There is no drama from Tianjin since Xianxiaxia?Tianjin Opera Fans criticize Cui Lianrun Zeng Zhaojuan

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There is no drama from Tianjin since Xianxiaxia?Tianjin Opera Fans criticize Cui Lianrun Zeng Zhaojuan

2022-06-24 12:32:52 6 ℃

Many people who love to listen to the drama, many people expressed their dissatisfaction with the actor Zeng Zhaojuan and Teacher Cui Lianrun on the Internet. They said that Cui Lianrun's problem on the aria was "trembling", and the problem of Zeng Zhaojuan's vocalist was "crowded".

The netizens of the fans pointed out that Teacher Cui Lianrun seems to be the singing method of Western opera. The pronunciation position is backward. This kind of singing is really easy to sing treble and not tired, but lack of realism and lack of beauty. For example, the "White Snake Biography" she sang: "Xiao Qingmei and slowly lift Longquan Sword", because of the excessive pursuit of high cavity, it sounds like "Xiao Qingmei ...", singing all the words.

As for Mr. Zeng Zhaojuan, the biggest problem is that he can't listen to singing. The pronunciation is even more problematic, and the sound is simply low. The joy and soft place she sang is not enough, which is very unpleasant. For example, there is a paragraph in which Hou Wenfu sang late at night in "Seal". It feels very difficult and unpleasant to sing.

Netizens said that the biggest problem of the two of them is the lack of "beauty". Blindly pursuing the position of high cavity and pronunciation, lost the most fundamental "beauty" of Chinese opera, so -called so -called sought.

Some netizens pointed out that Zeng Zhaojuan learned from the flower of Hua Shulan, but the flower faction is not equal to vibrato, but Zeng Zhaojuan did not learn the essence of Hua Shulan. Not obvious!

For example, the old drama fans said: Although you have a good voice in the drama and movie "Zhao Jintang", how can you sing the drama, sing the whole tongue and sing. If you don't look at the subtitles, you can't hear what you sing? What's going on here? Look at the "Deno" that you sang with Zheng Guifang 20 years ago. How good the voice was at that time. Why is it back now and why bite the word so ruthless?

There are also old audiences that before she and Master Hua Lan sang "Dino" and "Xie Yaohuan", although her voice also lacks the softness and charm of Master Hua, she was still acceptable at that time. Later, she had seen her singing in the past few years, thinking that she sang much worse than before, and she didn't look like a drama at all. It was almost no element of flowers!

As an actor, don't talk about artists, it should also be suitable for all kinds of roles, which can express the emotions of various characters. The drama is definitely not shouting, crying. Any drama is based on "beauty". If you even throw it away, it is indeed regrettable.

When Teacher Zeng Zhaojuan was young, "Half of Scissors", "Shepherd", "Selling Miao Lang" and other plays were really good. It was very impressed in the audience. It was great! But now the singing, listening to it as if it was stunned. The sound of the crowded out is really unpleasant. The song does not play without the song, that is, Zhang Yang's own throat is high, and the mouth shape is particularly ugly.

The old opera fans in Tianjin commented that Tianjin's drama has no drama from Tianjin since Xianlingxia. At that time, Wang Hongrui was called the drama. Now the drama is not similar. Zeng Zhaojuan learned flowers and Lan, which was too far away. At that time, Hua Shulan sang a tea bottle. The six -year -old Hong also sang a tea bottle, and he really had a fight with Hua Shulan.

Some netizens bluntly said: Teacher Zeng Zhaojuan and Teacher Cui Lianrun, the two "artists" have given the drama purely! Practice a mess! Unfortunately, there is no man in charge?

In fact, fans, audiences, and netizens are also deep -hating. In the eyes of fans, it is not important to have a few degrees of plum blossoms. It is better to mention a certain number of popular names.