"Workingahol" Liu Xiaofeng: Only 4 days of filming a year, marry a 16 -year -old wife to have two sons

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"Workingahol" Liu Xiaofeng: Only 4 days of filming a year, marry a 16 -year -old wife to have two sons

2022-06-23 18:20:43 6 ℃

There are not many actors who are filming in the entertainment industry every year. Liu Xiaofeng can be regarded as one, because often filming, he is called "workaholic".

He loved to work at a point. At the age of 40, he was still filming and did not make a family. Fortunately, he met true love when he was in his early forties.

What makes him unwilling to get married? Why did Liu Xiaofeng change the idea of ​​"do not believe in the entertainment industry" after meeting the 16 -year -old actor wife?

Liu Xiaofeng's life belongs to a well -off family. His parents are engaged in financial work and are very busy with work.

Liu Xiaofeng's personality in high school is not very mature. Although it is not a bad child in the school, his academic performance has not been very good. He often plays with schools in schools.

He is a little introverted boy in personality. He can't play with girls, but play with boys very well.

He did not go to college with bad grades. At that time, he didn't matter, he didn't know the meaning of college.

In the good family, he entered the hotel by his parents' relationship. In the past few years in the hotel, he has endured the trivial trouble of this job, and then realized that such a life is not what he wants.

He wanted to find a more meaningful and space -to -develop work, with a good career and the future of his struggle.

It was when it was decided to change. Liu Xiaofeng had a clear life from muddy to a clear goal.

Even if you have ideas, there is no chance, but soon, this opportunity comes. The Shanghai Academy of Drama recruits students. Shen Yang happens to have a place. This makes Liu Xiaofeng see hope. Many people know him.

Liu Xiaofeng decided to seize the opportunity to enroll, and he was very confident in himself since he was a child.

As a result, he was admitted to the Shanghai Academy of Drama, because he had a high school experience in the hotel staff, so he realized that he could no longer work hard like before.

During his studies, he learned the classroom knowledge very seriously. He knew that as an actor Xiaobai to become a real actor, he had to spend a lot of effort.

His efforts were rewarded, and it showed that Liu Xiaofeng did have the talent of performing. He created sketches in the university. This sketch won the ranking in the school competition and was designated as a textbook for learning. This was just his first exposure.

In order to enrich his acting skills, he and his classmates took the drama during college in order to enrich his acting skills. On the one hand, he wanted to improve his acting skills. On the other hand, he wanted to make money to reduce the burden on parents.

At this time, Liu Xiaofeng had regarded acting as a very important thing in life. Making money and acting became the biggest thing in his spare time.

During the college, Shen Xiaohai went to the bank to save money and met Liu Xiaofeng, who was remitting money. He was holding 2,000 yuan in his hand to send his parents at home.

Liu Xiaofeng, who was low -key from a young age, was unwilling to show his classmates how much money he had. Shen Xiaohai suddenly scared him from behind. Liu Xiaofeng turned back to see that his classmates turned red.

Because Liu Xiaofeng's wallet never installed more than 200 yuan, he just wanted to save more money to prevent him from spending.

I have never been hesitant to my parents. I originally planned to send more to my parents, but too much, Liu Xiaofeng's parents did not accept it, there was no way to send two thousand, he was embarrassed when he saw his classmate.

After the sketch won, his talents gradually showed it, and with the spare time to take over the scene, his acting skills became more and more mature.

Before graduating, he has already had many years of work. What really made him really a little fame for the first time was the drama "Long Night Man's Road".

This drama is not a work on campus, but an international drama. It is not ordinary students who can perform international dramas during college.

Because of this work, he received the real TV series "Zi Ye", but at this time Liu Xiaofeng was 24 years old, which means that he was 26 years old when he graduated.

There was no good response in this drama, and his fame did not rely on this drama.

Liu Xiaofeng was unwilling to stop here. He was always taking the play. The next year he played three shows in one year.

The shooting time of the TV series has always been very long. A actor performed three dramas a year means that he had almost no rest this year.

He once said that he had no announcement for only four days a year.

However, he still didn't get angry. This year's overdrawn made Liu Xiaofeng rest for a while, and began to rethink the development path of his acting.

In 2001, 31 -year -old Liu Xiaofeng began his acting career. His acting style has not changed, and he is still positioned in spy warfares. The difference is that there are more love elements in spy war films.

This year he starred in three TV series. In 2003, he received the first TV series "Going Going better", which was played by him.

After performing so many plays, although there is no fire, his image has stayed in the audience, and the audience will feel familiar to Liu Xiaofeng's face.

Liu Xiaofeng, who is accustomed to living alone, has developed a very careful personality.

When shooting "No. 1 Target" with Jiang Qinqin and Sun Qian, he wore a cotton pants and split a mouth. Liu Xiaofeng personally sewed it with a needle line. Shen Qian also praised his needle technology.

Because he has been working, his mind is in acting, and he has not considered marriage, and he has no actress he likes for the time being.

Coupled with his age when he graduated, and the experience of graduating from high school made him unusual maturity, polishing into a stable man. I thought I would not find love in my life, and things turned around.

Liu Xiaofeng, 41, married the actor Zhu Mo. The two had three years in love and entered the palace of marriage.

A reporter asked why he got married so late. He said that he wanted to marry a stable marriage. The marriage of friends around the entertainment industry always looked not stable and did not dare to find people in the circle.

Because of his career, the girls they usually came into contact were actors, which made him have no chance to find the other half outside the circle.

He smiled and said, "I didn't expect to find the person in the circle in the end."

At that time, Zhu Mo was only 21 years old or a student. Liu Xiaofeng was already an old opera bone. He had a mature acting skills. Zhu Mo, who had just debuted, admired him very much.

In "Enemies in Action", because of Zhu Mo's acting skills, Liu Xiaofeng often instructed her as an old opera bone. The two were in love in this process.

In the process of being exposed to more and more people, Zhu Mo's simple personality made Liu Xiaofeng feel that she was a good girl.

Liu Xiaofeng knows that the actor is very liquid. Today, filming in this place, filming in that place tomorrow, and the people encountered in each show are different. Once the drama is scattered, it is difficult for the actors to contact the other party again. Explore intersection.

So he still had no heart about whether this relationship could come to the end. This fate did exist, and the two met again in the second year.

Because the previous play has the foundation of emotional, this drama has made the relationship between them a step closer. Liu Xiaofeng decided to try it, so he talked to Zhu Mo to fall in love.

Two years later, Zhu Mo had already conceived Liu Xiaofeng's child, and the relationship between the two was still on the male and female friends, and there was no engagement.

The child's arrival made him think about whether to get married. On the one hand, Liu Xiaofeng had to be responsible for the child. On the other hand, he was worried that the marriage was stable and he was very entangled in his heart.

Liu Xiaofeng feels that it is not easy to conceive a child at the current age of his girlfriend. If you give up this child, it is not easy to give birth when she is older.

The parents knew that this was very happy, and quickly persuaded him to be born. Of course, his parents were happy.

Thinking again and again, Liu Xiaofeng decided to leave the child. In order to fear that Zhu Mo was wearing a wedding dress, he discussed with Zhu Mo to get married in October.

The child was born a few months later, and Liu Xiaofeng, 42, had his first child.

After the family, Liu Xiaofeng's pace of filming still did not slow down, and he was filming every year. He said that this was also to give his son and wife a better life.

The only thing that changed was his mentality. From the beginning, he was unwilling to get married to now.

From the decrease of three dramas a year to two plays, this is the changes he made for the family.

Asked about his view of reducing the drama, Liu Xiaofeng replied: "I think it's so good, and I have been deliberately adjusting this state to accompany his wife and son."

The atmosphere of this family made him feel sweet.

This made the two thoughts about the second child. Liu Xiaofeng felt that he made so much money to make so much money to raise a second child.

Four years after the first son was born, the second child was ushered in, and the child was another boy.

Someone teased him and could just follow Liu Xiaofeng to perform. Maybe he would be two workaholics in the future.

Now Liu Xiaofeng is almost 50 years old. He is still receiving the show, and he is all the dangerous action scenes.

However, since 2021, the frequency of his acting has decreased. On the one hand, he has become older and his face has begun to aging.

This year, a paparazzi took pictures of Liu Xiaofeng's activity, and the muscles on the face had sagged, which was also the result of years of filming.

On the other hand, he really wants to leave more time for the family.

After all, there were two sons waiting for him. Liu Xiaofeng began to try to be a producer.

Liu Xiaofeng said that she was grateful to his wife. It was Zhu Mo who changed her thoughts and tried the happiness of a normal person.