Many stars, forward the same information, speak neatly!

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Many stars, forward the same information, speak neatly!

2022-06-23 12:28:49 10 ℃

Many stars, neatly sound!

On June 22, Huang Xiaoming, Luhan, Liu Haocun, Cai Wenjing, Song Yanxuan, Zhang Xinyu, Zhang Xinyu, Zhang Yuqi, Wang Ou, Yang Yanlin, and Da Dawei forwarded the same information, neatly spoken by Yingde.

Recently, Guangdong Yingde suffered a severe waterlogging in the urban area, and heavy rain floods came. It can be said that it affects everyone's heart. The People's Daily issued a document and equipped with a flood prevention emergency rescue phone to provide helping people.

Subsequently, many celebrities forwarded the information related to the flood prevention rescue of Yingde flood prevention and prayed for British Germany.

It can be said that the reposting information of the stars can make more people who need help to see the rescue telephone is also a manifestation of responsibility.

As the saying goes, the flood ruthless people are affectionate. As long as everyone work together, they will be able to overcome difficulties and pray for British and Germany. I hope everyone can be safe!

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