32 -year -old Taylor and her boyfriend beach vacation, mildew wearing black swimsuits, back to its peak

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32 -year -old Taylor and her boyfriend beach vacation, mildew wearing black swimsuits, back to its peak

2022-06-24 00:21:01 11 ℃

32 -year -old Taylor and her boyfriend beach vacation, mildew wearing black swimsuits, back to its peak

Unconsciously, Taylorus was 16 years old. Now the mildewy owner, female doctor, and Xiaotian queen are in one, and recently, mold has also created a third career to transform into directors and screenwriters.

Taylor is also very talented in film and television. Since his debut, he has also participated in many musicals and movies. He has also won the MTV Music Video Best Director Award.

In the field of music, Tayllerswater has won almost all global awards. It is the highest -income female singer in the world for five consecutive years. Who can be worthy of such an excellent girl?

Recently, some media photographed Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alvin on vacation on the Bahamas. 32 -year -old Taylor wore a chic black bikini, swimming and sunbathing all day, and then returned to back to back to the day. Before the air -flowing trailer stopped on the beach, Taylor's figure under the media lens is still hot.

Under the sunset of the beautiful island coast, Taylor and her boyfriend kissed enthusiastically. The two fell in love for six years, and their relationship did not fade.

The two kissed each other in the deep water area of ​​the beach and looked at the shore from time to time. Although the two parties publicly had a public relationship, Taylor and Joe both didn't want their private life to be disturbed.

Boyfriend Joe Alvin is a British actor. In 2015, he became famous with Li An's "Billy Link's Midfield War". Alvin's father was a producer and his family was good. The two began to fall in love in 2016.

He has a gentle personality, with a smile in his eyes, and at the same time, he has a cold posture. His life is simple, and he is a rare good man in Hollywood.

Not long ago, Alvin promoted his latest film "Noon" at the Cannes Film Festival, a romantic thriller of a famous French director Claire Dennis.

At the same time, Taylor's Tribeca Film Festival held in New York for the first time showed his short film "Great" for the first time.

The two have also had more common topics in the field of film and television. In recent years, Taylor and Joe have been separated in the United States and London. Different love love has not affected the relationship between the two. It is reported that the engagement plan of both parties is being discussed.

As early as 2019, the two reported the news of the engagement. Some people familiar with the matter broke the news in the "American Weekly". Tayloruswood had a soft spot for Qiao. She was her dream lover.

Since the news of the engagement in 2019, Tayloruswood has been ridiculed and has a happy fat, and his body is slightly blessed. However, Taylor, who started a busy journey in 2022, returned to its peak.

There are not many emotional experiences of Joe Alvin, and molds have read countless people. From Harris, Tom Hiddeleston to Glenhar, Mold Mold has changed more than 10 lovers, and Joe Alvin She is the longest time for her dating. I believe that the two parties have done it.