There is a "disfigurement" called middle age!Jay Chou, Huang Xiaoming's wigs, Shayong's head reflected on the top of the head

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There is a "disfigurement" called middle age!Jay Chou, Huang Xiaoming's wigs, Shayong's head reflected on the top of the head

2022-06-23 18:20:28 6 ℃

It is said that years are pig knives, and more and more post -90s post -80s have joined the hair loss camp.

Even stars are difficult to get rid of the trouble of hair loss.

Next, Xiaobian will lead everyone to take stock of several stars who are deeply troubled by hair loss!

Ten, Jay Chou.

Even if you don't know Fang Wenshan, you should know Jay Chou.

At that time, Jaylen could be said to be childhood and youth who took over the post -90s. Who has never heard of a twisted stick when he was young? Who won't sing the commentary?

Young Jay Chou is very popular on the street and has the title of music genius. In addition to the rhythm of the mouth, Jaylen's talent and value were also the top flow at the time.

As shown in the figure above, who saw Jaylen's face value is not absolute. Unfortunately, time flies. Every time I see Jaylen now, Jie Mi will lament that years are pig knives. Jaymi watched Jaylen married and had children, and also looked at Jaylen slowly losing his hair.

As a fan, Xiao couldn't believe that the photo above was Jaylen. This time, Jaylen did not drink milk tea, without fat, but without hair, it really wasted time, not satisfactory!

Ninth place: Hu Ge.

Hu Ge, as a representative of middle -aged actors, is also troubled by hair loss. As the only actor who has not married and have children, fans are really worried about the marriage of veteran cadres. In addition to marriage, fans are even more worried about the hair of veteran cadres.

Watching the old cadres' hair was rare every day, fans also hurt their hearts. They can't wait to tell the old cadres' hair growth methods. They worried that he was not married and had no hair first.

As an old entertainment person who chaser all year round, I have seen fans worrying about idols in love and never seen fans worrying about idol growth. I am afraid that only old cadres can get this treatment.

But the hair of the old cadres is really dangerous. If it weren't for the face value of the old cadres, I am afraid I would not find a girlfriend!

Look at our old cadres when they are young. This is a different world, but as a fan, I still hope that the old cadres can find the right half and don't waste such a good gene!

Eighth place: Liang Chaowei.

I don't know how many people envy the love stories of Liang Chaowei and Carina Lau. Lang Cai's appearance is most suitable for them.

The young Liang Chaowei could not extricate himself at a glance. It is not too much to say that he is a beautiful man. Those eyes seem to see people's hearts at a glance. Unfortunately, the years still did not spare him. On the contrary, it became worse. He took his face and took his hair!

As shown in the figure below, if this person is Liang Chaowei, I am afraid that only fans can recognize it. Unexpectedly, this pig killing knife started from Liang Chaowei. As a fan, I sincerely hope that years can be merciful and leave Liang Chaowei.

However, when Liang Chaowei was young, he was also a creamy niche, and he was not inferior to the four heavenly kings. Even if he is old, his temperament is unique and praised!

Since you can't appreciate Lao Liang Chaowei, it is also good to see the young Liang Chaowei.

Seventh place: Jiao Enjun.

The agarwood in "Lotus Lantern" can be said to be the male god of most netizens, but when I am still a child, my favorite is Erlang God, especially Erlang God has no love for Chang'e. This is enviable and painfully.

As a Pao Lian Lantern, who doesn't like Erlang God when he is young?

In addition to temperament, Jiao Enjun's face value is unparalleled and complement his temperament. Next, let's take a look at Jiao Enjun when he was young.

Unfortunately, Uncle Jiao did not escape the waste of time, and his appearance disappeared when he was young. Although Uncle Jiao wore a hat, it was not difficult to see that the Erlang God in the past was old, and then Uncle Jiao's hair, let alone, the quality of the hair was far worse than that of the Erlang God.

Nevertheless, Xiaobian still has to shout, Erlang God is the most handsome!

I just do n’t know that in my lifetime, I can still see Uncle Jiao as Erlang God.

Although Uncle Jiao had no hair, Uncle Jiao's eyes were still as bright as before, which made people dream back to Erlang God.

Sixth: Li Yapeng.

When he was young, Li Yapeng was the object of envy for girls. He was obviously just an unknown band lead singer, but he married Faye Wong and gave birth to a very good daughter.

Although later Li Yapeng broke out of his own sky in the rock era, saying that he was not too much of the rock king, but his love story with Faye Wong was still talked about.

However, people who can make Faye Wong fall in love with the heavens not only have talents. In addition to music, Li Yapeng's face value should not be underestimated.

Looking at Li Yapeng's thick hair, you can go to the hair salon as a model.

Unfortunately, the king of rock is also inseparable from the trouble of hair loss. No wonder others divorced and married. Another person saw Li Yapeng's hair loss posture. I am afraid that it would not last too long. Therefore, even if it is genius, pay attention to the maintenance of hair.

Fifth place: Yue Yunpeng.

As a standing pile of Deyun, Xiaoyue Yue brought us a lot of laughter. In this era of nebula, Xiao Yueyue successfully proved that even if he looks unrestrained, he can succeed in the entertainment industry with his talents.

Xiao Yueyue was not only a happy fruit when he was young, but also the dense hair, but also the object of envy by many people.

Next, let's take a look at Xiao Yueyue's youthful look!

Even inch, it is not difficult to see that Xiaoyueyue has enough hair.

People like Xiao Yueyue who are not outstanding, without hair, it is really a disaster.

I thought the celebrities should be maintained and there is no trouble in hair loss. However, Xiaoyue did not seem to confirm this topic, but was more serious. The Mediterranean really caught up with an old man in his 50s. The picture below is even more obvious, obviously less than 40 years old. Xiao Yueyue's hair loss is more serious than the 50 -year -old man.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yueyue is so famous, or does not avoid the trouble of hair loss. Even if you do n’t need to eat horizontally, or hope that Xiao Yueyue can pay attention to his image, at least make the audience feel better visually. People are willing to face the Mediterranean every day.

Fourth place: Wu Yanzu.

In the era when Hong Kong star prevailed, who had never loved Wu Yanzu when he was young?

As a very popular star at that time, Wu Yanzu almost unified the aesthetics of women. Wu Yanzu is the best in appearance and acting skills, but who can think of the former beauty will be troubled by hair loss.

This smooth forehead, this brilliant smile, where is the beautiful man who was fascinated by thousands of girls at the beginning?

The former Wu Yanzu could cause tens of thousands of girls no matter what she did. How many boyfriends were found according to Wu Yanzu.

Next, let's take a look at the appearance of Wu Yanzu when he was young.

If you know that Wu Yanzu will become like this, I am afraid that few people will choose Wu Yanzu as the standard!

Third place: Huang Xiaoming.

Xiao Ming, who was once popular, became a hot spot because of the Chinese restaurant, and saw the former Han emperor became greasy, and he really had to lament the ruthless years.

Years not only took away Xiao Ming's temperament, but also took away Xiao Ming's hair. Xiao Ming brother without hair is simply the oil king. Individuals unilaterally announced that Xiao Ming brother temporarily won the title of oil king.

Looking at this smile and looking at this gesture, it is a disaster!

However, Xiao Ming is not handsome. The big man's big man can be said to be the pinnacle of Xiaoming's face value. At that time, Brother Xiao Ming was not bald, and he was a charming teenager.

I really hope that time stays at that time, we can still see more of the greasy Xiao Ming brother.

If you know that Xiaoming will become like this now, you must look at it and hide the best Xiao Ming.

Second place: Nie Yuan.

Nie Yuan was also a creamy niche when he was young. Even if you don't know him, you should see him marrying a suitable man in the wrong sedan. At that time, Nie Yuan killed modern popular niche, which was the blood and beauty of men.

When Nie Yuan was young, in addition to his face value and acting skills, the hair volume was quite amazing. As the most promising actor, Nie Yuan has proved that the time is changing, and the acting skills are improving, but the amount of hair will only decrease.

If Nie Yuan knew that his hair would become so little at that time, would he pick up a few more dramas and leave the hair most in the play?

As a fan of Nie Yuan, I am afraid he is most worried about his hair. As far as his current hair volume is concerned, it is not uncommon to become a bald monk.

I hope Nie Yuan can listen to the opinions of fans in the future, look at his hair, and don't let him fall.

After looking at the photos of Nie Yuan, Xiaobian really hoped that Nie Yuan could reflect on why his hair became so small.

First place: Sha Yi.

As a friend of Nie Yuan, Sha Yi is also an actor who marries Langli in the wrong sedan.

In just a few years, the former cream niche became the Mediterranean uncle. Sha Yi's hair loss was really unique. He said first, no one dared to say a second.

At the beginning, Sha Yi was once a school grass figure, and the role of the Bai Zhan Hall was deeply rooted in people's hearts. At that time, Sha Yi was not in trouble for hair loss. Unexpectedly, more than ten years have passed, in addition to becoming old, Sha Yi's hair is also changing.

Although Sha Yi used countless methods, she still couldn't save hair loss.

If you don't know that the person above is Sha Yi, Xiaobian even thinks who is a one -inch photo of his uncle. Compared with the glory in the past, Sha Yi is really gone.

Even stars cannot get rid of the trouble of hair loss. In real life, the post -90s and post -80s hair loss is more serious.

In fact, most of the stars we can see use wigs, and the stars have exhausted the method of hair, but it still does not help.