"Welcome" premiere?Noon sunlight successfully saved the drama waste again

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"Welcome" premiere?Noon sunlight successfully saved the drama waste again

2022-05-20 12:12:03 18 ℃

The "unknown generation" in the big city is optimistic and realistic lifebook. This is the "Welcome to Welcome" starring Huang Xuan and Bai Lily. The noon sun has successfully saved the drama.

"Ladies' Law" and "New Drama" have an excellent actor lineup and subject matter, but they focus on love stories. They describe too little about the lawyers and decoration industries, and lack the places that attract the audience.

Neither "Call Me" and "Lean" did not meet the expectations of the audience. "Good Chen and Good Green Knowing Geometry" seemed to be abused for abuse, and too much dog blood dismissed many audiences.

Recently, the heart abuse drama is too flooding, causing aesthetic fatigue. The audience will also look forward to gaining real real life from the TV series. Describe the reality, it is not necessary to be cruel or easy.

"Welcome" is exactly this perspective. From the perspective of light comedy, you will feel the realistic blow. Although the audience expects the high expectations of this drama, the premiere is unpredictable. Is this drama worth watching?

Brother of the second match, the feeling of iron

First of all, the drama "Welcome" is worth watching from the actor lineup. The starring star is Bai Li and Huang Xuan, and there are Zhu Yuchen, Bai Yifan, Ding Jiali, Zhang Jianing and others joined.

Seeing Huang Xuan and Bai Yifan, I thought of the two brothers of Defu and Debao. This time, "Welcome" is the second match between the two, and the first time they have cooperated with the sun at noon.

"Shan Haiqing" witnessed the first collaboration between the two, and the two fresh characters of the blessing and Bao Bao left a deep impression on the audience. Huang Xuan and Bai Yulifan have been urged for the second time since then.

From "Shan Haiqing" to "Welcome", we can see that the two have deeper relationships, tacit understanding is getting higher and higher, and the brothers become "unjust brothers", which is just a happy renewal cup. The names are all intimate.

The two brothers of the second match, "Huang Xuan said Bai Yifan's humanoid pendant" is the best proof, and I look forward to the funny story brought by the two in the next plot.

Ground is the highlight

Secondly, the plot of "Welcome" is very grounded. Earthquakes need to listen to the audience's voices, but in the end, they need to take the audience to sail, that is, "people" after "human land".

"Welcome" aimed at the "unknown" in the big city. The hotel door child Zhang Zhengguang and the stewardess Zheng Younen were redeemed. Everyone in the play was working hard for life.

Zhang Zhengguang's northern drift life is very strong. He rents with friends. A bed on the balcony is a mini apartment. The whole person was exhausted at get off work.

Zhang Zhengguang's life in "Welcome" looks like an ordinary person in life. Live and live life comes from life but higher than life. This is the TV series that young people want to watch.

In addition to the role of the character's life, the unique highlight of the TV series at noon sunny also attracted the audience, that is, the character's dialect.

The use of dialects in the TV series can be completely closer to the distance from the audience. This is exactly this way. "Welcome to the Come" continues such a tradition, but no all characters speak dialects.

Zhang Zhengguang, played by Huang Xuan, is a Northeast. As a hotel child, he uses Mandarin in his work, but when he faces his family, he is a fluent Northeast dialect.

The production team is guarantee

Finally, the production team of "Welcome" is worth seeing. You can always believe that the TV series at noon, whether it is costume or suspense drama, it has achieved excellence.

Director Li Xue is the "signboard" of the sun at noon. Most of the TV series he shot are fast -paced, and he is good at expressing the emotions of characters, just like this time the North Drift people show the best.

"Pretender" and "Surgery" are the proud works of Li Xue. Both dramas have received praise and reputation. There are production teams such as noon sunlight. "Welcome to visit" must be worth watching.