Looking at Chen Wanzhen's young photos, I learned why He Hongzhang fell in love with her at first sight, and did not lose the actress

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Looking at Chen Wanzhen's young photos, I learned why He Hongzhang fell in love with her at first sight, and did not lose the actress

2022-06-24 06:14:44 11 ℃

He Chaolian's daughter He Chaolian participated in a variety show in the Mainland, which talked about many unknown things, especially the love story between He Hongzheng and the third wife Chen Wanzhen.

He Chaolian said that his mother Chen Wanzhen was actually introduced by his wife Li Wanhua, because at that time Chen Wanzhen was Li Wanhua's personal care. He Hongzheng fell in love with Chen Wanzhen at first sight, so his wife Li Wanhua also pushed the boat in the water and introduced Chen Wanzhen to He Hongzheng.

So how beautiful Chen Wanzhen was when he was young, can he make a well -informed He Hongzhang fell in love at first sight?

In fact, He Hongzhang is not a truly romantic man. If he is compared with Liu Xiong and Zhao Shideng, He Hongzhang is a good and good man.

When He Hongzhang married his second wife, Lan Qiongyu, Hong Kong could be polygamy. At that time, polygamy was not a strange thing. He Hongzheng also married the second wife Lan Qiongyi because his eldest wife Li Wanhua was in a bad body. He later married his second wife. After many years, He Hongzhang never married again, and there was no gossip girlfriend.

Although there are rumors, Mi Meiyun and Li Zhi were once seen by He Hongzhang, but this is more like a scandal made by the media, and there is no real hammer news. He Hongzheng was in Hong Kong and Macau for a lifetime. Naturally, he had seen many beautiful women, and there were many Hong Kong and Macao American women at that time.

Look at the quality of Hong Kong sister at that time, it can be said that there are many beautiful women. However, even the knowledgeable He Hongzhang was deeply fascinated by the young Chen Wanzhen. Don't look at Chen Wanzhen now that Chen Wanzhen is already an aunt. But when Chen Wanzhen was young, she was really very beautiful, and she was not lost to any female star in that era. After seeing Chen Wanzhen's photos of his youth, he knew how beautiful she was.

Chen Wanzhen was 32 years younger than He Hongyi. She was born in 1952. She went to work in the He Hongzhang family. In fact, she was introduced by the second wife Lan Qiong. Chen Wanzhen's sister Chen Wanfang is the daughter of Lan Qiong's father. Chen Wanzhen was studying at the health school at the time. After graduating, he went to the He family to take care of Li Wanhua, who was not in good health.

Li Wanhua also likes Chen Wanzhen, who is smart and beautiful. She is worried that she is not good at her body and cannot take care of He Hongzhang, so she intentionally introduces Chen Wanzhen to He Hongzheng. He Hongyi often visited Li Wanhua at the time, so he was familiar with Chen Wanzhen, and he had long liked Chen Wanzhen.

The eldest wife Li Wanhua also saw it, so she introduced Chen Wanzhen to her husband. In 1985, He Hongzheng bought a house and gave it to Chen Wanzhen. It was officially announced that Chen Wanzhen was his third wife. Chen Wanzhen was very slim when she was young. It is said that He Hongzheng liked her neck most. Therefore, Chen Wanzhen also likes to wear suspended clothes to reveal her neck and collarbone.

Although Chen Wanzhen is slim, she is very full, and she is also a standard melon face when she was young. Chen Wanzhen is also very good at dressing up and knows how to highlight his body. Chen Wanzhen is different from several other wives of He Hongzhang.

Chen Wanzhen is very low -key. She does not like to participate in He Hongzhang's business. She has always been a husband and husband at home. In terms of character, Chen Wanzhen is also very popular. Many people say that Li Wanhua is the most beautiful in the four wives of He Hongzhang. Li Wanhua is really beautiful and very exotic. After all, she is a mixed -race. However, in terms of the Chinese aesthetic standards, in fact, Chen Wanzhen is the most beautiful. It can be said to be a typical Oriental beauty. After Chen Wanzhen married He Hongzheng, she was best at cooking rice. She would make a variety of delicious meals for He Hongzhang to taste.

Chen Wanzhen's high value was also inherited to two daughters. Chen Wanzhen's daughter He Chaoyun and He Chaolian are also very beautiful, especially He Chaolian. He Chaoyun's facial features are not exquisite, but she is invincible. He Chaolian is not as good as her sister, but she is basically very good. The key is that she still has a delicate and beautiful face.

Chen Wanzhen's emotional intelligence is also invincible. When he was young, Chen Wanzhen often accompanied He Hongzhang to various occasions. At that time, Chen Wanzhen often dressed up very beautifully. But in 2009, He Hongzhang was seriously ill, and He Hongzhang had been adopting illness afterwards.

Chen Wanzhen also began to give up dressing, and began to bless, and sometimes Chen Wanzhen deliberately dressed up. Chen Wanzhen also did this intentionally, this is to rest assured that the gambler He Hongzheng. Think about He Hongzhang's serious illness, and his wife is so young. If you see your wife dressed up and beautiful every day, it is estimated that he is uncomfortable, so Chen Wanzhen also started to give up dressing up. almost.

He Hongzhang used Chen Wanzhen's beauty before, and later he needed Chen Wanzhen's careful care, so this is the biggest difference. Chen Wanzhen also knows the key to this, so her emotional quotient is not ordinary, but really very high.

After He Hongzheng's death, although Chen Wanzhen was nominally an Executive Director of Aobo, she almost did not participate in the company's management, because He Chaofeng and Liang Anqi were both the company's chairman. If Chen Wanzhen still participated, then the contradiction would be greater. It is better to stir up, anyway, Chen Wanzhen has never liked to do business.

He Chaofeng and Liang Anqi are both good players in business. If there are any problems, they will naturally find a way to solve it.Chen Wanzhen also settled in his own shareholders to collect dividends. Besides, Chen Wanzhen is not bad. He Hongzhang left her enough assets. There are everything in luxury homes and luxury cars, and there are enough stocks to ensure that they are guaranteed.I do n’t worry about eating and wear in my life, and I can even be rich for generations.Chen Wanzhen is basically not dressed now. She often goes to the market to sell vegetables in person, but every time Chen Wanzhen goes to sell vegetables, there are two big gaming. The first one is sitting in the bodyguard and the latter one is sitting by herself.

Some time ago, Liang Anqi's daughter -in -law gave birth to Shanghai. Chen Wanzhen also accompanied Liang Anqi to visit her grandson in Shanghai. This also proves that Chen Wanzhen's emotional intelligence is really high. Now she has become a good friend with Liang Anqi.In fact, now He Hongzhang is gone, and everyone has nothing to fight. Instead, he can sit down and talk calmly and even becoming a good friend.