In these years, the five suspense dramas of the entire network have been fourth, and the first row is no controversy in the first row.

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In these years, the five suspense dramas of the entire network have been fourth, and the first row is no controversy in the first row.

2022-06-23 12:29:17 16 ℃

The fifth part of "Crime of Unlicensed"

Broadcast time: 2017-09-06

Starring: Qin Hao / Deng Jiajia / Yao Yan

Plot Comment: Although it is also an adaptation of Zijin Chen's book, the story rhythm is not as good as "Silent Truth" and "Hidden Corner". It is a famous scene to smoke with BGM. In addition, Deng Jiajia's performance is also remarkable. She has always been an actor who is in awe of acting. Each scene of Xiaoru is amazing. In the end, Qin Hao was interpreted very coherent and attractive, which was enough to leave a deep impression. At the same time, it also increased the color of the episode a lot. In short, it is a rare conscience suspense drama, which is worth seeing!

The fourth "Pretender"

Broadcast time: 2015-08-31

Starring: Hu Ge / Jin Dong / Liu Mintao

Plot Comment: This drama is really good. Although I decided myself many times in the later Mingtai, I couldn't help but give me five stars. The four sisters and brothers and brothers of Mingjing, Minglou, Mingcheng, and Mingtai really admired to pay for the fight against the war. Jin Dong and Wang Kai, watching their plays really feel good, big brother and second brother have a fan. I also want to have a big sister like Liu Mindao. Wang Tianfeng really loves me. Teacher Liu Yijun's acting skills really have nothing to say. Then there is Yu Manli, who is really beautiful, the voice is good, and the kind of gentle and gentle. Sister Wang Ou really has a temperament. Although she is a traitor in the play, I really don't dislike her compared to Cheng Jinyun.

The third part "White Night Chasing Merms"

Broadcast time: 2017-08-30

Starring: Pan Yueming / Wang Longzheng / Liang Yuan

Plot comments: After reading it for three days, it was so exciting that it could not stop at all. The suspense and rhythm were well controlled. The logic and professionalism were close to full marks. The sexual and emotional line is not particularly strong. The main line is one after another. Those who like the emotional line may not like it. Pan Yueming's acting skills inside are absolutely, and they are completely interpreted through subtle expressions and eyes. Especially when acting as a younger brother who pretended to be disguised as a brother, the audience must see that this is the younger brother, but it cannot be too obvious. The role does not see that this is my brother, and the degree of control between the slightest is very accurate.

The second part of "Silent Truth"

Broadcast time: 2020-09-16

Starring: Liao Fan / Bai Yu / Tan Zhuo

Plot comments: The overall quality of the drama is very high, the mirror is very good, the acting skills are in place, and the script can withstand it. Especially when Jiang Yang was released from prison, it made people look particularly uncomfortable. What kind of people who were stunned were pressed by reality, and the spirit was gone at all. It is a wallet, which is a life that has infinite possible life, but fortunately, the truth of the last silence has not been silent, and finally the clouds see the day, and the sinful people also get the punishment they deserve. People like "Jiangyang" appeared, and finally boasted Bai Yu's acting skills. It really didn't say that Jiangyang's sense of spirit and later decadent performance was really bad.

The first "Hidden Corner"

Broadcast time: 2020-06-16

Starring: Qin Hao / Wang Jingchun / Rong Zishan

Plot Comment: When various large production is rotten today, the online drama can have this quality. The picture of the whole drama is too much like a movie! The character acting is online, and the ups and doubts of each episode make people can't help but want to finish watching it in one breath. The play's portrayal of the characters is also very full, showing the contradictions of human nature and evil, and some small details are also worthy of repeated consideration. Although it feels a little ink, after watching the original summary, I found that the TV series has really beautified a lot. The original book is reality and the drama is a fairy tale. "You are willing to believe in reality or fairy tales."

In these five suspense dramas on the entire network, which are not easy to watch? Code words are not easy. Welcome to pay attention to praise, leave a message discussion.