Didn't he be blocked yet?

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Didn't he be blocked yet?

2022-06-23 00:13:54 10 ℃

You can always believe the ability of the dead girl to get hot!

Chen Xiao is the male lead of "Menghua Lu". The new drama was lazy to post a selfie, and Weibo was forced to open.

Dead girl pour well,

On the surface, "I don't like to be hot when others are the best", but they use their own power to pull four people into the water in their back, and they will not die if they die.

Standing in front of you is the fake bodhisattva Yu!

And this netizen who looks like Chen Xiaofei. In the trumpet in April, wouldn't anyone really think she was a fan? Intersection

This big move that stepped on one by one, saying that it was a dead girl's trumpet, and someone believed ...

Sure enough, the dead girl went up and searched again ▼

Still the same formula, or the familiar taste. First delete the blog, and then pretend to be innocent, standing on the moral commanding heights and playing white lotus.

OS: People are just distressed GIEGIE, don't disturb meditation.

It may be what I realized during the meditation process. The next morning, the girl died in the morning and sent a small composition, saying that no one was his God, so he must be the god of others.

Ou Hao: Retreat! retreat! retreat!

Whether it is the god of death or the plague god, the dead girl has indeed set off a lot of storms in the entertainment industry over the years.

Ten years of screenwriter, a century -old drama, the small composition he wrote in those years alone shows his extraordinary skills.

Yang Mi had a divorce in the front foot, and his back feet made a dynamic connotation.

Sister Lang exploded, no one cue him, he cue himself.

Dr. Zhai turned over and still duckled ducks. The dead girl quickly sent him a chat record with Zhai Tianlin.

Li Yitong's new drama official announced that he quickly arranged ABCDE. The celebrity does not care about him, as long as he is so refreshing!

As for the case, it is not necessary to leave it to netizens ▼

The cracked version is as follows, you can touch ▼

Why do you choose this section of the bone eyes? Do n’t guess if you guessed it ... Do n’t guess ...

Other people's plays are broadcast to make small compositions, and their own scenes appear more to send small compositions. Not only did he send it, he also likes the connotation. It ’s Olang again and again. How about writing this costume drama?

It is recommended to check the weight before reading.

The actress who couldn't beat the dead girl in the eight poles was hard to escape the black.

Some people from the comment area said that this person was Ma Sichun. At that time, her new movie "About Winter" was just released, and the time was in line.

Don't guess this time, people give the answer directly ▼

The screenwriter who can't arch fire is not a good girl. Do you think he can only write yy? Wrong, let fans scold the streets to call Niu fork with their own strength.

BABY was searched for a hot search, and the dead girl was "sad", and she regretted that she could not let her star in "The Condor Heroes".

Chen Yanxi's "Fat Edition Little Dragon Girl" has not been DISS, but didn't you say "choice for no regrets" at the beginning?

What else to pull "the most immortal dragon girl" ▼

"100 % satisfaction" and the like ▼

Why is it generously admitting that he is blind?

Chen Yanxi is not good at it, and hasn't stabbed anyone, but this screenwriter who deserves the banner has stepped back.

Don't ask, ask, "I have sent you a husband", the pattern must be opened ▼

Chen Xiao: I use you to send it? Intersection Intersection

In July 2020, TFBOYS rejoiced the 7th anniversary of the wave.

The fans have not been cheerful, and the dead girl has been a demon again. It is said that the original feather shape designed by her own family was copied by the three small.

In order to increase the degree of topic, the buddy also introduced the dispute of traffic, and he screamed one by one, as if he was so wronged.

"Oh, I'm so miserable, is there any reason ..."

In the "non -heritage", it is equivalent to crying before scolding. How can you take the trick? Anyway, I cried first.

"Weili Lai", who is responsible for the design of the three small only, said that he had never plagiarized the original, not to mention that the feather shooting did not exist at all.

You have to trace the roots, it is Yi Nengjing's originator ▼

Still the cover map of free Weibo on Weibo is the originator ▼

Oh yes, do Hayao Miyazaki still have to send the copyright fee to the death girl ▼


Poor little actor He Ruixian, obviously did nothing, but he was lying innocently, and he was shot as a gun for no reason.

Escape! Intersection Intersection

Yuan Shanshan was not satisfied with only "tomato egg flower soup", and she broke away with the consequences of the vest line.

The dead girl knew it, and the post stated that "Most people have a short look and only look at the interests in front of them. When you go up, you are sought after, and even the dogs are not as good as ..."

He was questioned after Yuan Shanshan, and he decisively admitted.

It didn't take long to commit old problems.

As for why the old moral bottom line is repeatedly jumped, the reason is really owed ▼

Come, I have the ability to hit me ~~

Netizen: Does no one want to hit him? Intersection

Don't say that there are really, Shen Tai is the person who is a way to heaven, the chivalry, and the courage (not).

After playing with aunt, Shen Tai took the initiative to admit it.

It is not for acting, nor is he asking him to do things. He just "wants to draw him".

After sending dynamics, Shen Tai was stunned, and only the matter was not mentioned.

The dead girl kept playing with herself, and said, "The old lady cooperates with you to act",

After a while, she said that Shen Tai's girlfriend was slept by an actor. For the sake of interest, she promised to let Shen Tai play the male lead.

I was afraid that netizens could not guess who the actor was, and the dead girl gave the article "Dirty Water" and arched Han Dong.Coupled with his honey chat record with Deng Sha-

Han Dong: I thank you!

I do n’t know if it ’s a person or what, many people in the entertainment industry have discharged him.

Six or six of the screenwriter: greedy money and shameless.

Wang Hailin: Don't install a cup anymore.

Jiang Sida: Can I bother someone?

Feeling that Zhang Dongsheng wanted to take him to climb the mountain in minutes, it would be okay to give it a red.

Oh Mo, this damn good!