Lin Yongjian's father and son funded the girl to move bricks and met in "Where's Dad", and now she has been admitted to civil servants

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Lin Yongjian's father and son funded the girl to move bricks and met in "Where's Dad", and now she has been admitted to civil servants

2022-05-16 12:11:09 24 ℃

Do you still remember that when Lin Yongjian and his son Lin Dajun recorded the show "Where's Dad" at the brick factory, did the girl who moved the bricks to make tuition fees? She is not only graduated from college but also admitted to civil servants. It is said that since then, the tuition fees for girls have been funded by Lin Yongjian's family. At that time, when Lin Dajin asked Lin Yongjian to write down the girl's house, he wanted to pay tuition for her!

Can't help but sigh, Lin Dajun was too sensible, and Lin Yongjian taught a good son.

At that time, Lin Dajun, who was not a few years old, saw the little girl moving the brick and was deeply moved. She walked over and asked the girls to be tired. The girl felt tired. Then Lin Dajun asked the girl why they came here to move bricks. The girl said that she would make tuition fees for college. At that time, Lin Dajun, who was still young, did not know what it was. The little girl patiently explained to him. Fan.

The little girl also told Lin Dajun for another reason why she came to move bricks was that it was very hard to see Dad moving bricks here, so they came to help Dad. As soon as this remark came out, Lin Dajin immediately distressed Lin Yongjian, who was moving bricks and bricks, and quickly ran over to help Lin Yongjian moved brick to a cart. Immediately made people feel that he was particularly sensible, knowing his dad, so cute It's right.

At the time of the separation, Lin Dajun was reluctant and asked whether Lin Yongjian could write down the little girl's call and got a positive answer from Lin Yongjian. It was also this call that set up a friendly boat for two people, and the Lin Yongjian family decisively assumed the tuition fee for girls.

Of course, girls are also particularly angry. After graduation, they have been admitted to civil servants. This is also the best return to Lin Dajun. At this time, Lin Dajun also grew into a green teenager. He also appeared on the stage some time ago to play the piano for everyone. The every move was obviously the appearance of an adult, which not only made everyone sigh that Lin Yongjian had a prescription.

Of course, when Lin Dajun funded girls, the girls also affected Lin Dajun to a certain extent, and it was also his little life instructor. From the show, we can see that it is through the little girl that Lin Dajun understands his father's hard work, and knows that he should also help his father, instead of feeling that he should ask his father. Presumably Lin Yongjian also saw this before thinking about funding the girl, and he asked his son to invite a little teacher.

In addition to this, Lin Yongjian is also willing to work hard in Lin Dajun's education. In Lin Yongjian's social dynamics, we can also often see Lin Yongjian's scene with Lin Dajun practicing the piano. Obviously, although Lin Dajun who plays the piano is not less than his son. Sometimes Lin Dajun played the piano, Lin Yongjian started singing directly.

It is said that companionship is the best confession. Over the years, we have seen it, and Lin Yongjian has not delayed the growth of his son for a moment. During the child's growth stage, my father also played an indispensable role, but many of our father ignored this and thought that we only needed to make money. Father accompanied the important role of children's growth.

Look at the children of the stars who are punished for various problems, which will make people feel the importance of children's education even more. It seems that Lin Yongjian really realizes this.

Lin Yongjian is 53 years old this year, and Lin Dajun is only 12 years old. It can be seen that Lin Yongjian can be regarded as old. Many people are very spoiled when they are old, and they are harmful. This is performed in Lin Yongjian's TV series "My name is Wang Land". Presumably Lin Yongjian also learned from here.

Seeing this, how can we not envy Lin Yongjian and Lin Dajun? Envy Lin Yongjian has a good son, and envy Lin Dajun a good father, isn't it!