Song Dandan's "embarrassment" searched, and the internal entertainment variety show "boring" for a long time?

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Song Dandan's "embarrassment" searched, and the internal entertainment variety show "boring" for a long time?

2022-06-23 12:28:09 13 ℃

Author | Mo Ran


After experiencing the baptism of the "Dock" for many days, netizens finally brushed this topic on the hot search list in the atmosphere of suffocation, catching horses, and excitement. Volkswagen is really boring for a long time.

Last Friday, the camping season of "Flowers and Teenagers" premiered. With the guests tearing the variety IP of the gods to seal the gods, after restarting, they can only be questioned in a bunch of "flowers in the flowers", covering it on it, covering it, and covering it. "Boring" label. The first high -level hot search that was unlocked by the previously broadcast "The Life 6" was also "boring".

Internal entertainment variety shows are increasingly unable to lift the waves. The upcoming variety market that is about to go through the half -load can really be called "explosive" projects. The Balai Energy CP of "Semi -Cooked Lovers" is already the Spring Festival; Wang Xinling's phenomenon of Wang Xinling in "Breaking the Wind" failed to heat the show.

The last time the "tearing" boring network was the "Fifty kilometers of Taohuawu 2" premiered last Sunday. #Reject Song Dandan's proposal#,#Song Dandan's suffocating#,#桃#and other topics sweeping hot search. The first topic reading exceeded 680 million, and other topics have exceeded 100 million. Embarrassing and suffocating, but the public continues to feel a vast internal entertainment variety show.

We do not respect the topic of the topic, but we are more afraid of a boring internal entertainment variety show. The boring strange circle of internal entertainment variety shows is by no means a simple "topic effect". Take this as an opportunity, and we also try to explore: When can internal entertainment variety shows really not boring?

"Four is not like" dilemma: variety shows avoid greed

The reason why "docking" can be a new topic that many people are enthusiastic and highly deconstructed is that the venue that appears appears around a theme: social.

Under the explicit labels of social cattle and social terror, what is the complex proposition of social networking, it is actually difficult to answer. "Taohuawu 2" simply presented a multiplayer social collision in 9 minutes. Individuals and groups, qualifications and personality, intergenerational and interpersonal are all presented in this large dye tank. The feeling of suffocation was amplified to the extreme.

The intensity focus on a single theme is exactly what most variety shows are missing. On Weibo and other social platforms, we helplessly discovered that there were few people who could escape the audience's "four dislikes" doubts at the moment.

In more and more variety shows, what we can see is actually "composite": vertical themes want to penetrate the circles, want to be at home, variety shows should have social issues, care about reality, etc. When all of them should be taken care of, when all the ones should be taken care of. When these are all acting on creation, the initial theme is inevitably blurred.

"It can't be eaten in one breath", although the market in the Ming Dynasty has not yet sprung up a new explosion in the post -Ming Decubine era, Tencent Video and He Chen's "Start Inference" is still highly expected, but it is only broadcasting, but it is broadcast, but it is broadcast. Later, the above high -praise appeared.

This may be related to the positioning of the program. The producer of the show, Du Xiaomeng, revealed that the program takes into account the needs of reasoning users and the needs of reasoning content and pan -entertainment users in the story plot. In short, it is necessary to reason the brain burn and be happy. But this "compatibility" makes it difficult for both. However, after the first issue, the show gradually became better, and the popularity of the entire network rose.

The logic of the type of type theme is actually the first of the circles, and then the circles of the wider radiation group. For example, "This is Hip -hop" and "Chinese New Rap". This is also verified in the episode market. However, in the past two years, everyone seems to be the same as the same, but the effect is not ideal.

In the camping variety show, Xiaobai Growth Ji is "not enough camping" for senior enthusiasts. For slow variety users, it is also a "low -equipped version of life." In order to expand the user group as much as possible, more and more e -sports variety shows multiple elements such as CP sugar, draft drafts, training, and stars, but they also face the problem of blurring and difficulty through the circles of user base. In the innovative path of the talk show, the comprehensive, industry, and star amateur are in parallel, and they are still exploring.

The reality show of pan -entertainment is also difficult to escape such problems. Although there is constantly sounding as Yan Min's "Chan Chan", as of the end of June 19, the Douban score of "New Travel" fell to 4.8 points again. The concentrated version of the real society he created has indeed incorporated a large number of social issues, but it is also difficult to take into account the changes in content design and rules. The lack of resonance of star deformation meters has also led to the effect of the program less than expected.

The other side of "greedy" is that the duration of variety shows is getting longer and longer. In this year, almost half of the variety shows appeared in the form of two orientation, one week, or even three more. Want a complete story line, want reality shows, want the topic of the topic, want to be associated with social issues, etc., and even meet the exposure duration of the brand owner, so it can only allow the progress bar to extend repeatedly Essence

Even more exaggerated, at the moment when the investment promotion is difficult, the brand's demand has been enlarged infinitely, and various existence advertisements, high -frequency oral broadcasts, etc. have also severely damaged the quality of the content and became the last one that overwhelmed "boring". straw.

Reality show dilemma: boring is even more terrible

If you have a smile in the "Life of Life" and his son Batu in "The Life", and now she has a smile on her "Taohuawu" attitude towards her juniors, which really triggers the public's discomfort. Ask masterpieces, ask emotional conditions, "addiction", differently treat ... The audience seems to be able to find "embarrassing resonance" in many daily life scenes. Although at present, the topic of the topic of "Taohuawu 2" has not been completely fermented: on the data platforms such as cat eyes, lighthouses, the popular value of the program has not yet entered TOP3. However, if the horizontal direction is competing, compared to the "Flower Shao" camping season that was broadcast in the same period, the "docking" has achieved a breakthrough.

In the public's preference for "docking", in fact, you can see too many shadows of the original "flower learning": at least everyone is lively. Although this lively collision may cause uncomfortable people. After all, the internal entertainment variety shows in recent years have become more and more harmonious and beautiful. Even the "Tucao Conference", which is the most offensive art, has fallen into the question of "whitewashing".

In today's reality show, "people" are increasingly not seen. Not only do celebrities no longer send Weibo as a circle of friends, they also set up a "perfection" in the reality show. Ningna Ying staged a high -end dialogue of her sister. It was full of language art. It seemed that there was no vulnerability in the splash of sparks.

The original reality show was extremely good at strengthening the dramaticness of the story through the conflict or connection between the manufacturer and the connection between the people, and increased the highlights, and the stars also contributed a name. It is just that when the public starts to be "serious", things go in another direction: for example, "I don't think you think, I want me to think" that is engraved with Huang Xiaoming, and for example, business endorsements are suffered by women's independent issues. Yang Yan of the sniper.

The border of public opinion is extremely difficult to predict that the other side of boldly open wheat may be that the traffic dividend has not been enjoyed, but it is the first to enter the disputed area. Even the relatively low risk -frying CP is also facing the risk of demolition of CP, so it is rejected by many stars.

The explicit performance of "boring" is probably the phenomenon of "variety show" for a long time. Once Yang Ying relied on the top position of running men, and with a straightforward personality, she became the darling of the variety market, Xu Qing's "princess disease", Liu Tao's wife, Li Chen's big black cow, etc. It is a memory point that does not fade.

Recalling this year's variety market, Wang Xinling's sweetness runs away, it seems that it is difficult to think of too many variety shows. A little memory point, it seems that only the white deer who just joined the running man this season was loved by the public with the characteristics of a funny woman. Stability seems to be the best choice in this unwavering entertainment environment.

In the past two years, variety production has increasingly emphasized the care of reality and emphasizing the discussion of social issues. This is of course a progress, but it also provides a shortcut for variety production. Just like the asphyxia of "Taohuawu" for nine minutes, of course, there is a discussion on social issues, but they also can't escape the topic of the topic.

The "boring" of variety shows is the result of comprehensive factors. The summer stall is imminent. Can the internal entertainment variety show that has been silent for half a year can gradually be revitalized? As a summer -limited "Talk Show Conference 5" and "This is Hip -hop 5", it is naturally expected to undertake expectations from the market; in addition, the online List of Reuters has opened the curtain of "Things" in the past two days. Love Qiyi's "China Rap Peak Duel" is also revealed that it is expected to set the summer season.

The video websites hold the head projects at their own hands. The mature program mode is also a powerful guarantee of the quality of the program. Whether it can break the dilemma of internal entertainment variety shows may be here. The layout of a number of new types of themes, such as "Landing in the Round Fish Island", "Her Detective Society" and "Once -Promotion Comedy Alliance", has aroused market attention, but will they get out of the "boring dilemma"? Still need attention.

The variety show is about to usher in the new season. We also look forward to a market market that is no longer only relying on archeology to obtain a happy content market. We also hope that the variety market that has survived the "Chun Chun Cold" has ushered in the bloom of summer.