each other. At that time, the communication was not well developed, and the connection was fading. Until 2003, the "Art Life" program group organized an 87th version of "Dream of Red Mansions" for 20 years. Many people attended the scene and everyone recovered.

With the nostalgia for the classics, everyone has more and more nostalgia for the 87th version of "Dream of Red Mansions". After that, various variety shows, interviews, 25th anniversary, 25th anniversary of the launch, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Zhengding, Hebei, 300th anniversary of Cao Xueqin's birthday. , "Liu Ye" Sha Yuhua's 80th birthday, director Wang Fulin's birthday, screenwriter Zhou Ling and Zhang Luo's feast, almost all can see the creators.

Pushing the 87th version of "Dream of Red Mansions" to a higher position again and again, we are becoming more and more familiar with the actors in the play.

Especially in 2017, the 30th anniversary of the 87th TV series "Dream of Red Mansions" reunited again to commemorate the concert. It was held in the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Lei, Cheng Mei, Li Man and others who have lived overseas for 30 years have been rushed back. After 30 years of "Dream of Red Mansions", the most comprehensive party of performers.

However, there are six beautiful actors in the play. They disappeared after filming and never participated in any crew party.

First, Anwen.

Anwen, also the player of Qingwen in the 87th version of "Dream of Red Mansions". At that time, she was also called Zhang Jinglin.

Zhang Jinglin looks beautiful. The crew is called "Little Fairy". When many young men saw her, their eyes could not be moved. Before entering the crew, she played Mrs. Xiao Wen in "The Fourth Category of the Four".

Zhang Jinglin and Chen Xiaoxu, Zhang Lei, Hu Zehong, Shen Lu and others became Lin Daiyu's candidate. Wang Fulin wandered between Zhang Jinglin and Chen Xiaoxu for a long time. In the end, he still put his temperament on his face value and acting skills. He chose Chen Xiaoxu to play Lin Daiyu and let Zhang Jinglin play Qingwen.

Zhang Jinglin has always been arrogant. When he heard that he played Qingwen, he planned to resign. is Director Wang Fulin persuaded himself, saying that Qingwen was tailor -made for you. No one is more suitable than you, she is barely staying, but she makes a request that she does not follow the group.

Although the crew stipulates that the main actors must follow the group, in order to keep Zhang Jinglin, Wang Fulin agreed.

Therefore, many groups, Qingwen should be surrounded by Baoyu, but she was not there. Only when Qingwen played, Zhang Jinglin appeared.

Because they do not have the crew, there are not many exchanges between Zhang Jinglin and the actor of the crew. They only have a good relationship with Ouyang Fenqiang who plays Baoyu. In addition, Zhang Jinglin does not like to show up, so for so many years, she has been behind the scenes and is a little woman behind Su Yue with peace of mind.

It wasn't until later that Su Yue had an accident that Anwen reappeared in front of the public. But the Red Mansion crew had no participation at once.

Second place, Zhang Mingming.

Zhang Mingming is the player of the second sister of "Dream of Red Mansions" in the 87th edition.

Although there are not many "two sisters" in the play, Zhang Mingming's amazing shape and the appearance of the sky impressed the audience.

Cao Gong gave a multi -faceted description of the appearance of Sister You. Although there was no positive description, through the conversion of many people, it can be seen that the second sister of You Er is called "the first beauty of the Red Mansion".

Sister You is a stunner on earth and charming style. Then Yang Shuyun designed a "charming makeup" for her, which is natural and charming. Deng Yunxiang once said that I appreciate Yang Shuyun's makeup for You Er.

After filming "The Dream of Red Mansions", Zhang Mingming had no news. Until the 30 -year -old event of the crew, Ouyang Fenqiang found the people in the drama that year, and then contacted the "Eri Sister".

It turned out that Zhang Mingming went to study in the United States after filming the "Er Sister You". He mainly repaired computer major. Now he is already a senior software engineer in the US IT industry. As for the party, Zhang Mingming did not want to be disturbed, but just made a phone call with Ouyang.

The years are quiet and no disturbance is Zhang Mingming's best choice.

The third place, the Korean flow.

Han Liuliu is the player of the Muyue in the Dream of Red Mansions in 87.

It is said that at that time, the Korean Streaming drama was filmed and left the crew. The specific reason was unknown. Many musk -moon dramas have given the attacker.

Unlike An Wen, Zhang Mingming, at least the situation of the two people still heard that the public also appeared in front of the public after the accident. Han Liuliu was a real disappearance. After the filming, no one knew her news.

Perhaps the disagreement with the crew had a great impact on her. Maybe she didn't want to be disturbed of a safe life, so she didn't want to show up.

Fourth, Gu Tong.

Gu Tong, the player of the player in "Dream of Red Mansions" in 87.

Gu Tong, after entering the crew, was originally Xiang Ling's candidate, and finally played Siqi. This is also involved in a person, Yang Xiaoling, the role of Xia Jingui.

Gu Tong made Xiang Ling's sketch. No one played with him, so he brought Yang Xiaoling to help him play. Yang Xiaoling played Xia Jingui. Yang Xiaoling agreed to help each other. Anyway, just a camera, and I couldn't take myself, so I let go of Performing . As a result, Gu Tong failed to play Xiang Ling. Instead, Yang Xiaoling became the actor of Xia Jingui because he played Xia Jingui's lively and lively, which made Yang Xiaoling disappointed.

Originally, Yang Xiaoling thought that she could play Xue Baoqin, but she became Xia Jingui. This gap made her unacceptable.

After filming, Gu Tong disappeared in the public's field of vision. Later, the crew of the Red Mansion had repeatedly gathered, and Gu Tong did not participate once. The red building crew gathered in 30 years, and Yang Xiaoling appeared, but Gu Tong still did not appear.

Fifth place, Wang Xiaojie.

Wang Xiaojie, the 87th version of "Dream of Red Mansions" is the player of the Orb.

Berdin has not many plays in the play, but the impression of the audience is very deep. When the "Orb" appeared, the audience was stunned. Such an unrelated little girl was so beautiful and fresh and refined.

In fact, originally, Wang Xiaojie and Chen Xiaoxu were also candidates for "Lin Daiyu".

Although the character is no size, the protagonist and supporting role are different. After performing "Dream of Red Mansions", Chen Xiaoxu has been in the north and south of the river, becoming a hot star, and Wang Xiaojie is unknown and unknown.

From the heroine who is unknown to a little girl who is not well -known, this gap is really "flying down three thousand feet". Although Wang Xiaojie was lost, he still performed "Orb".

After filming "Dream of Red Mansions", Wang Xiaojie also disappeared, and no time to gather in the Red Mansion.

Sixth place, Kong Fanjie.

Kong Fanjie is the player of Fang Guan in the 87th version of "Dream of Red Mansions".

Although Fang Guan's drama is not much in the play, the same impression of the audience is very deep. Kong Fanjie's tone, his eyes very well, and interpreted the spicy and lovely Fangguan to the fullest.

However, Kong Fanjie's sense of existence in the crew is very low, and in the impression of the public, it is also very sparse. I can't even find any information about her.

These six beautiful actors disappeared after the filming and never attended any red building party.

Anwen has only appeared in the public in these years. Zhang Mingming, Han Liu, Gu Tong, Wang Xiaojie, and Kong Fanjie have no news from beginning to end. The real disappearance was really disappeared and did not come out to participate in any event.