Director Xie Jin: The two children are done, four children and three silly, twice white hair to send black hair

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Director Xie Jin: The two children are done, four children and three silly, twice white hair to send black hair

2022-06-23 00:13:31 11 ℃

Speaking of Xie Jin, everyone may not know who he is, but in the film and television industry, he has a high position. Compared with the well -known directors such as Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang today, Xie Jin's achievements and ability in the film and television industry are "have ever been" in the film and television industry than they are "have ever". " The film he directed has won various awards such as the Golden Rooster and Baihua Awards. The actors such as Liu Xiaoqing, Jiang Wen, and Chen Chong, who are popular, won the trophy of the film emperor.

It can be said that Xie Jin is the veteran of the Chinese film and television industry. However, he dedicated his life to art, but his life was bumpy and sad. Even after his death, we must not be safe. Today we will talk about it.

Xie Jin was born in an ordinary family in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province in 1923. It is also strange to say that his father is an accountant and has no elder in art work in the family. However, Xie Jin has a strong interest in opera since he was a child. The theater watching the theater, where I spent a pleasant childhood. In 1938, Xie Jin's father moved his family to Hong Kong because of his work. He stayed there for a year, and the family moved to Shanghai again. Xie Jin's obsession with opera began to turn to movies.

Xie Jin used his spare time to study at the Huaguang Drama College and Venus Film Training Course. In addition, he also participated in the student drama activities supported by Yu Ling and others. Because of these performance experiences, Xie Jin strengthened the idea of ​​learning art. Xie Jin, who graduated from high school in 1941, decided to apply for a theater school, but was resolutely opposed by his parents, but Xie Jin insisted on applying for the exam. He ran to Sichuan regardless of his parents' opposition and successfully entered the drama college in Sichuan. Cao Yu, Jiao Juyin and other teachers teach.

Xie Jin studied hard at school, and his ability to understand was very high. He was loved by the teacher. After two years in the school, he followed Hong Shen and other teachers to work in Chongqing China Youth Drama Club. Actor's position. After that, he studied in the special drama department of Jiang'an National Drama, and he also met the person who joined hands with Xu Dawen.

Xu Dawen was a few years old than Xie Jin. When the two just met, Xie Jin was only 20 years old. At that time, Xu Dawen was studying in Jiangnan Middle School next door to his school. The two schools were only separated by one wall. When he was young, Xie Jin was burly and tall, and he liked sports, and preferred fighting. Everyone in Xie Jin was famous at school, but he did not fight for bullying his classmates, but to fight.

At that time, the situation of the school was very complicated. There was any identity in the students. Every time Xie Jin saw someone bullying his classmates, no matter what the other person was, he would always rush up to fight. Other students felt that he was too impulsive, but Xu Dawen felt that Xie Jin was very good. "sense of justice". In addition, Xu Dawen usually likes to watch dramas and acts. The two have a common hobby. In the constant relationship, they have determined their relationship.

In 1943, on the day of Xie Jin's birthday, Xie Jin invited his friends to go to the tea house for dinner. Xu Dawen was also among them, but because everyone usually liked to show up with some patriotic students, she was noticed by reactionary forces. Everyone spread, Xu Dawen was fired by the school the next day, and became a bad woman in the eyes of her hometown.

In desperation, Xu Dawen could only go to Chongqing to rely on his uncle. Xie Jin continued to stay in Jiang'an. The two began a "long -distance love" life, but the relationship became deeper. Society, but because there is no background in Chongqing, there are no connections, and it will go bankrupt soon. Xie Jin has to return to Shanghai for re -planning.

In 1946, Xu Dawen graduated from high school. Xie Jin specially received her from Chongqing. After arriving in Shanghai, Xie Jinli proposed to Xu Dawen. Xu Dawen looked at the man who had prepared everything had been prepared before. : "I didn't love the wrong person, my feelings have been pinned." The two of them held a wedding in Shanghai.

At that time, the wedding was very grand. In order to catch up with fashion, the form of new and old -fashioned combinations was used as a witness of the two of them by Xie Jin's teacher Hong Shen. After the marriage, Xie Jin loved Xu Dawen very much. The relationship between the couple was also very sweet. It was sweet and sweet, and her career did not fall.

In 1948, after graduating from the director of the university, Xie Jin joined Datong Film Company as the deputy director and successfully realized his "director dream". At this time, good news was ushered in at home. Xu Dawen was pregnant. In 1949, Xie Yan, the eldest son of the two, was born.

With the birth of his son, Xie Jin's career also ushered in a new height. In 1950, he served as the deputy director of the movie "Dumb Wife", and then served as "Fan Biography", "Women's Representative", "Mao Mao Xin" and so on. After the director assistant of many films, in 1954, Xie Jin independently directed the short film "Blue Bridge", which officially opened his director's career.

In 1957, Xie Jin served as the director and directed the color sports movie "Women's Basketball No. 5". The film finally won the silver medal of the International Film Festival held by the World Youth Celebration and the Silver Hat Award of the Mexican International Film Festival. The film directed the film was awarded, which was recognized by his ability. After that, Xie Jin's "Huang Baomei" and "Little Story in the Big Storm" were released one after another.

In 1960, a novel "The Hero Flower of Qiongdao" adapted from Liang Xin was born in the movie "Red Lady Army". Once the film was released, it quickly won everyone's attention. As the director, Xie Jin also won the first Volkswagen Hundred Flower Award for Best Director Award. In his career, he thought he was developing in a good direction, but Xie Jin ushered in bad news at this time.

During Xie Jin's filming in the past years, his wife Xu Dawen gave birth to three children one after another, one daughter and two sons, but unfortunately, there are some problems with the body and intelligence of the three children. There is a certain gap between people, but the impact is not very large, but the third child not only suffers from severe asthma, but also mentally retarded. The younger son Xie Jiaqing also has mental retardation and epilepsy like the third brother.

The four children have three intelligence problems. As the elder brother Xie Yan took the initiative to take care of his brother and sister at home, Xie Jin, as his father, did not have a strange view of them because of the child's defect. Try not to let the child go out. Every time I come back, I bring him the toys outside, so that the child is not too boring. The younger son is more lucky. You can follow Xie Jin to go out. Not only that, he also bought a stone mill for the two sons, and let the two sons grind soy milk at home to handle the basic life by himself.

In order to feed the family, Xie Jin worked hard every day. In 1965, the film "Sister on the Stage", which was directed, won the two prizes of the annual award of the London International Film Festival British Film Society and Figrada Fogz International Film Festival. But he has not returned from the joy of winning, because the film fell down.

"Sister of the Stage" mainly tells the story of Yue opera artist Zhu Chunhua and Xing Yuehong's oppression in the old society. In the new society, they get a new life. When he went to rural areas, even his son Xie Yan worked in the countryside.

During that time, Xie Jin was "criticized" every day, could not be locked out in the cow shed, and the things in the family were taken away. One night, I swallowed a lot of sleeping pills to commit suicide. Not long after my father left, the mother jumped downstairs, and the parents committed suicide. Persevere.

Ten years of hardships finally ended. In 1977, Xie Jin's film "Youth" was released. He also gradually returned to the right track with this film industry.

In the next few years, Xie Jin successively directed "Ah! Cradle", "Legend of Tianyun Mountain", "Wrangler", "Spirit and Meat", "Qiu Jin", "Flower Rings under the High Mountains" and other films. The movie not only won the award, but also won many actors in the play.

In 1986, the film "Furong Town" directed by him won a number of domestic and foreign awards such as the best story film award of the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award and the Best Story Film Award of the Volkswagen Hundred Flowers Awards. Once Furong Town was released, it quickly won the audience across the country. Following, there were only a few cents of movie tickets at that time. The "Furong Town" directed by Xie Jin set a box office of 120 million, which was enough to see how hot this movie was at that time. In addition to these achievements, the film was still popular at the time. At that time, it was still a newcomer. Jiang Wen made Liu Xiaoqing's career a higher level. As a director, Xie Jin was successful. With an excellent work in a department, he established his position in the film and television industry.

But how much he is in his career, how sad Xie Jin is in life. In 1992, Xie Jin's second son left the world forever due to asthma. That year, Xie Jin was 69 years old. In addition to asthma, the second son also suffered from. Intelligent retardation, but even so, Xie Jin had never given up the child. Usually, as long as he had time, Xie Jin accompanied the children at home and played the game with them. Although his son was intellectual, he also knew that Xie Jin was his father. When Xie Jin go home, he will wait at the door well and put on slippers for his father.

"The white -haired man sends a black -haired man", which makes Xie Jin, who is old, becomes more old, but the Sri Lanka has passed, and the life still has to live. Xie Jin can only give more time and pet to the younger son. Over time, Xie Jin gradually accepted the news of his son's death.

In 1993, Xie Jin began to slow down his footsteps. He served as the principal of the Shanghai Xie Jinheng Tongxing Star School. He wanted to use his many years of director experience to allow more children who interested in art to get education and knowledge. In 2005, Xie Jin obtained China in China The Film Golden Rooster Award Lifetime Achievement Award, this is a pleasant thing, but the eldest son Xie Yan has found lung cancer here.

As the only normal child in the family, Xie Yan has been responsible for taking care of them since the birth of his brother and sister. He followed his father's footsteps and studied movies at New York University. Zhou Xun asked her to star in two movies, "Daughter Red" and "Hand in Hand in Hand". Although as a director, Xie Yan had no father's famous, but it was also a little famous.

After learning that he was suffering from cancer, he did not tell the elderly parents that he quickly handled the work of his hand and wrote the will. Xie Yan left three -quarters of his property to his fourth brother, one quarter to his parents, he Arrange everything, and will leave the world forever on the afternoon of August 23, 2008. At that time, Xie Jin was 85 years old. In his later years, he experienced white -haired people with black -haired people. His body could no longer support it. On October 18, 2008, Xie Jin returned to his hometown of Shangyu County to participate in the event rest. Leaving people.

The news of Xie Jin's death quickly spread out that a generation of artists had a lot of existence with the world. On the day of the funeral, all the heads and actors in the film and television industry came to hang up to send Xie Jin's last journey. Also left, the daughter of the family was married, and only Xu Dawen and his younger son Xie Jiaqing were left at home. Xie Jiaqing suffered from mental retardation since he was a child. He was inseparable from others at all. Xie Jin's circle of friends helped to help him, but he was rejected by Xu Dawen.

In order not to be rejected, Liu Xiaoqing simply took a bag of cash to participate in Xie Jin's funeral. After the ceremony, Liu Xiaoqing gave Xu Dawen full of cash. If you do n’t accept it, I will sprinkle the money on the scene and thank the elder brother ’s funeral.” In desperation, Xu Dawen had to accept Liu Xiaoqing ’s“ good intentions ”.

Xie Jin's death is a major regret in the Chinese film and television industry. People have regretted and regretted it, but some people use Xie Jin's death to "make rumors" for Bo Jin.

Not long after Xie Jin's death, an article appeared on the Internet called "Do not learn Xie Jin's death". The article stated that Liu Xinda lived in a hotel with Xie Jin because he had an appointment with Shangyu TV Station. On the day of Xie Jin died, Liu Xinda heard his The sound came from the room, so he called his brother Song Zude and guess that "Xie Jin died in Xing's sudden death."

In addition, the two brothers of Liu Xin also made a rumor Xie Jin and Liu Xiaoqing who had a son abroad, and the child was also a cerebral palsy.

The article quickly spread on major platforms. As his wife, Xu Dawen could tolerate her husband's secondary grievances. Xie Jin has been married for more than sixty years and has never had a scandal. The relationship between the two cannot be recognized as "slander".

After inspection, the brothers of Liu and Song were purely rumored. In December 2009, the court judged that Song Zude and Liu Cinda infringed Xie Jin's reputation, asked them to publicly apologize, and compensated Xie Jin's widow Xu Dawen's economic loss and mental damage nearly 290,000 yuan. After paying the money, the two contacted ten media for ten consecutive days to publish an apology statement.

With the publication of the apology letter, Xie Jin's reputation was also recovered.

In 2016, in the eighth year of Xie Jin, his wife Xu Dawen also left the world. The two have been husband and wife for more than sixty years. Now they have gone to a better place together.

Looking back at Xie Jin's life, in addition to his achievements in the film and television industry, he is sad. In the middle age, the two children have three intelligence problems. After experiencing the pain of bereavement, his only normal son is also due to the normal son. The only thing deserves lung cancer is worthy of being fortunate that he has never changed from a young age to the elderly. The husband and wife have gone through more than sixty years. There is no scandal. This kind of love is envious of "holding the hand and growing old".