The word -of -mouth ratings of "Living for Life" declined, and 3 reasons were hot. He Yan and Huang Lei could not move 3 siblings

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The word -of -mouth ratings of "Living for Life" declined, and 3 reasons were hot. He Yan and Huang Lei could not move 3 siblings

2022-05-16 00:12:33 13 ℃

"Living Life" has not escaped the law of "more and more boring" in the N generation. After the premiere of the 6th season, the sound of the program, the guest's variety of the variety, and the content of the content of the show are all controversial. Netizens It is also blunt that the life shown in "The Life" is difficult to yearn for.

After a week of suspension, the mushroom house also ushered in the first batch of guests. Many people expect "The Life 6" to be able to turn around, but after reading the contents of the second issue, all expectations are still empty. Essence After the show was broadcast, it was a bit helpless to think about it because of "boring".

The filter plus the seaside scenery is very beautiful and healed, but it is still impossible to cover the boring and embarrassment of "The Life 6". A group of people are more like leisure vacations. Even the food is too lazy to do it. In texture, "Life 6" may not be able to return to the initial beauty.

In addition to the decline in word of mouth, "yearning for life 6" is obviously not as good as previous seasons. Judging from the real -time popularity of Cat's Eye, "Living 6" is currently ranked second and lags behind the just broadcast "Run 10". Judging from the real -time viewing data of Kuyun, the average attention of the first two issues of "The Life 6" is 0.69 and 0.56, respectively, and the ratings have declined.

Why does "yearning for life 6" appear in such a situation? The editor thinks there are the following three reasons.

First, the production team Jiang Lang did all. Although the program team became more and more rich, and even satisfied the guests' desire to come to the sea, the planning could not give the audience fresh content. How big the audience is, how big the disappointment will be.

Second, the choice of flying guests is inappropriate, and the show is difficult to show. In the current special environment, it is also difficult for the show team to invite guests. If there are more people, they will be strongly supported by newcomers. If there are fewer people, they will often lack sparks. At present, the real brilliant guests (such as Song Dandan, Na Ying, Huang Yali, Liu Xiaoyi, etc.) are all familiar and open artists. They are familiar with each other. Effect. Take a look at the variety show "Welcome to Mushroom House" for a period of time. The show team should indeed reflect on the guest candidates.

Third, a family of five people could not find the original atmosphere. Huang Lei and He Yan were looking for topics and active atmosphere, but they still couldn't move the three brothers and sisters. One time is quiet, one is smirking, the other is amazing, the show's boring, boring and embarrassing, the three brothers and sisters have a lot of responsibility.

In the second episode of "The Life 6", Liu Haoran, Zhang Yanhao and Wen Qi were guests with mushroom houses. Because Liu Haoran had cooperated with everyone in this issue, this program also became "Liu Haoran's Friendship Bureau". The appearance of Liu Haoran and the excellent performance in the show have also enlarged the shortcomings of the three brothers and sisters of the mushroom house. The sense of variety and audience fate is really natural, and sometimes they can't come.

As the first guest visiting the mushroom house this season, Liu Haoran's overall performance made people shine. He is perfectly fit with the rhythm of this slow variety show. The image of health and health is very attractive. He can let it go between his predecessors and his peers. He likes to take the initiative to mediate the atmosphere. There are topics, giving people a sense of spring breeze.

As soon as Liu Haoran appeared, he quickly entered the role. A person dragged his suitcase to the mushroom house. When no one greet himself, he began to talk about why Peng Yuchang did not spread his red carpet for himself. When I came to the mushroom house, I started talking to everyone. It was not like a guest at all. I also took the initiative to order meals.

Liu Haoran accidentally smashed Xiao H, so he began to chase Xiao H apology and took the initiative to reconcile, but the high -cold little H was "revenge", but he didn't want Liu Haoran to touch his head, so the two sides staged a " The drama of love and hate ", this content is also the egg of the whole program.

Compared with Liu Haoran's positive investment and enthusiasm, the three brothers and sisters of the mushroom house seemed a little free. Their sense of variety in the show has always been criticized, and the two episodes are the most controversial.

Zhang Yixing was uncomfortable because of drinking ice water early in the morning, and had a low fever. Therefore, the second phase of the program was basically invisible, and he was absent from the first fishing activity to go to sea. Zhang Yixing really conflicted with Hainan's place, obvious soil and water dissatisfaction, and the same situation appeared in the last recording show. Next, pay attention to taking care of your body.

Zhang Yixing was sick, and the whole person could not mention it. He could only "wake up" his driver's license. However, Huang Lei and He Yan really took care of Zhang Yixing. They warmly condolences throughout the journey, specifically boiled porridge, and took him to ventilate.

Zhang Yixing caused heated discussion after the first episode of the show was launched. The slogan "Taking Chinese Music to the World" was ridiculed by group, and various behaviors in the show were also watched by a magnifying glass. He has always been complained that he has no sense of variety, and he needs to prove himself with performance.

As a resident of variety shows, Zhang Zifeng is a lucky one who can be left without speaking. Zhang Zifeng is also a lucky one. As long as he is responsible for being beautiful under the camera, the program group does take care of her. You can obviously feel that Zhang Zifeng is getting more and more mature, and his mind is more delicate. He will take the initiative to help Huang Lei share something, and Wen Qi will take care of it enthusiastically.

However, Zhang Zifeng's sense of variety did not make much progress. The state of being separated. Previously, because of the simple people set up a lot of fans, since the exposure of the love incident, this kind of person has been unable to stand. Zhang Zifeng is still silent this season. Many of the shots shot by the show team are beautiful, but many people still hope that she can let go a little and have some funny expression packs. Peng Yuchang has always been a happy fruit in the show. Everyone also likes to make some laughs by vomiting. Peng Yuchang's people are relatively honest and honest. They do things silently, but their disadvantages are obvious, and their personalities are more introverted. When they meet acquaintances, they can let it go. If they encounter unfamiliar people, they will be calm.

In the first operation of the mushroom house family, Huang Lei, He Yan, Zhang Zifeng, and Wen Qi were one ship, Peng Yuchang, Liu Haoran and Zhang Yaohao, one boat. From the shot presentation, the show of the two ships was completely opposite. Huang Lei has a lot of fun and fun, and Peng Yuchang's ship is embarrassing and boring.

Huang Lei was very active on the ship, constantly looking for the topic to drive the atmosphere, and also opened a lecture on "Teacher Huang". From fishing gear, local dishes, household registration to geography, and art, He Yan cooperated, and the entire ship was also very happy. As a resident guest, Peng Yuchang's performance on this ship can be described as lying flat.

Originally, the three brothers of Peng Yuchang, Liu Haoran, and Zhang Yaohao had cooperated. They would tease each other when they met, but they looked awkward when they were sitting on a boat. The three brothers sat in the line, and Liu Haoran kept looking for the topic. Zhang Yaohao kept responding, and Peng Yuchang on the side chose to close the wheat, and the scene seemed awkward.

Liu Haoran, who has always been at the atmosphere, was a bit unable to find a topic. Finally, he had to stand on the boat to play the game of "Wet Wire", and the scene was embarrassed again. I do n’t know if it ’s the issue of the program editing. This section Peng Yuchang looks very dull and completely does not want to speak. As a resident guest, it’ s not as good as Liu Haoran.

However, after getting off the boat, Peng Yuchang resumed vitality. The three brothers fought water together and played as happily as elementary school students, and the scene was much lively.

On the whole, Liu Haoran's flight brings a lot of surprises. Those who seriously invest will always be charm. This also sounds the alarm for all guests: to record variety shows is really not vacation and leisure In order to have your own content output, even if the performance is not so funny, there should be at least the attitude. This is the duty of being an artist.

Do you have anything to say about the second program of "Life 6"?