Super warm heart!Xie Na manually made a picture of thirty sisters, painted into love confession: rest assured you

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Super warm heart!Xie Na manually made a picture of thirty sisters, painted into love confession: rest assured you

2022-05-20 12:09:37 18 ℃

The third season of "The Sister of the Wind and Wind", which has been officially renamed "Breaking the Wind", will be officially launched at 12 noon on May 20th. 520 days full of love, Xie Na, the host of the show, will not forget to take this opportunity Thirty sisters who made the wind and waves together.

Xie Na wrote: "Put you in your heart and accompany you to break the waves." Judging from Xie Na's essay, as a publisher, she has long been integrated with her sisters, and the atmosphere of getting along must be harmonious and warm.

Xie Na manually Id the sister's social account, and personally manually expressed her like her sister. Xie Na turned all the avatar P of all sisters into a red love, and perfectly echoed the copywriting of "Rest at You" she published. I have to say that "the goddess of the sun" Nana is really warm.

The sisters in the photo of the big photo, or the self -confidence of lighting or sweet smile, or publicity, everyone shows their unique charm, everyone gathers the stage, the picture must be super exciting.

On May 19, the "Broken Wind" program officer also released the poster of Xie Na as the host. I saw that Xie Na was wearing a black suit and tall ponytails, her eyes were cold and confident, and the whole person looked extremely cool.

For the newly -invested wife Nana, Zhang Jie, as her husband, also posted a document as soon as possible to call him, showing his love and support for his wife Xie Na.

Although it is known as the goddess of the sun, Xie Na in real life will fall into postpartum anxiety after each experience. Xie Na once said that she was frustrated after seeing the second child for a while, and she was worried that her postpartum state would not be. It's not enthusiastic enough, the platform won't find her to work anymore. I ca n’t imagine that people like Xie Na are so unconfident.

Fortunately, with the encouragement of her family and friends, Xie Na finally got out of the anxiety of postpartum. Now she has successfully served as the host of "The Wind and Broken Waves". She also retrieved her confidence from the new career.

During Xie Na's hosting the show, the task of taking care of her daughter naturally fell on her husband Zhang Jie. Earlier, some netizens broke the news that Xie Na had a voiced her husband thanked her husband on her birthday.

When Zhang Jie was injured in the concert, Xie Na had always been with her husband. Now Xie Na regain her career. Zhang Jie will naturally be her most solid backing. The relationship between the couple is really good.

At 12 noon, "Broken Wind and Broken Waves" was officially broadcast, looking forward to the youthful Xie Na, and also looking forward to the wonderful performance of the sisters! Sisters in the new season, will you chase?

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