It was not a parent's birthday by the "pumping king".

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It was not a parent's birthday by the "pumping king".

2022-06-23 12:27:56 11 ℃

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In the past two days, "King of Water" Lin made 1 million bets Chen Kailin, Chen Kailin, was not a parent who was born in the Hong Kong circle, and appeared on the headline of Hong Kong media.

It turned out that Chen Kailin's brother Derek uploaded a photo with his father on Father's Day. In the photo, he hugged his father, and his father imitated the baby's movement. It looked like the father and son were imitating their old photos in turn. The difference between the appearance of the mixed -race child and his father became the focus.

Unexpectedly, after the photo came out, Lin Zuo, who was directly known as the "pumping king". He also proposed to challenge Derek at a 1 million Hong Kong dollars to let him and his father have a hair to test DNA.

He said that if DNA confirmed that Derek was a father -son relationship with his father, he would give Derek a million. If not, by the way, there is a Indo -Pakistanic bloodline. His purpose is to be purely satisfied with the curiosity and confirm his guess.

Speaking of which, this is not the first time that Chen Kailin and Derek have been questioned that they were not born to their parents.

Chen Kailin attracted the attention of netizens because of participating in the 2013 Hong Kong sister competition. Because of her face value, she has been favored by everyone before the game, and even the title of "Little Li Jiaxin".

With her excellent face value, she won the 2013 Hong Kong Sister Competition Championship, "Most Miss Miss" and "Tourism Ambassador Award".

However, in the early days of the competition, many netizens thought she was a mixed -race as Li Jiaxin, but in fact it was not.

Chen Kailin is a standard Bai Fumei. Her father is a hidden rich in Hong Kong. She cashed out more than 200 billion yuan at a time. Now she has a lot of cash and several properties at hand, including Mong Kok worth 20 million Hong Kong dollars. The family lives in the villas of over 100 million villas in Jiulongtang. It is just that the couple's appearance does not have any mixed -race appearance at all.

In particular, the exposure of her twin brothers has deepened the doubts of netizens.

Because of Chen Kailin, her brother Derek's exotic feel is stronger. Derek's skin tone is relatively dark, her facial features are deep, and their eyebrows are particularly strong. They are more like mixed than Chen Kailin.

Hong Kong media even said that Derek is a replica of the Indian British male star Dev Patel.

After Chen Kailin won the Hong Kong sister champion, the nets passed the photo, and felt that she still saw many similar to her mother.

In contrast, Chen Kailin's sister looks very oriental. Without any mixed -race, the media and some netizens are more convinced that Chen Kailin is not born to his parents, otherwise it will be genetic mutations.

In the family portrait, her brother's eyebrows and nose are similar to her dad, and the others can't see a trace of similarity.

As the outside world questioned, Chen Kailin kept saying that she was 100 % Chinese. It was said to be like an Indian before, because it was not the case. But now I look away, after all, there are many beautiful women in India.

Father Chen responded that he had ancestral house in Canada, so he sent his daughter to study there, and she was her biological father.

Chen Kailin also advertised with her brother, but the questioning never stopped.

Chen Kailin's mother also responded that when the two children were born, they were very white, but when the two children grew up to 14 or 15, the mixing feeling suddenly high. Chen Kailin's eyes turned big and sharp, and his son's beard became a lot. It may be because his mother is Malaysians and has Asian appearance. In addition, his son likes outdoor sports, or there are too many hormones in Canadian food to make him look more and more mixed.

After Chen Kailin gave birth to two children, the two children were not mixed. Many netizens felt that the younger son was inherited as a grandfather, and he had less questioning.

Unexpectedly, DEREK took photos on Father's Day this year, and Lin Zuo's 1 million gambling contract caused controversy.

In the face of disputes, Chen Kailin only exposed her beauty on social platforms, and seemed to be unwillingly affected by disputes.

However, Lin Zuo did not give up, but felt that she was speculating. Chen Kailin's mother could not stand. He didn't feel that his behavior offended the Chen Kailin family. He felt that his sister Chen Kailin had troubled him for 9 years. He just told the truth.

He believes that Chen Kailin is not born to his parents. This is the fact that it does not mean harm. As long as the family's love is unchanged, the family knows that there is no difference with everyone.

Later, Lin Zuo disclosed his private response to him by his brother Chen Kailin. Willing to test DNA, but it is too low to have 1 million.

Lin Zuo said that he is now contacting his mother and wants his mother to give more money. He takes his sister Chen Kailin and let them test DNA to confirm their guess.

At present, Chen Kailin has not issued a new response on this matter. What do you think about this?

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