Ge Junye's interview is exposed, the reason for the reason for breaking up is the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, and tears with the big S reunion scene

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Ge Junye's interview is exposed, the reason for the reason for breaking up is the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, and tears with the big S reunion scene

2022-06-23 12:26:42 11 ℃

On June 22, the 52 -year -old member of the Korean group "Cool Dragon" was broadcast on the first variety show after marriage. In The Block, in detail, he tells the inside story of his marriage with Big S.

Look at a few photos first, and feel the sweetness of Gu Junyu and Big S:

Their wedding ring is a tattoo ring, which saves money and romance:

Earlier, Big S confidentized the media about the media, including a photo of the husband and wife. I did not expect that their husband and wife would continue to entertain the headlines for this day.

Big S has paid a lot for her husband, and netizens have discussed this.

Gu Junxuan seemed to guess everyone's thoughts, especially in the show that the reason why he revealed the details of the wedding was not to hype, but to prevent rumors from spreading, and he needed to tell the real story.

Gu Junyu also said that he was on the show of Liu Zaixi for the sake of gratitude. The latter took care of him silently for many years. He has been looking for the opportunity to repay each other, and he will only be on this show, and then he will never talk about his marriage.

Gu Junzhang and Da S were registered in South Korea on February 8th. On March 8th, the marriage news was announced. The two became husband and wife without formal meeting. The process was like a movie plot, causing heated discussion among netizens.

Gu Junzheng read a letter to Da S in the show in the show, deeply affectionate, "Xi Yuan, thank you for accepting me again after 20 years. I will love you very much, cherish you, and hope to live a happy life together, I love you. "

In fact, Ge Junye said on the show, which is very inconsistent with his image of his macho.

He told Liu Zaixi that when he fell in love with the big S, he had secretly decided that in the future, a woman would not marry. As a result, he really had to wait until the woman divorced before he had a chance.

If Da S did not divorce, and Jun Junyi would not get married. He originally planned to build a house, paint, make music, and slowly grow old to Bali.

Gu Junzhang's love for Da S lasted for 20 years, and even every time he saw mango, he thought of Big S like to eat, which was quite infatuated.

Earlier, the outside world reported that Ge Junzhang and Da S met at the concert of Su Huilun, but Gu Junzhen denied that he revealed that Da S had not been to that concert. His fans also said that he wanted to marry him, and then the two knew through the staff.

Gu Junyu exposed himself, he met with Da S for 20 years. When he completed the isolation, he flew to Da S's mansion for the first time. The elevator door opened and the two finally met. For 30 minutes.

"Xi Yuan's agent took the picture of me into the house, and now I still cry when I see the video. At that time, the memories of 20 years ago appeared like a horse -raid lamp. When I saw my wife, it was even more emotional ..."

Gu Junzhang also answered the rumors of "Mom against him and Xu Xiyuan."

Gu Junyu denied all the rumors. He said that his mother loved Big S very much, and Da S also liked his mother very much.

Earlier, Da S's mother was dissatisfied with Ge Junye, and Ge Junye emphasized on the show that she was welcomed by the family members of the woman.

In the end, Ge Junyu concluded, "I think I am the happiest person in the world today, and always feels that getting married is great."

He also said, "If you are too exaggerated when you are happy, you are afraid that the precious will disappear, so there is no mention of it, but because I am too quiet, I have been compiled by others. It will appear on the show, but I only appear on this show and will not play other shows. "

Liu Zaixi wanted to know why Ge Junyi and Da S broke up.

Gu Junzhang admits that the breakup is proposed by himself, "There is a situation in the entertainment industry. If you have a girlfriend, the work will work very hard. Everyone around him opposes our relationship. There are many things I have to consider, including my partner and others. Xi Yuan ended up all the fame for me, but she never blame me. "

"I remember the day when we broke up, we cried all night with headache, and then I took her to the airport. I seemed to be unbearable, like a fool." Thinking of the scene at the time, Gu Junyi couldn't help but fall into tears.

Gu Junyu later saw a movie where Da S cried in the live broadcast of "Entertainment 100 %". I reluctantly said, "I saw her crying and crying, and I was a little choked. But she kept helping me to cover up and wanted to bear everything by herself. That look made me very moved. "

If you return to 20 years ago, will Gu Junye choose to break up again?

The answer is "No".

Gu Junyu replied, "If you return to that moment, you won't break up. I will tell her: It doesn't matter what work is. I want to be with you, even if I lose a lot of things."