Liu Tao has changed the rumor, her husband Wang Ke takes it and deletes the affection dynamics. The two have not interacted for half a year.

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Liu Tao has changed the rumor, her husband Wang Ke takes it and deletes the affection dynamics. The two have not interacted for half a year.

2022-05-19 18:06:38 15 ℃

On May 18, some bloggers broke the news that Liu Tao and her husband Wang Ke now divorced. The reason was that Wang Ke's third investment failed, and he lost 350 million because of a huge speculation. It was clarified, but the blogger's attitude was tough, and he was directly positive with Liu Tao's studio.

Later, Liu Tao himself stated his statement, claiming that the rumor of divorce was false news. He and Wang Ke respectively and loved each other for many years, and his feelings were harmonious, and Wang Ke had not touched projects like speculation and investment in private. Don't listen to rumors easily, let alone pass on to her, and continue to cause more harm to her and her family.

However, Wang Ke, who is a husband, has never responded in the face of the rumors of the outside world. At the same time, some netizens found that at this special node, Wang Ke secretly changed his account name. From the previous "ten batches of bad" Instead of "I am full of golden crickets, I borrowed Bai Juyi's verses here, and there were four people in his Weibo follower list. Among them, there was no wife Liu Tao. Liu Tao still pays attention to Wang Ke so far.

In addition, Wang Ke also deleted the previous Weibo dynamics, including many times to Liu Tao's birthday and confession Liu Tao's dynamics, and only left a hidden dynamics. Perhaps he was repeatedly changed by the outside world. Wang Ke had already been exhausted physically and mentally , Simply delete the dynamic map. And Liu Tao also visible to the account setting for half a year, and the dynamics of showing affection before are no longer visible.

In addition, there are also careful fans that Wang Ke and Liu Tao have not interacted for nearly half a year. The last interaction traced back to the end of last year. Last year, Wang Ke performed very high -profile. , I also praised many dynamics about Liu Tao, and then this year, Wang Ke has never interacted with Liu Tao. As a result, netizens are reasonable to be suspected of being suspicious of the relationship between the two.

There are also fans found that Wang Ke has joined many fans in private, most of which are his CP group with Liu Tao, but only Wang Ke is the only one in these groups, but Liu Tao is not among them.

However, in view of Liu Tao's personality, she wants to come to her own dynamics on weekdays. As Liu Tao said in the text, her goal is to work hard work and life, so she has always been compared with the public opinion and statement of the outside world. Less.

And Wang Ke was repeatedly passed on his career, and he was divorced many times, so Wang Ke replaced his account name and deleted the dynamics of love in the past. It can also be understood. Follow, but his move is really easy to misunderstand.

As we all know, before Wang Ke's business defeat, his wife Liu Tao came forward in the most down, and he took the heavy and made money to make money. The two were able to pass the difficulties. Through this experience, Wang Ke also realized the essence and meaning of marriage. It is precisely because of this twists and turns that the relationship between the couple is stronger.

In this post, Liu Tao also mentioned that in recent years, Wang Ke has been silently supporting her career and striving to bear the family responsibility. It can be seen that the life of the couple is better, and both parties are working hard to work hard for the future, so I hope The outside world should no longer maliciously speculate on the couple. The stars are also ordinary people. They also need privacy and space, but also a peaceful and peaceful life. I hope that these unreasonable rumors can truly be eliminated in the future.