Big S Ge Junjun's sweet kiss photos are exposed, Da S wearing a pink tube top dress actively kiss, sexy and seductive

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Big S Ge Junjun's sweet kiss photos are exposed, Da S wearing a pink tube top dress actively kiss, sexy and seductive

2022-06-23 12:27:33 10 ℃

Da S Yujun exposed the sweet kiss wedding photo. Happiness is that I accompany you to make a ghost -introduction.

I never thought that a female star would wear a pink dress when she was married and took a wedding photo, and she could also wear pink dresses so sexy.

Yes, yes! What I am talking about is female star S.

In the sweet wedding photos of Gu Junyu, which was exposed on June 22, there were actually a few enthusiastic photos of two people kissed together happily.

Different from the happy smiles of the big S with a white veil that was exposed to the white veil, this set of photos released this time was obviously more enthusiastic and energetic.

Earlier, the picture in the expectation of the fans was the kissing photos of Da S Junjun's reunion after more than 20 years. This is like the idol drama is staged again, but the hero and the heroine are like middle -aged people.

Although the big S's complexion, the whole state of the person is like a girl returning to spring, but she can still see the expression of her middle -aged woman in the corner of her eyebrows. And Ge Junye not to mention. At the age of 54, he was closer by the camera. When he patted the details of the face, his face was potholes. There was really no idol temperament. appearance.

But the outside world can still capture the feeling of their husband and wife happiness that has overflowed with the picture.

Earlier, why did you see the big S snuggled in a man's arms like this? Her eyebrows were curved and her smile had overflowed her eyes.

Why did you have seen big s and an old man to make a ghost, and ignore your image at all?

In the group of wedding photos wearing a pink dress, the big S body tilted backwards, and the weight of the whole person almost leaned on her husband's Junjun, and Ge Junzhang's hand was pocked, a casual look, two people, two people. An inadvertent kiss is particularly comfortable. This is not really a show. This is the most common scene in their lives.

Big S also wore another wedding dress with her husband's black suit. It is a black and white style, which is very different. But the couple standing together, it seemed quite right.

Some careful people look at the scene of the two people taking wedding photos carefully, and then judge that this is the home in Taipei, China, because the couple were attracting the attention of external media at that time. Instead, wearing a few small dresses at home, warmly taking a few happy sweet photos, making people feel more in line with their current state of mind.

In fact, after two months with Da S's gathering in Taipei, Ge Jun's career has obviously a new level. After returning from the New York night show performance, Ge Junzhang returned directly to the home of Seoul, South Korea, and returned to South Korea. Gu Junyi accepted countless media interviews.

This time, he was on the show hosted by his friend Liu Zai Shi. In the show, I do n’t know if it ’s because of my friend Liu Zaishi's face, or Gu Junxuan really has a lot of sweet words. He wants to share it with Korean fans and netizens. The details of recovering the big S and the successful proposal.

In addition to the sweet wedding photos on it, Ge Junye also said that when he dialed the big S phone, what he said was -hi, I was bald.

"Bald head" was exactly the sweet name of Great S to Ge Junye. For the two, it was also synonymous with particular significance.

During the period of falling in love, because Big S liked mango, so many years later, Junjun people saw mango in South Korea, and occasionally thought of Big S.

In his opinion, the existence of Big S is equivalent to providing a standard model for his future wife, so this is also one of the reasons why Jun Jun has not got married for so many years.

Today, the two people renew their leadership after more than 20 years, which makes people feel sighing, when really love is not too late!

The phrase "I am the happiest man in the world" from the heart, and it is not an exaggeration. Both he and the big S have the ring on each other's ring finger, which also represents the loyalty of the next marriage life. Essence

From this point of view, they are the soul partners who are more co -produced.