In the Shanghai epidemic, Huang Xiaoming was scolded on the hot search: 3 months of divorce, his true face was exposed ...

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In the Shanghai epidemic, Huang Xiaoming was scolded on the hot search: 3 months of divorce, his true face was exposed ...

2022-05-16 00:13:35 12 ℃

I am not the best, but I have to do the most hard work.

—— Huang Xiaoming

Epidemic prevention bags and masks.

Priority care of the elderly.

Package in advance to avoid distribution of labor.

The supplies are directly in the hands of the residents, so that no one can be organic ...

There are details and surprises.

Huang Xiaoming proved himself with action: I am professional!

When others buy hot search, he buys materials.

Others began to donate, and he had arrived in the hands of the residents.


Chengdu, Sichuan.

Henan Xiuwu ...

No matter where, as long as he needs, he will grab the front line.

In 2016, a total of more than 40 million yuan was donated.

Natural disasters.


Poor students.

"Turn powder to powder!"

So that someone issued a soul torture:

Other people are so good, what are you still hacked?

It is also a century wedding.

And he unfortunately became a control group.

The reason is very worried: he is not fashionable.

In other words, soil.

When Jay Chou's side, the clouds are light and light.

He released the general manner and shocked the whole network:

"My baby, you're finished! You're waiting for the next day, I'm never so good to a woman, except my mother."

Het your favorite wedding.

Liu Ye is depressed.

Great President 2.

His love for President President became a stalk and a joke.

Later, "Chinese Restaurant" "clearly words" swiped the screen on the entire network.

"I don't want you, I want me to think!"

People set up.

If there is no good team, then sorry, Huang Xiaoming's performance can only be said to be worse.

Others can't bring it.

Because of the "President", he became the "greasy leader".


He is no longer a "popular boy", but is just a middle -aged man in trouble.

Most of the time, you have to add an adjective "greasy".


After all kinds of struggles, he finally understood:

Today's controversy is a compulsory course for his acting career.

Word of mouth falls.

It is reasonable.

Talk about English with "noisy set".

In short, all words and deeds are scolding.

Going to Li Jiaqi live room, he pulled his head and spoke very humblely:

"Jiaqi, I seem to squeeze you over ... it's okay, everyone doesn't like to see me."

Recording "Sister with the Wind", he beats one by one.

Because of fear of being scolded, he was specifically sorted according to the first letters of your sister's name.

But in fact, his "good" has always been obvious to all.

When shooting, the little actor was timid.

He encouraged: "It's okay, boldly splash me, the better the better!"

On -site staff celebrated his birthday, he celebrated intimately.

He is an old man.

Stupid mouth, but sincere.

Hebei epidemic, shortage of materials, he helped.

In countdown, how many good things he had done and how much assets he donated.

Few people know these.

Only a few people in his sporadic people will know that Huang Xiaoming's keywords are never just "soil" and "oil".

There are also "good" and "righteousness".

They are uncomfortable:

"People are good!"

Even began to confuse: Why did you scold him? What's wrong with him?

The public figures should have positive energy, and he has never interrupted.

The responsibility of the stars should have a lot of points ...

Huang Xiaoming may not be a good actor.

But it is really a good person.

Don't pretend.

For Angelababy's acting skills, he has no favoritism: "Not good is not good."

He saw reality and let go of narcissism.

He knows even more, no matter how much words, he has lost to action.

Open his work to be broadcast, full of inventory, rich themes, showing that he does not abandon or give up.

"I have encountered frustration and fell to the bottom of the valley. I didn't grow into my ideal self, and I was not as good as I thought of it.

I can only work hard in this destiny. "

This feeling of empathy has become the cornerstone of his acting skills. It has also become his original intention to continue to do public welfare.

He launched a "accompanying the empty nest elderly" action.

For many years, we care about the elderly living alone.

He established the "True Heroes" Fund Public Welfare Project.

Promote the difficulty of firefighters and inspire more civilian heroes ...