42 -year -old Liu Mintao: Every day after leaving the giants, I live very freely

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42 -year -old Liu Mintao: Every day after leaving the giants, I live very freely

2022-06-23 06:18:35 12 ℃

A fiery red evening dress, with a three -point ridicule, three -pointers, three -pointers, thin and cool, and the careless Liu Mintao successfully came out of the Jiangsu Satellite TV 55 celebration. Let go of yourself at one time, turn on the online juice mode, and turn over the audience!

Deep V small black skirt, black boots, hot, cool and stylish big sister and big image, with the rock song "Do you dance" with new pants, let the audience ignite one again. Dear Min Minzi, do you really do n’t think about going to the wind and waves to kick the room?


44 -year -old Liu Mintao has always been dignified and elegant in the hearts of the public.

In recent years, she has won praise from the public with her outstanding acting skills. In the Langya List, the gentle and gentle concubine, the beauty of the clever, is domineering and dignified in the dignified Ming family in the pretender, and the real gearing mother who is truly grounded in the jerle is made. Each character makes her real. Naturally, what does it like to make the audience a sense of substitution. Not only this, in recent years, Liu Mintao also brought up in the variety shows. The birth of the actors and the immersiveness. In each program, she showed herself to the extreme.

Today, she is free and confident, and it is difficult to imagine that her first half of her life has such a sad emotional experience. Her first half of her life can be described as a "widowed marriage".

At the age of 16, Liu Mintao, who was praised as "Xiao Gong Li", entered the Central Academy of Drama with the first score of the national sound table watch.

After graduating from Chinese opera, she starred in many works, and most of them served as female No. 1. When her career gradually entered its peak period, she encountered a wealthy real estate businessman Changle. She resolutely entered the palace of marriage. age. Since her parents' severe traditional education, she is a good girl with excellent academics, and she is a good girl, and even the motto is: from the father at home, marrying a husband, and old. After her marriage, she completely became a good wife and mother. She was a vague help. She wanted to be the woman behind her husband who had all trivial matters for him, supported him at home, and waited for him. However, her husband is working on work. He is out of time, and the two gather less and more, and the values ​​have a serious deviation. Chang Le believes that making money is more important, and she thinks that family relationship is more important.

In the Venus interview show, Liu Mintao talked about his marriage, and his emotions were out of control. During her peak, she gave up her career and dedicated her most precious 7 years to her family.

On the recent "character" podium, she told the story that was buried in her heart: when she was going abroad with her husband, she wanted to eat a matcha ice cream. What she wants.

One night in the summer of 2013, Liu Mintao finally decided to change all of this. After thinking about the meaning of a widow -like life like such a widowed life all night, she chose to break up and took her daughter away from Chang Le, becoming a single mother.

The first half of Liu Mintao has been following the rules and following the flow. In the most popular age, she is humble and pale. She does not think that the actress who is nearly 40 years old should have a middle -aged crisis. On the contrary, she thinks that this is the most at this time. At the moment of real women's charm, with rich life experience, whether it is smooth or failed, it is their precious wealth.

"I am more than 40 years old this year. Whether it is good or bad, I should have a sense of happiness, or I should have a sense of frustration. I have experienced it, everything is just right."

Liu Mindao, who was rebellious in middle -aged, cut short hair and returned to the entertainment industry. She kept trying and challenging, and began her wonderful life that she let go of herself, achieve herself, and challenge herself.

The image of each screen is like her carefully carved works. Such interpretation of really time -rich and precipitated temperament. In addition, she takes care of her daughter, and her life is also very delicate. She lives in her live. The hotel will arrange the hotel like a warm home;

The gap of filming will go to drink coffee, make nails; also learned to ski, travel around the world, etc. She arranged her full and beautiful every day. Now she has become her own backing, and she has eaten a free -tempered matcha ice cream.


In Washington abroad, there is also a single mother who dares to embrace changes and is not afraid of challenges: Shirley Sandberg, she is known as "the most influential woman in Silicon Valley", she is strong, dazzling, elegant, holding her holding The daily operation of social giant Facebook represents FB and political leaders. It is currently the highest salary female executive.

In 2010, she delivered a TED speech "why female leaders are so small". Getting balance, thereby improving women's social status and realizing equality between men and women.

Published "A Step" calling on women to negotiate for themselves.

However, her career love is like the day when she is 47 years old. She lost her love at the age of 47. She was caught off guard and could not believe this fact. With the help of a psychologist, with the support of her strong inner power, she decided to adjust her mentality and set off again. Essence

After returning to the workplace, she realized that there are still many other things in life that are not so bad. They need to look at sadness correctly. These feelings will not continue forever.

As a single mother, she has to raise two children alone. She must work hard to cross all difficulties and provide a better life and opportunities for children. Sandberg is great, tough, and not afraid of challenges. How many women are difficult to weigh their identity in their careers and families, but her experience tells us that as long as we want to do it, there is nothing to fail to fall. As long as you step forward, you can turn on your own world.

The choice of life is sometimes more important than hard work. The greatest success of a person is to live himself.


Marriage should not be imprisoned, and age should not be a stumbling block that hinders dreams. Another actress Yan Ni, who became popular in middle -aged, also let us appreciate the charm of middle -aged women.

In this era of face -to -face value, Yan Ni's previous fashion screen image has been tepid. In 2005, at the age of 35, she successfully made the director see her in the role of Xiang Xiangyu. The plasticity, at the age of 38, was selected by Zhang Yimou to participate in the "Three Shooting Cases", becoming the oldest girl, and embarked on the red carpet of Berlin with this film. Yan Ni said that "comedy is actually difficult to play, and comedians are also fragile.

"In fact, Yan Ni, who is also a single mother, is not" comedy "at all. When shooting martial arts, she has broken up," I am a person who has not experienced love. "

Yan Ni described her before the breakup. She was an idealist who was first in love. She spicy eyes and chewing waxy marriage would not yield to life.

Her self -discipline and diligence made her live more and more dazzling and colorful. She insisted on exercising by controlling her diet. After she was thin and thin, her face value, body, and temperament were like a woman in their early twenties. She Ghostly and beautiful, she lived out of the life she wanted.

After a woman's recent age, there are prejudice from society and competitive pressure from young people. In life, they must take care of their parents and children. They need to pay more efforts than men to win the life they want Essence

Such a fashionable woman is also like a bottle of good wine that has been precipitated for years. She has rich life experience, graceful figure, stylish and stable temperament, and proper behavior.

The sisters represented by Liu Mintao, self -confidence, independence, and even rebellion, let us experience the multiple possibilities of life.

Knowing yourself, challenging yourself, changing yourself properly, doing what you like to do, loves the people you like, live the life you want, and treat all experiences and suffering as your own wealth.

It is necessary to believe that every struggle that God arranged for us is purposeful. It allows us to rebirth and let us fight back.