Gu Junyu rarely talks about goodbye big S details: the elevator door opens, Xi Yuan and I cry for 30 minutes with headache

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Gu Junyu rarely talks about goodbye big S details: the elevator door opens, Xi Yuan and I cry for 30 minutes with headache

2022-06-23 12:27:08 8 ℃

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"Thank you Xiyuan (big S) for more than 20 years to accept me again. If you return to that year, I will not choose to break up. If I do n’t marry Xiyuan, I think I have built a house in Bali, painted, handicrafts, handicrafts, handicrafts, handicrafts, handicrafts. , Play with music, live my rest of my life. "

For the first time, South Korea ’s Oba Junjun confessed so completely that he and Da S Xu Xiyuan walked the journey before and after.

In the show hosted by his friend Liu, Ge Junyi said that this was the first time and the only time he described the details of him before and after marriage with Da S. In the future, he won't say it for the second time.

The reason why such a complete details were left on Liu Zaishi's show, because when Jun Junxuan wanted to reward him at the lowest career of his career, Liu Zaishi silently supported his kindness behind him.

Indeed, there is another detail behind Ge Junye's high -profile. In the show hosted by Liu in Liu, he rarely publicized to Da S, and he read a love letter affectionately.

That's his wife's big S, the intention is to say -thank you for re -accepting me after more than 20 years. It is not easy for the two of us to walk together. Love you, Xi Yuan! "

In retrospect, the breakup was indeed proposed by Jun Jun. The background was because they were in love together that year, and they were opposed by almost everyone around them. It is not only from the fans that after knowing his relationship, it may cause his career to decline, but he also needs to consider his own partner and the people around him. Ge Jun's career is not his own.

Therefore, he broke up with big S. On the night of the breakup, the two cried.

During that time, Ge Jun's naked eyes showed that Big S was sad and sad, and he even saw Da S crying publicly in variety shows in Taiwan's Taiwan Province. He couldn't comfort him. I didn't stand up and say that there is a bad sentence.

That is, from that time, Ge Junzheng silently wrote down the name of Big S forever in his heart. In his heart, Big S was the sample of his future wife.

Gu Junyu said that he had thought that if he was alone in the future, he would choose to go to Bali to build a house, draw, do it, do music, and live his rest.

The divorce of Da S, restored his single, gave Gu Junyu the right to pursue a complete life.

In the show, Ge Junzheng recalled the scene where he passed by Taipei for the first time in Da S at the elevator door of the luxury home in Taipei.

This scene now makes Ge Junye think of it, just like playing movies, making him incredible. He said that when the elevator door opened, the big S rushed out, and the two cried together with their headache together, up to 30 minutes. Various tastes are brewing.

And this touching scene was recorded by the big S's agent with a camera. This is also a memory that cannot be forgotten in the love and marriage life of two people.

Regarding the "contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law" that the outside world is worried about, even the big S mother, Ms. Huang Chunmei, has any prejudice against him? For these questions, Ge Junye also made a reply one by one. He said that his mother liked Big S very much, and her mother -in -law got along well. The mother -in -law treated him like his biological son, and shouted "Ge Junye is my son". The family is happy, and there is no criticism that there is no external conjecture at all.

In Ge Junzhang's view, the reason why there are rumors outside the outside world are saying everything is because he himself is too low -key, and he has almost no complete interview. The two of their husbands and wives were either sneaky or by netizens, and the information obtained from the outside world was incomplete and incomplete.

Today, he was on the show hosted by his friend Liu Zai Shi. The first time he completely confessed his love and marriage experience with Da S, he also wanted to block the outside mouth of the outside world.

For their husbands and wives, they cherish each other that they can re -walk together after more than 20 years. Therefore, they just want to live together low -key and do not want to ignore the outside world's disturbances.