Formally hit the rumors, Zhao Yingzi shot as a lawyer statement

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Formally hit the rumors, Zhao Yingzi shot as a lawyer statement

2022-06-24 12:34:27 9 ℃

"Sister Lang 3" has long ended, and Wang Xinling and Tan Weiwei's "Shanhai" praised, but Zhao Yingzi's elimination was applauded.

This difference is not surprising for those who are familiar with "Sister Lang 3". On this stage, this is always the case, and the two sides of things are always vividly presented. People who come and go are normal for "Sister Lang", but why do netizens applaud so much about Zhao Yingzi's elimination? Because she did bring too many embarrassing venues. Of course, what is popular today is "as long as I am not embarrassed, the embarrassing is you", but for ordinary people, it is very different for a star artist. Facing the embarrassing scene, Zhao Yingzi didn't care about it. Instead, he interacted with netizens. When he said with a smile, he could only be more and more disgusted. However, the rumors on the Internet have also begun to fly. The problem of not going to the toilet has caused huge controversy. With Zhao Meng's joining, Zhao Yingzi was pushed to the cusp. Can't hold back, Zhao Yingzi finally started to fight back. One shot was a lawyer's statement.

The studio issued a lawyer's statement, saying: "Eliminate all rumors and resolutely resist online violence! Related infringements have been obtained. We will investigate rumors that do not meet the facts and reasonably safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the artist. Precise and malicious harm to others, I hope the majority of online users will maintain a good network environment with us. "Who is making rumors and rumors? The lawyer's statement did not clearly pointed out like the previous statement, and the netizens continued to talk in ambiguous. Later, Zhao Yingzi himself also posted: "As an artist, I accept everyone's guidance, but as a girl, I will not accept these pointers that break through the bottom line."

Accepting instructions, I can see that Zhao Yingzi realized that there was a problem, but the turn was to play the banner of "girls". Relationship, what are these guidelines, why do these points break through the bottom line? I thought I had to admit the problems on myself from the public, who had thought that the focus was on the back. Although Zhao Meng denied it, it was obviously a few days of this incident. It was more or less problematic with Zhao Meng's response. This problem was not the incident itself, but to respond to this. Of course, using a lawyer's statement instead of a direct response, it seems imposing, but it seems helpless. While saying goodbye to "Sister Lang 3", Zhao Yingzi said: "For me, this time I participated in" The Wind and Broken Waves "was considered an attempt to take risks. I used to face the audience as an actor, and this time I participated in the reality show The show, I haven't learned how to deal with various rumors and misunderstandings that come to the surging rumors. "

Such a word placed himself in the position of the disadvantaged side, and used "bad words". Since you know that this is the case, why you are eager to express. Obviously everything has cause and effect. In the end, it should be reflected on it, not to blame all the rumors and misunderstandings. Instead, the public is wrong and misunderstand you. Of course, from the perspective of the past live broadcast, it is difficult for most people to wait for the "bad words" with Zhao Yingzi. At most, it is a bit straightforward. There are too many people like her, isn't it all peace, Na Ying, and Yu Wenwen? However, their straightforwardness is true, and there are some confidence, and there are some problems with Zhao Yingzi's direct, which makes people unbelievable. Indeed, Zhao Yingzi has rarely participated in variety shows in these years, because it has been out of breath, but after all, she has participated in a lot of experience, not to mention that she has made their debut for so many years. Even ordinary people should understand basic social etiquette and rules. Instead of being burst, it is awkward.

From the perspective of Zhao Yingzi, there is indeed no wrong, no problem, but after all, it is a social person. After all, it needs socialization, so everything should not be self -centered. This may be the root of Zhao Yingzi's problem. It can be seen from these responses. It is not yourself, but others. He is misunderstood. He is wronged. He still looks at the problem from his own perspective, and does not break out. You can imagine a fierce artist. Suddenly I saw a lot of artists who were better than themselves. They participated in the program that was noticed by the public. The inner excitement was there, but she performed too much. Everyone could be able It was found that she was eager to express herself, show her uniqueness, and let the public pay attention to herself. Of course, when you are excited, you will leak, admit wrong people, say something wrong, etc., so you must not be too reckless, and of course you ca n’t be too selfish. For rumors, it must be opposed. For misunderstandings, the reason is found.