Li Xueqin was forced to slap in the fan, how disgusting the entertainment industry?

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Li Xueqin was forced to slap in the fan, how disgusting the entertainment industry?

2022-06-23 18:20:26 6 ℃

The old artist Song Dandan is not guaranteed in the evening. She doubled with suffocating operations again. Tencent's new variety show "50 kilometers of Taohuawu 2" was launched, and Song Dandan searched the show with his own power.

Every Weibo with variety shows is tens of thousands of comments. Many netizens commented, and the embarrassment even exceeded the asphyxia scene in "Flower and Youth 2". Can't help curious, how many scenes are there?

The suffocating venue scene "50 kilometers of Taohuawu" was originally a life -based social observation reality show. In the first season, 15 guests were also invited to live together 50 kilometers away from the seaside of the city center for 21 days. It is a slow variety show that shows a beautiful group of life. Who would think that the second season of the "Flower Sha Shao 2" caught the horse's baton, and Song Dandan contributed to the scene where the contemporary young people wanted to escape. Compared with the first season, there are great changes in the guest arrangement in the second season. Zhou Jie, Shu Qi, and Su Mang were not here, leaving only an old artist Song Dandan. In addition, a group of famous and qualifications are not as young as Song Dandan, Song Dandan has become a person in this show.

Of course, she quickly showed her style. The asphyxia scene was not known after the end of the work, and was called "embarrassing nine minutes" by netizens. Because in this Taohuawu, there are old members of the first season and new members who have joined again. The rules of the game are collectively working for contribution, so in order to integrate into the collective as soon as possible, the new members dare not break. The specific manifestation is to wash dishes, plant land, and feed horses. People who look busy are particularly busy, leisure and nothing.

Therefore, at the evening meeting, Li Xueqin made suggestions on this situation: I hope that the division of labor clarifies the duties and do not work.

Song Dandan was unwilling to listen to: "Who grabbed the work? No one grabs the work!" Li Xueqin gave her an example: Wu Muye, he was planted and feeds the horse, and may not be tired. Essence Song Dandan immediately stunned the muzzle towards Wu Muye. "Are you tired?" Wu Muye, as a newcomer who just joined, was loud, and could only call back "I am still."

This is good, directly ignite the war between Song Dandan and Li Xueqin. "He is not tired, he is willing." "I think everyone is willing to do it, don't do it." "Raise your hand today."

Finally, I directly gave Li Xueqin a fatal blow: "No one, you can't compose a contradiction yourself."

Li Xueqin was dumbly speechless and hated why he had to talk more. I sighed and slapped myself ... Then, in order to break the ice, Song Dandan made suggestions for publishing the bonfire party. Although everyone here listened to the participation, only Li Xueqin came out to oppose: "Is it a bonfire party again?" Song Dandan, who was questioned, soared: "If you can't, what do you want to sit here! The loud voice and the serious tone made everyone present feel oppressed, and no one dared to speak again.

As an old member, Wang Suzheng hurriedly came forward: "Don't be angry first, we discuss some new forms." So Wu Dajing proposed to publish a sports meeting, and others responded to peace. As a result, Song Dandan must retain his own show: "Then the day after day, tomorrow's bonfire party."

Everyone's pupil earthquake, shouting "life -saving". In the end, Wang Suzhen suggested to vote, and the first round of basically voted for the Games. As a result, Song Dandan believed that one person had only one vote and had to come again. The second eyes were swept away, and the members were advised. In the end, let her hold a bonfire party. In the name of incompetence, she quickly arranged for the membership list for members. Girls all have a female group dance:

Although Wu Muye will play the piano, I do n’t allow it. You must reverse, sing and poetry to choose one: then you point the finger to Wang Chuanjun, who is “not too much”, but was quickly rejected. Sister Dan Dan may want to retreat: "Yes, you can not play." A "but" hasn't come out yet. He was choked by Wang Chuanjun: "Yes, I will not play."

Just like Li Xueqin, he raised his thumbs directly.

Song Dandan, the social criterion of contemporary young people, has a generation ditch with young people, and under her prostitution, the response of each young man is also intriguing. The worst was Li Xueqin, who was caught by her. The upright people are vulnerable to grievances. As an old member, she had some rights to speak, but she was stupid. And what I thought in my heart was written on my face. Refucaries by Song Dandan -helpless:

I heard that you want to hold a bonfire party -boring:

The consequence of the head of the head is to be shot by a shot.

Those who look at the words can play a round field. It is Wang Suzhen. Whenever the conflict between Song Dandan and Li Xueqin broke out, he could always come out to play in time. For some helpless decisions, look at Li Xueqin's tacit understanding:

When Li Xueqin was hit, he felt the comfort:

When there is controversy, different plans are continuously proposed, which can take care of the collective will and keep the elders.

Such high emotional people can be lubricants in any occasion. In the view of the audience, the most good thing is him. It's just that the most tiring is him. On both sides, you may not be pleased and tired. There are also netizens who scold the most ruthless hot eyes. In the case of clearly seeing the collective willingness to be contrary to Song Dandan, the whole process is with the mud, and the Song Dandan. Netizens call it "dog legs".

Song Dandan said to hold a bonfire party, she immediately attached to: I think everyone has a show.

Wang Suzhen said voting, and she glanced at Song Dandan: Actually, I think both of them do.

Netizens should be replaced. If you are a friend who knows each other, when you learn that you do n’t want to get married, you will be forced to marry you with your parents; if you are a company's colleagues, you may add work by yourself. I feel suffocating.

And most people do not have Wang Suzhang's high emotional intelligence, nor Wang Chuanjun's bravery, and can only be Wang Hezhen who dives. If you are dissatisfied, you will generally not be put on, but you will be attached to the suggestions that you recognize. Ostrich social networking is the social criterion of contemporary young people. Holding the idea of ​​"tolerate, don't make the scene too stiff", he aggrieved yourself again and again. But even if he is an ostrich, he still can't hide from Song Dandan's "prostitution" ...

Why do you hate Song Dandan? The 9 minutes of "50 kilometers of Taohuawu 2" is suffocating because it is really too easy for people to substitute! When Song Dandan ’s traditional Chinese -style parental way, young people who encounter per capita scars must be conflict. Her sense of oppression made most netizens remember when she was dominated by her parents. Faced with old members Wang Suzhen and Li Xueqin, Song Dandan only criticized from beginning to end. It is determined that two people are here to make trouble:

Decarn Wang Suzheng in front of everyone:

It's like the parents who buried their children when they were young: "Look at you again." Saying good is humble, in fact, it is to take the child to set himself up. This is even more vividly reflected in the biological son. Earlier, Song Dandan took his son Batu on the variety show "Living Life", and he had been talking about his son's fat and lazy from beginning to end. In front of the crowd, a little face didn't leave, and he said that he had a "waste". Even if Batu is already an adult ...

The next day, I saw Batu and Liu Xianhua a chicken nest together. Song Dandan saw all the credit to Liu Xianhua and continued to damage his son.

This suppressing education is like you and your parents when you were a child: the exam was poor and scolded: "Look at you again, look at you again!" Compress the junior, to obtain a sense of existence, as well as the control of the scene. How many people's childhood nightmares ... This may be why netizens dislike Song Dandan.

These caught plots may be just a program editing. But it still causes everyone's strong discomfort. Everyone has their own lifestyle and should be respected. Excessive intervention and oppression will only make people breathless. And we grew up under suppressive education, and we did not have the courage to refuse. Like Wang Suzheng or Wang Hezhen, he can strive for breathing space for himself in a good context. So I admire Wang Chuanjun's direct and courage. After reading this issue, I just hope that everyone has the courage of Wang Chuanjun, dare to say discomfort and courage to refuse!