It was said that divorce Wang Ke did not speak, Liu Tao was humbled, and his career was weaker than men in marriage?

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It was said that divorce Wang Ke did not speak, Liu Tao was humbled, and his career was weaker than men in marriage?

2022-05-19 18:05:55 17 ℃

The marriage between Liu Tao and Wang Ke was in a wave. A blogger said that the man had failed to invest again, and Liu Tao was overwhelmed. As soon as the news came out, the public opinion was uproar. Although Liu Tao rumored the first time, Wang Ke was found to have taken care of Liu Tao and deleted his former love dynamics. Originally, stars were questioned that marriage status was common, but Liu Tao was repeatedly suspected of divorce, but it was worth talking about.

The internal cause of divorce is "strong and weak in career, strong and strong personality in personality"

Before Liu Tao's debut, his family was poor. He had a lot of children in the family. It can be said that Liu Tao's red history can be called a big female drama. Although Wang Ke was once known as the four youngsters in Beijing, he was picked up with the economic strength of the picked up, and he also experienced bankruptcy and supported his wife's debt support. Liu Tao, who thought he was going to marry into the wealthy Mrs. Kuang, was forced to return to the entertainment industry as a strong woman. The reversal of strong and weak careers, strong men and men, and the interest of netizens.

Before that, he had no money to rely on his wife to go to variety shows. Although Wang Ke Liu Tao's love kept love, Wang Ke still had his great male leadism in the show, and he was a master.

Combining Wang Ke's silence and deletion, it makes people feel that Liu Tao is not worth it. In the current kind of female and weak marriage, we are not saying that there are no masculinity, after all, maybe Liu Tao's love is Wang Ke. Looking at Liu Tao's rumors, you can see the crying smell of the lines. Liu Tao uses a complaint to rumor, which is very suitable for the personality of the wedding.

It proves that although Liu Tao is a strong woman in her career, her personality is not necessarily. The career is strong and weak, and the personality is strong and weak. The good thing to say is complementary.

The internal cause of divorce is also the man's dissatisfaction.

In particular, how can Wang Ke a little masculine people to endure the saying of "relying on his wife"? So every rumor of divorce feels a bit likely. The failure of rumor investment this time is also based on the assumption that the man needs to turn over again in his career. As a star, although Liu Tao made a lot of money, after all, it was Liu Tao made. As a man at home, it is understandable to turn over the money made by his wife.

All kinds of internal causes caused the public and formed the external cause of divorce.

It is said that marriage is your own, don't care about others' opinions. But how can it be easy to ignore outsiders' views? The siblings of the outside world often affect the direction of marriage. Here, netizens used Wang Ke's failure to praise Liu Tao, and it was worthless for Liu Tao. Wang Ke has been slandering again over there. Although it is said that marriage is cold and cold, but it is not worthy of how the two people think of it, which will inevitably make many people feel worthless for Liu Tao. Being able to accompany her husband to experience the trough and virtuously hold the family, Liu Tao is already a representative of a good daughter -in -law form in the entertainment industry. It is Bai Yueguang in the hearts of many men. Although this Bai Yueguang is set off by Wang Ke's failure.

Although there are internal and external causes, divorce is difficult.

First of all, despite being not optimistic, the child is a solid bond. Of course, you can say that Liu Tao is so excellent but can't find others. Why should women be bound by marriage. However, the hardest time of her husband came over when the husband was the most difficult. How could it be so easy to divorce? Otherwise, the cost of material costs that have been put into this marriage for so many years haven't all the emotional affection? Secondly, people with good wives and mothers have stood up. How can they say that they give up and give up. Of course, it is not ruled out that the two people are true love, and they have three views. Even if they are difficult, they are "happiness" together. There is an imperfect place in the marriage, but as long as he can go well, Wang Ke Liu Tao is worth blessing.

After all, the root cause of the problem is just money. As a front -line artist and businessman, money has always been not the fundamental issue of this marriage. As for the men and women in personality, although the outsiders are unhappy, they will not lead to divorce, but I hope Wang Ke will still be better to Liu Tao. After all, she is really a good spouse.

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