Why did Jiang Shuying Peng Yuchang's sister -in -law love CP out of the circle?Just look at these dramas and you understand

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Why did Jiang Shuying Peng Yuchang's sister -in -law love CP out of the circle?Just look at these dramas and you understand

2022-05-19 18:08:21 22 ℃

The 27 -year -old Peng Yuchang finally filmed the kiss scene as expected.

In the new drama "The Ladies' Rules", he staged a dazzling drama of the domineering sister and innocent younger brother with Jiang Shuying, not only kissed, but also French wet kiss! The face value is in place, the movement is in place, and the atmosphere is in place. However, it should be a picture of desire screaming, but the audience shouted physiological discomfort? Intersection Intersection

Some people say that the two people seem to be seduced by their beautiful high school students. In short, it feels strange to look.

Why? From the perspective of the factory director, this is really not related to his age, but the temperament of the two people who have no sense of CP in domestic dramas. You look at Jiang Shuying in the play.

As an elite lawyer, when she appeared, she almost overflowed with the beauty attack on the screen. The exposed cold white skin even made her noble and cold.

When she was in a professional dress, she was also a "young lady arrived, all of them flashed", and she was dragging her sister.


Sister does not care. Just like what she said in the play: Is there not enough case, or is it not tired enough to make money. Do you have to put yourself on myself?

Jiang Shuying in the play, beauty, figure, ability, money, taste, mind, and charm. This kind of sister is the most charming.

Whether it is in the play or in reality, it can be called the nobles of the sister, the queen of the sister, the sister -in -law, and the top of the sister.

But you look at Peng Yuchang again. A long time ago, Peng Peng was also the best among young male actors. It is recognized by acting skills.

Especially the comic -like pure and desperate face, the beautiful body and strong abdominal muscles have made a lot of idiot audiences licking the screen for a long time.

But since participating in "Living for Life", this filter has been crushed.

The former god boy became like this:


A stalk that can eat three large bowls of rice also made him look less smart since then.

Since then, no matter what the role is, he has his own temperament.

Especially this drama.

After graduating from college, I entered the law firm for internship, but because I did not understand the transformation, there was only a cavity of blood, so I could only do my legs and mixed legs.

I don’t understand the report, I have to tell him to him;

In front of the leaders, it is always a gas bag;

High school students' faces, the voice of high school students, the temperament of the counseling, and a little owed. In the play, he let the younger brother have a new variety -

Little earth dog. Good guy, you must know that others are all little milk dogs and dogs. So, will Jiang Shuying a truly rich and capable "sister" really fall in love with the "brother" of Peng Yuchang in the play? I'm afraid it's hard to look at it. At least, the younger brother has to be satisfied or the physical experience is either visually given to her sister.

In fact, in today's rise, more and more sister -in -law loves CP in film and television dramas.

The age difference is a big highlight in itself.

Therefore, this subject can be said to be born with a golden spoon, and there are almost no competitors that can be rolled. But it doesn't mean that as long as you can shoot, you have to shoot well. The point is human settings and casting. Under the premise that my sister is already "beautiful sister", my brother feels the top priority-

Not only handsome, but also refreshing.

Not only should there be a tender side, but also the ability to be prominent and mature. Not only must it be an experienced novice, but also an old driver who has no self -confession to take the initiative to assume the sexual tension between the two. As long as these points are held, you are my god!

Today, the director will give you some successful siblings in film and television dramas.


Most of my sister -in -law love

- "The next stop is happiness"

I still remember the winter where the epidemic was trapped at home in the first year of the epidemic. This drama that happened to appear became a good medicine to save the black mood. Start Douban 8.1, and the network clicks exceeded 300 million.


It is not because the sister -in -law in the play is really unable to refuse. Song Qian. Not to mention acting, face value and figure are really good. The skin is beautiful and beautiful, with chest and chest, legs with legs, and professional clothes are beautiful and beautiful.

Especially the "bee waist" like Bulgarian machete, the moment the younger brother's hand touched it, it is estimated that his heart was already apented.

Such a big beauty who has been a school flower level has never talked about love for thirty years. Even the first kiss is still retained.

The sister looks like a mature woman, but she is very innocent in her heart.

So he gave the little wolf dog played by Song Weilong to take the initiative to take the great space to play. One episode is ambiguous, kissing in two episodes, three episodes of confession, four episodes ... The home run, the first six episodes of the play give people feelings: sweet.

Compared with Peng Peng, you look at this younger brother -one meter -eight -eight height, 360 -degree faceless face, strong eight -piece abdominal muscles, a charming corner of the mouth, and the physical strength that looks very good.

The quality of the younger brother, even an 80 -year -old lady, has to become a big Sai fan. No wonder my sister is extremely difficult every time she wants to refuse. After all, this is twenty years old, with smooth skin, good sound, and perfect little dolphin!

Because the younger brother is too much, this drama is also very Open in terms of scale.

Various tiger and wolf pictures, even the fact that the factory director who was accustomed to the wind and waves felt that the old face was slightly red, but it was a pity. Behind the drama, the hostess was broken into a residue, and the scoring word of mouth fell a cliff -like decline. It really ruined a good drama!


The most healing sister and brother love

—— "Hear your Voice" in the summer of 2013, who was overwhelmed by Li Zhongshuo?

Tall and thin, red lips and white teeth, cute single eyelids, laughing is simply a small sweet bean full of vitality.

Some people said that the drama that made him burst into fire was the most beautiful sister -in -law.

He, called Xiu Xia. Ten years ago, a case of a car accident, a small Xiu Xia witnessed the other party killing his father. Due to excessive stimuli, he also had a superpowers since then.

That is reading mental skills.

She is called Zhang Huixing. Ten years ago, she had no intention of breaking into the scene to witness the intentional homicide case, but she could not help this poor child. Ten years later, she became a lawyer to fight justice. When she came forward from the court and presided over the fairness of the helpless Xiu Xia, their lives were closely linked!

This is why the director said that this is the most cure for the sibling. Because they do not just love, they are redemption. The savvy poisonous tongue girl in the inside and the gentleness and the superb beautiful teenager, which does not seem to be a world, does not try to protect each other.

Such feelings are clean and beautiful. Even without a little evil thoughts, a little impurities. And this drama has also become a Korean drama that many people must brush each summer.


The most shocking sister -in -law love

- "Love of Sage"

Just now the factory director also said that there are many bugs for sister and brother love. But when I was "aunt love", I was embarrassed. My pattern was too small! What to play, what changes, everything is not important. With the setting of "you sleep with my husband, I just sleep your son", it is enough to be shocked by Shi and shocking. Watch the sister in the play.

Although people reach 50, it is really good to maintain. The skin is white and tender, and the whole person comes with a quiet and elegant mature temperament. It can be seen that when he was young, he was also a kind of style.

Look at this brother again. Among all sisters and siblings, one of the most wolf dogs in love.

The perfect body, a light smile, a bad look, a good personality. When I was around my aunt, it seemed like a large golden retriever who asked for concern, praise, and kiss. At this time, as long as you touched his head, you could get the passionate enthusiasm.

Good guy, this is the joy of developing the system!

Although this is a taboo love that sounds abnormal, there is a kind of quiet and restrained beauty in the play.

So simple, so good. So it does not make people feel physiological. When the drama burst into fire, the audience strongly called on Wu Lei and Xu Qing to come to a domestic version.

I want to say, you are so frustrated! In fact, the director said so much, the purpose is very simple. Sister -in -law loves the subject matter, and it is not easy to fire in imagination, nor is it easy to shoot. Not only the cast, the script is also important. The siblings in the film and television drama may be in love, or cure, or sweet pets, or taboos. As long as there is a little bit of the audience, it is successful.

Instead of simply pulling two old actors, let them dedicate themselves to take some eyeballs.

Without CP, everything is counterproductive. Speaking of which, which pair of CP do you like best today?

Or have you seen what sister and brother love that impressed you? The comment area told the factory director ~