Domestic drama embarrassing name scene awards: The protagonist was stabbed, but the audience wanted to laugh?Where is the head typical?

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Domestic drama embarrassing name scene awards: The protagonist was stabbed, but the audience wanted to laugh?Where is the head typical?

2022-05-20 18:25:06 18 ℃

Because the heroine Bai Fengxi played by Zhao Lusi in "Test the World" was unexpectedly stabbed by a knife, netizens began to compare the reactions of the protagonists who had been stabbed in those years.

In fact, Bai Fengxi's Master was killed. Master's daughter, that is, Bai Fengxi's sister thought Bai Fengxi was a murderer, so when Bai Fengxi explained to the crowd, her sister suddenly gave her behind her. One knife.

I originally thought that the sword was not very heavy, because it really looked at her without any pain. I didn't expect that she almost died later. The male lead had to use Lan Yiyue to save her back ...

Regarding the incident of the knife, a point that netizens often talk about recently are: Why do all the ancient puppets, especially Xian Xia, the male lead was stabbed by the female lead?

I originally thought that this was the popularity that has only emerged since "Sweet Honey and Ember Frost" in recent years, but if you think about it carefully, I found that it has been a long history of being stabbed by the people in my heart. Passing.

And even if the heroine does not stab the male lead, the screenwriter often wants the TA to be trusted to stab the knife in order to reflect the protagonist. In the Biography, Li Xiaoyao was stabbed by A Qi, and so on.

Therefore, there are too many scenes of the protagonist's stabbing knife, which can be said to be an indispensable picture of ancient puppets.

But the question is, what should it be after being stabbed?

This question is difficult to answer, because you said that you are drunk and drunk. Ordinary people know what it should be, but several people in the world have really been stabbed, and even have seen the people around them have been stabbed by themselves. Knife?

I went to search for a while, and there was really a bunch of "people who came" to answer questions about what I felt after being stabbed. I probably looked at it. Only when I felt pain, and the blood flowing out of the country, it would flow into people's hearts and dizziness.

It seems that many people will start to be afraid and pain when they see the wound, and psychological factors are greater than physiological factors.

However, it seems that the position is different, and it feels different. In short, I hope ... I hope ...

We don't want to experience it in person.

So in the section of "Try the World", fans said that Zhao Lusi did not have any problems, so ...

I think the most outrageous thing is that after the sister -in -law did not pull the sword after finishing, the male lead went up to pull out the sword? Intersection Intersection

Are you afraid that she would not die enough? Intersection Intersection

There is no blood spraying special effect here, which does not conform to the style of this drama with a sword to block the cannon!

I don't know which one is more outrageous compared to the next door "Two City of Mirror". It is really a good sword!

Boringly went to a certain station to collect the scene where the protagonist was stabbed by the head of the heart, and then ...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, which

It's been a long time since I was so happy!

Really, these pictures that should have been abused, but either because of embarrassing acting or because of the five -haired special effect or other reasons, more than 80%are funny!

Qin Hao and Li Qin's "Splendid South Song", I have read it at the beginning, and now I do n’t know why I was poked at a smile (of course, I still advised Qin Hao to give up the ancient puppet. See how much better this reaction than Zhao Lusi?

Yu Ma's version of "Swordsman" contributed two scenes of knife.

One was that Linghu Chong stabbed the East and the East was undefeated. The undefeated in the East shouted you to kill me.

Then Linghu Chong really passed!

After finishing: I am not intentional.

Hahahahahahaha, you deliberately.

Of course, what's more funny is the special effects of this fake hahahaha.

The other is Lin Pingzhi Yue Lingshan. Yang Rong laughed so beautifully!

But Chen Xiao's eyes hahahahahahahaha!

What is even more funny is that after Lin Ping's sword closed, Yue Lingshan's spinning jump ...

Oh no jump, she couldn't jump.

I almost forgot that there was another place that Linghu touched the porcelain Yue Lingshan and stabbed himself, but Huo Jianhua twisted around. I only saw the exaggerated blood splashing effect. I didn't see how he operated it at all?

"Flower Thousand Bone" this white son painting and flowering, Zhao Liying's physical response is quite real, but Huo Jianhua ... you are so funny again hahahahahaha

Of course, it is even more funny.

This is probably rare after being stabbed. I did n’t just roll on the ground (but because it was the hedgehog that could n’t be rolled), mainly because there were too many swords on this body.

Later, I stabbed again (I didn't watch this drama that year, just watching the clip of this male lead seeing the villain, and why he twisted so much every time hahahahaha!

I do n’t know if the heroine has become stronger, but because the sword becomes less, or because she is used to it, she does n’t hurt this time?

Su Youpeng and Gao Yuanyuan's "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji", at the beginning, I thought that Su Youpeng's acting skills should be fine. As a result, when the vision was pulled, where did you cover Su Youpeng?

Pull back to the close -up of the face, the expression is okay, you can enter the play.

Pull back to the vision and play again, what's going on, people stabbing your left chest, your right chest bleeding? Intersection Intersection

The TVB version of "The Dragon Tu Dragon", Zhang Wuji stabbed Zhao Min's knife. I couldn't care about the acting skills of Wu Qihua and Li Zi, because the male lead stabbed this knife to open the dragon head hahahahahaha hahaha. You can't do Li Zi, tears have no blood flowing. "Datang Girl Fan Lihua", Liu Kaiwei stabbed Qin Lan, hahahahahahahahahahaha, red fountain, sprayed with the screen!

Jiang Qinqin and Zhang Zhilin's "White Hair Witch" I love to watch it when I was a kid. Now I look back. This section of training is Zhuo Yihang's knife. Although the special effects of the front and back are now particularly stupid, the world is suddenly quiet, and the emotion is still the emotion. It's in place.


Behind the heroine, he shot the sword pierced into his body with a palm. I don't understand the direction of this sword. Intersection Intersection Intersection

But when the statue was nailed to the back, the sword body changed another direction? Intersection Intersection

Another version of "White Hair Witch", Wu Qilong stabbed Ma Su,

I just want to ask, Wu Qilong, you are so tall, and you are not stinging from top to bottom. Do n’t you have to do such a pose from top to bottom. Is n’t it tired?

In other words, after watching so many scenes of the knife, most of them are stubborn in this position. I don’t know why everyone has a soft spot for the left shoulder. I can understand the left chest. (Is it ruthless enough), but what is the shoulder?

"Little Fish and Flowers", Su Ying's poisoning was so painful, and let the little fish kill themselves. In fact, it was very abused. The two played well, but ...

This line really wants people to sing out, you love me, I love you, honey snow ice city sweet honey ...

Of course, the most embarrassing thing is to count. Where is the wound when the heroine falls down? Where is the blood? Intersection Intersection The proper master forgot to prepare plasma?

The "Fuyao" of Yang Mi and Ruan Jingtian, at first I almost thought that I thought it was a ghost film, until Ruan Jingtian, who was sitting on the ground, shouted: Girl! Intersection Intersection ~~~~

It turned out to be a comedy hahahahaha.

But this time is really like a ghost movie ...

The heroine stabbed the male lead and was splashed with blood ...

In fact, the reaction of this period of Ruan Jingtian looks very painful. Just, it is so painful that the insignificant insignificance of the backbone of the protagonist seems to be true than those idol drama performances?

After Nicholas Tse was stabbed by Gillian in "Huanhua Washing Sword Record", it was a bit similar to Gillian, but why did I just want to laugh?

Maybe was inexplicably thought of Zhou Ye ... (I really want to see how she interprets the knife!

Di Lierba Zhang Binbin is sorry for Qin Shihuang's "Qin Shili people Mingyue Heart". The male and female owners "use everything to go to you" just to give each other a knife. century……

Then I finally got it. In fact, the Reba at this time was much better than in recent years, in recent years, but the special effects seemed to see a snake through her body ...

In the past, there were often male leads and female leads. In recent years, which actor has played a lot of ancient couples, which has been stabbed more, such as Xu Kai ...

I do n’t know what drama is. It is said that because people do n’t feel pain, there is no pain.

He was also stabbed by the White Deer in "Zhan Yao", but this barrage was said to be fantasies, so not only could not see the pain, but even the blood could not be seen.

The following paragraph is probably really stunned, it looks painful?

"Yanxi Raiders" is not a fairy man. Fu Heng is a mortal. After being stabbed, he didn't feel it at all. I think the clothes are too thick.

There is also Cheng Yi. The male lead in "Liuli" is still okay, mainly because his whole body is down and there is a feeling of being able to hold it.

However, it is estimated that he was too lightly stunned, and he could say a few words in anger, not to blame the hostess behind him to shut him up.

In fact, the pain of pain, even if Liang Chaowei was stabbed by Zhang Manyu in "Heroes" that year, I couldn't see the slightest pain from him, and because the camera did not give him the picture directly to him at first, it depends on him. Speaking at the moment, he couldn't see that he was stunned at all.

He only kneeling down halfway, and finally died.

In fact, even according to the "person coming", the instant of being stabbed would not feel pain, but if the protagonist who was stabbed really did not respond, it would still make people play, mainly because there were some things that you could not follow "science". Otherwise, it is said that the possibility of incontinence is much higher than vomiting blood ...

I thought about it. The protagonist was stabbed by the person or the trust of the people in my heart, and the focus was on psychological reactions rather than a physiological reaction. Can I see too much accounting? After all, most of them are ancient puppets who are pursuing beauty. It is not good to roll the protagonist with pain.

But the problem is that most actors have not performed psychological reactions.

Not to mention other factors such as props and other factors that may be delayed.

Finally, it is listed on a few relatively positive models. In recent years, the actors' acting skills and atmosphere have passed through, and those who can make people have a sense of substitution. Indeed, "Xiangmi" is really counted. The reaction will not be placed here. The most authentic is the early drama. At the end of "Gan Nineteen Sister", the male lead and the heroine seemed to be the only one I have ever seen after being stabbed on the ground. Not to mention that you can’t stand up. Of course, this may also be because the heroine was stunned in the air when she flew over.

In the past, I just took care of Shizhicheng and ignored the beauty. This was really not so good -looking, but I really felt the pain across the screen.

Then the male lead stabbed the female lead and fell in love. This sword was more honest, and the gods could not save it.

, I really like this drama, I like it when I was a kid, I still liked it in the past two years!

I haven't watched "Wind Destroy Border", but Chen Guanlin has suddenly got angry in Douban recently. When he was a child, he felt that he was handsome but he had never been on fire. He was not a male lead, but he was stabbed by the heroine. I really have been handsome! I do n’t know what the plot is, but there is a distress!

But the beauty opposite ... is it Gao Yuanyuan? It feels different from Gao Yuanyuan, who is beyond Su Youpeng above?

Cutting pictures

For this picture, I have to see this drama when I have time ... or at least look at the Cut of this role! (The main problem is that the blood vomiting blood is too much. But ... this is a typical face to look at other bugs!

At last……

Shouldn't anyone who see this article be really stunned?

If, in case, if so, you can leave a message and feel ...