Because he looks like a devil, he has performed more than 6,000 devils in 4 years, and became a professional household in Hengdian!

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Because he looks like a devil, he has performed more than 6,000 devils in 4 years, and became a professional household in Hengdian!

2022-05-16 06:07:10 22 ℃

Hengdian is a place where many people yearn for. Some people who want to be a star or develop in the entertainment industry may not be admitted to art colleges for various reasons, so Hengdian has become another way out. However, we must first learn to survive here, so at this film and television base, you are generally selected as group performances. I hope that a crew director will be attacked into Zhao Liying or Wang Baoqiang.

Not to mention whether this dream can be realized, that is, it is difficult to stand out of tens of thousands of people in Hengdian. If you have not had a high value or have high luck, you can only follow the waves. Essence There are so many people who come and go here every year, that is, when group performances, they also depend on whether they are lucky every day. However, there are also those who look special and may be better.

Yang Lei, the name is very ordinary, but the person is very unusual, but a Chinese looks like a Japanese devil. You say it is strange. In fact, it is normal to think about it, after all, they are all Asian species. For a while, the anti -Japanese film and television drama was flooded. This Yang Lei had a lot of work. The endless filming came to him to play the devil.

In fact, Yang Lei also studied in school, but because of her family, she came to Hengdian to work hard without graduation. He looked a little wretched but with a fierce face, it was a shortcoming, but wasn't it the film and television drama that filmed the theme of anti -Japanese at that time, so the director felt that Yang Lei looked like a Japanese devil at a glance, so he went from from the perspective of Japanese ghosts, so he went from from the end of it. The group show stood out, and the Japanese devil was selected.

Not to mention that you add a beacon when you set makeup, and you will become a big deal with people. This image does not need to be prominently prominently like the Japanese. And this very unpleasant role is missing in the Hengdian group. When he waved the Japanese command knife and said Japanese in his mouth, he was really like an invaders. It is precisely because of this. The Japanese devils are going to die several times a day, and it is hard to be a group performance. However, in order to survive and the dream in his heart, Yang Lei will be uncomfortable in his heart, and he will work hard to play the role he has allocated.

Now that Yang Lei has stayed in this place for four years, and has also played four years of Japanese devils, all of them have become professional households of Japanese devils. Sometimes it is a officer, sometimes a soldier, anyway, no matter what it, he has to die in the end. For more than 6,000 performances, Yang Lei's hard work can be imagined. Usually, he has to study how to die under the camera. It really makes people feel scary. Although he is still a group performance, sometimes such ordinary people are the most beautiful when they are pursuing their dreams.