After performing "I'm Not a Medicine God", Xu Yan said: In the future, I will not cooperate with Wang Chuanjun in the future.

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After performing "I'm Not a Medicine God", Xu Yan said: In the future, I will not cooperate with Wang Chuanjun in the future.

2022-06-24 06:14:23 12 ℃

In 2017, Wang Chuanjun had not received an invitation to the new film for 11 months, and only more than 1 million left on the card. At that time, he was panicked. At this time, Xu Yan called Wang Chuanjun and asked him to appear in "I'm Not a Medicine God". After the performance, Xu Yan said that he would no longer cooperate with Wang Chuanjun in the future.

I believe that the audience who has watched the movie "I am not a medicine god" all benefited from the cancer patient played by Wang Chuanjun.

But before shooting "I'm Not a Medicine God", everyone's name for Wang Chuanjun was not Wang Chuanjun, but Guan Gu's magic. Because in "Love Apartment", Guan Gu's magical role created by Wang Chuanjun is too deeply rooted in people's hearts.

In order to get rid of the inherent label of "Guan Gu's Magic", he did himself, and he deleted Weibo with more than 6.6 million fans, leaving long hair and beard, hone his acting skills.

He said: "The actor should hide it. Once the show is taken, he should be responsible to the audience and act seriously. When you see the next play, you can see the money spent by the audience."

Once, he finally received a drama he liked. He wanted to voice himself, but the director wanted to use a professional dubbing actor to dub. He quarreled with the director. Not only was the drama being cut, he has never been filming since then.

He looked at the balance in the card and there were 100W. He felt a little panicked, so he sold the house and car to Japan to perform a performance.

Soon after, Xu Yan invited him to play Lu in "I'm Not a Medicine God" to benefit from Lu and won a lot of victory, but Xu Yan said that he would not cooperate with Wang Chuanjun in the future.

Why does Xu Yan say that? Later, Xu Yan explained that Wang Chuanjun was too fighting, and he was definitely the actor in the future. How can I cooperate with him.

It is said that Wang Chuanjun in order to completely subvert the magical image of Guan Gu. Loss for 2 months, 8,000 times a day, 20 pounds of weight loss.

Before starting up, in order to perform the cherishment of food for patients with chronic leukemia, Wang Chuanjun ate 44 buns at a time, ate 5 bowls of noodles at a time, and spit 3 times.

Her pale face, empty eyes, deeply shocked people's hearts. And all of this is the state of Wang Chuanjun who did not sleep for two days and two nights. In addition to exercising to lose weight during the day, he also went to the hospital to live with patients at night.

After the release of "I'm Not the Medicine God", the film won 3.1 billion box office, not only the reputation, the score was as high as 9.7.

Xu Yan made a lot of money. After grinding, he was divided into Wang Chuanjun 5 million. Although this number is incomparable with the front -line actors, for Wang Chuanjun, it can be described as sending charcoal in the snow.

At the 35th Baihua Awards Ceremony, Wang Chuanjun won the best supporting actor of the Baihua Award for the "Lv benefited" corner. He persisted and paid for many years, and finally got a return at that moment.

In Wang Chuanjun's eyes, the actor, like many occupations, is a migrant worker -receiving the film pay, you should take the film seriously, hide himself after filming, and hide it. It is also part of the actor's work.

It is worth noting that ordinary people have a monthly salary of tens of thousands. The family can go out to travel several times a year, but the stars are not. It can only be said that this circle is not normal, just like a huge bubble machine, and keep advocating self -proclaimed.

In fact, in addition to Wang Chuanjun's anxiety, there are many similar people, like Eason Chan. He once said: I only have less than 3000W left in my card, and I feel stressed. "

You can talk about, how much money is there when you are the poorest?

If you give you 1 million, how long is it?

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