Remember Fang Tingyi of "Whirlwind Girl"?The people who cooperate are not hot when they are hot?

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Remember Fang Tingyi of "Whirlwind Girl"?The people who cooperate are not hot when they are hot?

2022-06-24 00:19:28 8 ℃

Hello, little oranges!

Remember the actor Zhao Yuanzheng of Tingyi in "Whirlwind Girl"?

Zhao Yuanzhang, born in Weifang, Shandong Province in 1991, has been studying the system of Chinese dance since childhood.

At the age of 15, she also won the third place in the National Tao Li Cup Dance Contest in the National Tao Li Cup Dance Contest.

With his excellent dance strength, Zhao Yuanzheng was successfully admitted by the Shanghai Academy of Drama Classical Dance Performance.

When I was in school, Zhao Yuanzheng worked very hard and also won the Gold Award of the Regional Dance Competition on behalf of the school.

But Zhao Yuanzhang did not want to get herself to enter the entertainment industry in the future.

On the contrary, at that time, she intends to return to her hometown as a dance teacher beside her parents.

By chance, a brokerage company fancy Zhao Yuanzheng's potential and signed a contract to become an artist.

In 2012, Zhao Yuanzheng played Yue Yunzhi's wife Juan in his first TV series "Jingzhong News".

With this opportunity, he officially stepped into the performing arts circle.

In the same year, in the "Tianlong Babu" starring Zhong Hanliang, she played the daughter of Shura Dao Qin Hongmian's daughter Mu Wanqing,

Zhao Yuanzhang, who is full of red and heroic qi, made many audiences who saw her for the first time in this drama.

Orange means that the costume red is really beautiful!

A year later, Zhao Yuanzheng played the proud Fang Yi in Han Dong's "Lu Ding Ji".

Even though there are a lot of beautiful women such as Jia Qing and Zhang Meng in "Lu Ding Ji", Zhao Yuanzheng did not fall into the wind.

In 2015, Zhao Yuanzhang played the young idol drama "Whirlwind Girl" starring Yang Yang and Hu Bingqing, played the master of the master of the Hiroshi Taoist Museum, Fang Tingyi.

Now looking back at the "Whirlwind Girl", the drama is really "gathered in traffic",

Yang Yang, Bai Jingting, Wu Lei, Tan Songyun, Jiang Yiyi, Hu Bingqing, Zhang Xueying ...

This configuration basically puts up the current idol drama male and female owner [dog head]

At that time, Zhao Yuanzheng was a female No. 2!

When I watched the drama that year, the orange was still too young.

Only know that the female lead is equal to a good person, and the female second who is right with the heroine is definitely a bad person.

But today I flipped back to watch this drama. Orange found that the second female is the sober world of this drama!

In this brainless Mary Soviet drama, only the female second is not affected by the aura of the female lead.

While watching through the heroine, while having to associate with Brother Ruo Bai, she hanged Yu Chuyuan, and she was ambiguous with Fang Tinghao ...

And when the second female, when Bai Jingting still had a head cover, she saw that he was a handsome guy,

No idea is sober, I really can't do [dog head]

(Xiaobai: tie Q)

After "Whirlwind Girl", Zhao Yuanzhang did not eat the dividend of this drama like other actors.

(Maybe because her role is not pleasing)

Instead, it still maintains a little confused state.

After that, she starred in "If the Snail has Love" starring Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen

(Play Ji Bai's younger sister Ye Zixi)

"Proposal Battle" starring Zhang Yixing and Chen Duling,

(Playing the lively and enthusiastic female girlfriend)

And many episodes such as "Half is Honey Honey and Half" starring Luo Yunxi and Bailu,

(Zhao Yuanzhang plays the workplace elite Jona)

But unfortunately, although these dramas are hot, Zhao Yuanzheng's popularity is not to go up.

In the past two years, Zhao Yuanzheng is still active in the film and television industry,

In 2021, she played Zhao Lijun, who played the free and free Zhao Lijun in the legendary drama "One Cut Fanghua",

In "Dark Night" and "Half Warm Time", they also appear.

Zhao Yuanzhang in life will share some of his daily life on Weibo,

The sense of atmosphere in the sun,

(The waist is really fine, who is envious!)

Camping with friends,

(Sister's own face value is not without conditions, why should it be so big?)

After the college entrance examination, a wave of "female high school students" is popular.

30+ people, this figure and face really have no sense of dislocation [Cry]

When you do n’t work, you will send some your own vlog,

The rhythm is not too fast, it is simply a simple ordinary life.

Go to the beach to catch the sea with the fisherman's uncle,

Go to Strawberry Garden with the family to camping and so on.

Although Zhao Yuanzheng has not been in his career, he has no fire in his career.

But the time for life is also abundant,

Ordinary workers in the entertainment industry, saying this sister [dog head]

The last sentence

What stars do you want to see?