Mao Ning has been hiding for many years.

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Mao Ning has been hiding for many years.

2022-05-16 06:07:28 23 ℃

In the entertainment industry, many men and women stars, because they often play or sing with each other, they are mistaken for a couple relationship by netizens. For example, like the legend of Phoenix, the two of them are a partner combination, and once some netizens have always thought that the two of them are husband and wife.

Mao Ning, born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province on May 23, 1969. He has a popular musician singer, film and television actor, and host in mainland China. He graduated from the Liaoning Provincial School of Sports Technology. In 1989, the first personal cover album "The highest peak" was launched, which officially entered the entertainment industry. In 1992, the first personal music album "Please let my emotions stay with you". In 1993, he participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and performed the song "The Sound of the Tao Still" on the spot, which was recognized by the audience.

In 1994, a personal tour of the National Tour was held; in the same year, he formed a "Golden Boy Jade Girl" group with Yang Yuying and held the "Golden Boy Jade Girl-Shanghai Golden Autumn Concert" on the Shanghai Grand Stage; "Top Ten Singer Awards and Top Ten Singer Awards in the country; in addition, he also won the" Guangdong Most Popular Male Singer Award "for three years. A "Heart Rain" is popular all over the country, and it is still a must -order song that many couples KTV must be.

Mao Ning is called "Desperate Saburo". He appeared in a blue suit in the "Dream Music Festival" program. He raised his hands and had a full host. After that, Mao Ning was released because he did not meet the detention conditions.

After many years, both people rarely appear in the entertainment industry and have their own lives. Mao Ning is also married. With his wife, his wife's name is Li Jingping. He looks very pure and sweet, Li Jingping, female, PhD in the Department of Statistics of Renmin University of China.

Li Jingping is more than a teenager than Mao Ning. No wonder Yang Yuying is looking at it. What do you think of this?