Gillian was photographed with a navel pretend dance!The belly drums a large circle of meat, and wipes sweat with thousands of yuan towels

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Gillian was photographed with a navel pretend dance!The belly drums a large circle of meat, and wipes sweat with thousands of yuan towels

2022-05-20 18:26:27 23 ℃

Recently, the latest season of "Sister Lang" has attracted the attention of many netizens. In addition to the highlights of the show, some of the exercise room tidbits of sisters have also aroused many people's curiosity. Netizens showed a video of Gillian practicing dance in the dance room.

At that time, Gillian's hand was still holding a towel. Although it looked simple, the price of more than a thousand was still surprising. The "sisters" in the entertainment industry were indeed some economic strength.

Before that, everyone knew that Gillian rarely appeared in the photo, and the figure was not as strict as before. The whole person seemed to be obviously fatter. In fact, it was true, but when Gillian was wearing a umbilical navel, everyone was obviously able to appear in the photo. Seeing Gillian's belly rising, a large circle of meat on his waist was obviously.

As a female star, Gillian's figure is not thin. Such a fat belly, usually very rarely seen on the female celebrities. Before Gillian said to participate in the reasons why the reality show, Gillian said. One is to lose weight, and now it looks like such a large amount of training, which will definitely help her weight loss.

Before Gillian participated in a variety show, he got hot search because of his body too rich. Everyone was wondering how Gillian became like this? Her good sister, Ah Sa, came forward to respond that it was just because of normal hormone problems. Don't worry too much.

Soon after Gillian came out to explain the reason why she suddenly became fat, she said that it was actually for the role of the new drama to increase weight. She also said that the weight gain is as painful as losing weight. She had to eat 5 meals in order to gain weight, or even eat stomach pain and vomiting. It seems that Gillian really paid a lot in order to fit the role.

But after filming a new show, Gillian, as a female star, had to restore into a relatively thin body, so she also started the way to lose weight desperately. From the daily daily meals she showed, she usually eats very much, and a little fruit and eggs are already her food.

Not long ago, Gillian still showed a few photos of himself and purple potato on the social platform. He also complained that eating purple potatoes every day, and his face will become purple. It seems that eating too much weight loss meal is really a little grievance. But it can also be seen that Gillian really worked hard to control her appetite.

Although Gillian's figure still looks slightly plump now, it is actually a lot thinner than her fattest, and she can also see that she has done a lot of homework from the daily daily life. I believe she will be able to lose weight successfully with Gillian's persistence and efforts.