In order to prevent the "Primary Three", the gambler He Hongyi was hospitalized at the age of 88. Seven nurses must be "married"

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In order to prevent the "Primary Three", the gambler He Hongyi was hospitalized at the age of 88. Seven nurses must be "married"

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Stealing the three-pointer of pear Rui, borrowing a soul of plum blossoms- "Dream of Red Mansions"

Many people are very envious of ancient men when they watched ancient TV dramas, and their wives and concubines were hugged and hugged. Men can still marry three or four wives at the same time, such as He Hongyi, who is far away in Macau.

As a gambler in Macau, He Hongzhang's emotional life is very happy. He has married 4 beautiful wives of Mei Ruodianxian. In the face of He Hongzhang's future heritage, his wives naturally fought and fought. The nurse who takes care of He Hongzhang must be married and has a child.

Start in vain

He Hongzheng was born in Hong Kong and has a bloodline of the four kingdoms in his body. As early as his grandfather and father before his birth, he laid a lot of family business for him. He has power, but He Hongzhang is not a rich second generation who will only be drunk and golden fans. He is influenced by his father and grandpa. He did not rely on the property at home to live a luxurious life, but wanted to break out his own world.

From the time when He Hongzheng was very young, he chose to go out to work to make money and not rely on the money he gave him. Although he didn't make much money at that time, He Hongzheng had well known the way of making money. This is the connection. Almost all money is used to make friends.

In addition to making friends, He Hongzhang's favorite is to hook up with girls. With the excellent appearance brought by mixed race and the temperament cultivated by the rich family, there is no shortage of women around He Hongzheng. Soon He Hongzhang locks his goal on Li Wanhua.

Li Wanhua was born in a lawyer's family. Both personal ability and family conditions are very good. If he can marry Li Wanhua, he will easily get everything he wants. With the hard work and hard work of pleased the girl, He Hongzhang finally married Li Wanhua And with this relationship, the connections of the people expand again, and quickly got the first bucket of gold in life.

With this money, He Hongzhang's note was desperate, putting all the money in the gambling industry, and soon became a famous gambler in Macau.

Love life

While He Hongzhang made money crazy, he accidentally appeared. His wife Li Wanhua had not yet enjoyed the happiness brought by a wealthy life, and encountered the doom of life. As early as 1957, she was tortured by colonitis and was unbearable. To live, she had to remove her stomach, which allowed her to barely. At this moment, He Hongyi's second wife Lan Qiongyu appeared.

During Li Wanhua's illness, He Hongzhang often needs to go to Hong Kong for the business, that is, he met Lan Qiongxi at this time. At that time, Lan Qiongyi came out to work early because of family reasons. In terms of, the two were unable to get married at that time, but He Hongyi did not follow the law, but married Lan Qiongyi into the house according to the law of the Qing Dynasty.

However, He Hongzhang is not a person who likes the new and hates the old, in order to take care of the emotions of his wife. He and Lan Qiongxuan had three chapters. Lan Qiongyi only lived in Hong Kong and did not go to Macau. He definitely did not meet Li Wanhua. Although Lan Qiongxuan agreed on the surface, she had never thought about letting Li Wanhua. Not only love, but also money and status. Even if she couldn't step into Macau, she quickly became the most powerful woman around He Hongzhang with her own fertility and educational ability.

Although Lan Qiongzheng successfully occupied He Hongzhang's heart, she also knew that she was not right, not a big wife who was married by Ming media. In order to prevent others from being He Hongzhang's wife like her, she grabbed the company's shares from her. All lover is strictly managed, and any of the women who may be superior are stifled in the cradle.

At that time, Li Jie's wife Li Zhi was very ambiguous with He Hongzhang before marrying Jet Li. In order to prevent Li Zhi from entering the He family, Lan Qiongxun did not hesitate to find gangsters to try to retaliate on Li Zhi. In the end, Li Zhi and He Hongzhang chose to break up. Only then did she escape. Although Lan Qiongxuan maintained such a state all year round, she still missed.

While Lan Qiongxuan went to Canada, He Hongyi married a two -bedroom aunt's wife at a fast speed. Above, she asked her children and relatives to enter He Hongzhang's company. In fact, most of He Hongzhang's financial property had been controlled. As long as He Hongyi died, Lan Qiongyi was the biggest beneficiary.

Three wives join forces

Although He Hongzheng already had four wives, he could not be satisfied. While seeing the three wives of the company's salvation, He Hongzhang regardless of the old naughty boy, and he was completely defensive. It was not until he was admitted to the hospital because he was injured.

What made He Hongyi unexpectedly was that during the hospitalization, the three wives even abandoned their former suspects and rushed to the bed in front of the hospital bed, but the purpose of the coming was not to care about He Hongzhang, but to come to the hospital for monitoring. The competition is very powerful, but the three of them already have a consensus, that is, he must not let He Hongzhang marry the fifth wife.

So the three women jointly found a request for the hospital. All nurse who participated in He Hongzheng's condition had two conditions, one was married, and the other was a child. At this time, all a woman participated in, and the heritage they received would shrink greatly. At present, He Hongzhang has died. The biggest profit is the second and fourth -bedrooms. Lan Qiongyi has obtained a lot of property and shares because he started to lay out early, and the four houses have obtained a lot of power with the last love of He Hongzhang's life. The spokesperson in the He family, although He Hongzhang's internal fighting was very powerful after his death, but on the surface, he was still happy. After all, the industries of the He family were closely related and damaged. Everyone would not lose its interests because of emotions.

The internal struggle among the big family is very similar to the ancient palace. After each child was born, he took his own tasks. For example, He Yanjun, who was the brightest in the past two years, was a typical representative. He Yanjun not only had outstanding personal ability, but also Marry with Wei Mi Mo Mengyao.

But his main task is to have children. As the third generation of He's, he does not have the qualifications to participate in the fight for family production. The only thing that can do is to have a son quickly and obtain the heritage as much as possible.

However, not all the big families are like this. On the other hand, the Huo family who often cooperate with them not only have a good joy within the family, but also have a further trend after Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing marry.