Originally selling a fun, but causing a bunch of troubles, Wu Xin and Shen Mengchen may not learn Qi Wei

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Originally selling a fun, but causing a bunch of troubles, Wu Xin and Shen Mengchen may not learn Qi Wei

2022-05-19 18:07:22 19 ℃

Like today's material life is getting higher and higher, and people have more and more things. Some things have the next alternative without using it a few times. The emergence of "flea market". Now the "flea market" has also extended to the Internet and has become some second -hand trading platforms. People can sell themselves, or they can buy some they want at low prices, and stars are no exception.

Recently, one thing Wu Xin sold on the Internet has been madly vomited by netizens. The reason is that Wu Xin sold something that netizens thought it should not be sold: Zhong Hanliang gave her a gift. And it was sold at a low price of 60 yuan, which also made many people think that Wu Xin did not take Zhong Hanliang to heart. After all, the gifts sent freely sold at will. This relationship does not seem to be firm.

Subsequently, Wu Xin apologized to Zhong Hanliang on the Internet and said that he accepted all criticisms, and then unilaterally closed his second -hand transaction account, and even the nickname was changed to close. It seems that after this incident, Wu Xin will never sell his own second -hand items anymore, and it is estimated that it will take a long time to sell it. This incident has a great impact on Wu Xin's image.

The reason is that the phrase "Shen Mengchen's original flavor" written by Shen Mengchen when selling goods. The meaning of Chinese text is very rich, especially after entering the Internet era, many words have a new meaning, such as "haha" and the like If you don't pay attention to it, you will be recruited.

Among the many items sold by Shen Mengchen, there are words such as Shen Mengchen's original flavor. If you search for the word "original" online, many of them get bad news, and the original flavor has almost become a derogatory word.

Therefore, this incident has also caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. Many people even think that Shen Mengchen said such words very disgusting. Xiao Ba also thinks that such words are not appropriate enough. In today's environment, some jokes should not be opened.

Then Shen Mengchen explained the meaning of "original flavor" and apologized to everyone, but from Shen Mengchen's words, it didn't seem to feel that he was wrong, but Shen Mengchen still emptied his platform account like Wu Xin. Will Shen Mengchen sell his own second -hand items?

It was originally to sell a fun, but I did not expect to encounter so many things. I am afraid that the stars will think twice when they sell things in the future, but Shen Mengchen was not the first time that he was spit out by netizens because of selling second -hand goods. Before Shen Mengchen hung a sweater worn by himself on the Internet, the price was 420 yuan. It is reasonable to show that the clothes worn by Xing wearing are all cheap.

Speaking of stars selling second -hand, mostly for fun or closer to the distance with netizens. This high -profile star will not miss the money of this dress. Although Xiao Ba has no right to interfere with the choice of others, it is not a wise decision to sell at a high price. And the gift of "original flavor" or friends is not an excellent choice. Not only will it not add its own reputation, but it will also bring a lot of trouble to themselves.

In recent years, many celebrities have founded their second -hand accounts, selling their own things on it. In addition to fun, it is like promoting themselves, and it is to increase their own popularity. thing. However, Wu Xin and Shen Mengchen seemed to have a lot of money. Not only did they not increase their popularity, but on the contrary, they encountered a lot of trouble and criticism. It was better to learn Qi Wei who also sold the second -hand second -hand.

I do n’t know if Qi Wei does n’t like to sell second -hand or what is the reason. Qi Wei sells for 9.9. This price is basically not much of the postage, and everyone can afford it.

In Xiao Ba's opinion, these old things are dispensable for celebrities. How much to sell depends entirely on the mood of the stars. To show that the stars deliberately sell second -hand to make money. Xiao Ba is 10,000 unbelievable people. Originally for playing, I did not expect a lot of trouble. Instead, it would be worth it. It was better to sell it like Qi Wei.