"Liangchen and Good Green Knowing Geometry" The female second is amazing, how eye -catching the female partners who do not lose?

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"Liangchen and Good Green Knowing Geometry" The female second is amazing, how eye -catching the female partners who do not lose?

2022-05-16 00:12:07 11 ℃

In the hit of "Liangchen and Good Scenes Knowing Geometry", Zheng Fengqi played by Zhao Yingzi quickly attracted attention with the contrast between the beautiful appearance and the heart of the snake scorpion. Obviously he is a big star who is shiny, but he dedicated that Xiao Beichen would not marry him. After witnessing the intimate relationship between Xiao Beichen and Lin Hangjing, he was even more angry. The design of the "Black Lotus" design destroyed the relationship between the two and attempted to leave the male and female lead.

Jealousy was governed by Zheng Fengqi step by step towards the abyss. He learned that Xiao Beichen and Lin Hangjing were married, and the seeds of revenge quietly buried. Stepping on the glass to abuse the glass, burn the wedding photo, and even want Lin Hangjing's life. Once jealousy is opened, it is difficult to collect the water. While marrying and framing Lin Hangjing, Zheng Fengqi also indirectly ruined himself and harmed his father.

Seeing Zheng Fengqi spare no effort to stalk from it, destroying the feelings of the male and female masters, the audience secretly looked forward to when she could go offline. Leaving aside the role, Zhao Yingzi's shape is still remarkable. Whether it is a stylish dress, retro cheongsam, or graceful plush shawl skirt, the appearance is very beautiful. I have to say that the beauty and fierce Zheng Fengqi are too attractive.

Not only Zhao Yingzi, many female partners have the performance of not losing the female lead, such as Yu Manli played by Song Yi in "The Pretender". He is a life -and -death partner with Mingtai, and is courageous. She loves Mingtai and is willing to pay everything for the other party. However, in the "Dead Plan", Yu Manli was betrayed by the traitor, and even the number of guns became difficult in the audience.

Song Yi himself is a fan of spy war novels. In the performance, she also incorporated her personal understanding of the character. A smart and beautiful woman's image jumped on the screen. Compared with the beauty of Cheng Jinyun's girlfriend style, Yu Manli has more dynamic and style. Song Yi's own classical charm and character combine well, showing the characteristics of Yu Manli Chuchu.

There is also Li Xiaonan, who played "Sparrow" in "Sparrow", looked at her heartlessness and lungs, her mouth was unobstructed. In fact, she was meticulous. She was an excellent female agent. She was deeply affectionate for Chen Shen, silently paid for rewards, and protected the security of the other person regardless of her, even if she sacrificed her life.

In order to better perform the task, Li Xiaonan usually shows people as an actress. She loves and hate, and although she is a woman, she has the time to not let her eyebrows. Faced with the fear of her no fear, she regarded death, leaving a stroke of self -confidence in the vigorous revolutionary movement.

In the performance of Xi Qingzi, we can see that Li Xiaonan is like a facing flower, lively and fresh, warm and bright. She puts all the hot emotions into Chen Shen and her motherland, and can be generous for faith. Although it is a supporting role, Li Xiaonan has the popularity of the heroine Xu Bicheng.

In the modern drama "Elite Lawyer", Li Na, who played by Zhu Zhu, was shining as soon as she appeared. As the administrative secretary of Luobin, Li Na has the standard characteristics of women in the workplace: intellectual and capable, both in business. Not only has strong business capabilities, but also acting as a "lubricant" that regulates interpersonal relationships, which is an indispensable existence of law.

Unlike the workplace Xiaobai Dai Xi, Li Na's professional ability is online, and emotional intelligence is even more absolute. She has her own way of doing things, and treating people makes people feel like a spring breeze. This coincides with Zhu Zhu's own temperament, and the high -suitableness of the actors and characters has increased the performance a little more real.

Similar to such roles, there is Tang Jing played by Yuan Quan in "My First Half of Life". As an enterprise executive, Tang Jing is all over the workplace, and he will never drag the water. He is a strong woman in the workplace.

She is a typical independent woman. She has full rationality. It can not only deal with problems in the work, but also from time to time for the emotional problems of girlfriends Luo Zijun to act as a "emotional consultant" role. For her, all my energy was used before love, and all energy was used in work. At the same time, she and her boyfriend He Han, who have been in love for many years, have maintained unreasonable and relatively independent state, and will not abandon the business for many years because of love.

Tang Jing comes with the workplace elite temperament with a good role in the role of the role, and the TV series has been loved by many audiences. It is worth mentioning that her interpretation of characters has not been surfaced. Dipping the shell, you can see the more delicate and softer character kernel. The strong woman Tang Jing not only has a hard -like appearance. She cherishes love and cherishes friendship. She has more levels of emotions worth digging.

In addition, Li Ping, played by Qin Hailu in "Xiaomin's Family", is also a very audience. Li Ping is Chen Zhuo's ex -wife. He can say that he has courage and courage. He can work with the second husband Hong Wei to become educated and make the business a sound.

For her daughter Chen Jiajia, Li Ping can be said to be "to give the stars to the stars, to pick the moon", and do everything she can to satisfy all the wishes of her daughter, and use doting to describe a little too much. Li Ping, who is strong and smart in front of outsiders, is a lot of his daughter, and it seems to be the image of the kind mother of the beautiful beauty.

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