Star girls have different lives in the United States, and some people have a shot of red and smooth water.

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Star girls have different lives in the United States, and some people have a shot of red and smooth water.

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Some people say that Zhou Xingchi is lonely.

Indeed, as a long -term dominance of the Hong Kong movie box office list, he once won the director of Zhu Yin, Huang Shengyi, Zhang Yuqi and other actresses. His 60 -year -old life was so quiet.

To this day, Zhou Xingchi still has no wife and no son. Even in the world of worldly, he even has fewer three or two friends. This year's birthday only Lin Yun and Zhang Yuqi sent a brief birthday wishes. One said, "Happy birthday of the boss" One said "Happy Birthday of Xingye", and the guest has less temperature.

But the actress who came out of Zhou Xingchi's movie was much richer than him.

Zhu Yin, Mo Wenwei, Lan Jieying, Cecilia Cheung, etc. have left a glimpse of Jinghong in the movie world of Xingye, thereby reaching the peak of life.

Many years have passed, and the star girls of the year also had their own different destiny.

Zhang Mincheng's first star girl, Cecilia Cheung debuted

When it comes to the first star girl, we are all familiar with Zhang Min, but when you talk about the first work of the two, everyone may not be impressed.

The "Best Son -in -law" released in 1988 is a movie that Xingye is not outstanding, but it has opened the way to cooperate between the two.

Since then, Zhang Min has cooperated with Zhou Xingchi many times and has starred in the series of "Gambling Saint", "Gambler", and "Escape from School of Escape". Until the "Jiupin Sesame Officer", the two have cooperated 13 times.

It is strange to say that when I cooperate with Zhou Xingchi, almost every work is applauded, and Zhang Min tastes the sweetness of the top actress.

But after leaving Xingye's company, her career plummeted. The first film "One Thousand and One Night Dreams" invited Liang Jiahui and Wu Qianlian to help out, but did not want to shoot half of the pigeons by Liang Jiahui.

In order to make up for the loss, Zhang Min personally filmed "The Dream of the Girl 95". After this work, she had the idea of ​​retreating.

After retreating, she opened the business model and did business such as beauty, clothing, etc., but did not make scale due to poor management.

Emotionally, she had fell in love with Xiang Huasheng for many years, but the other party did not get a complete result, and finally made up her mind to break up.

After breaking up, she encountered Wang Yu, known as one of the "four youngsters in the capital", and this relationship maintained for two years and was intercepted by a third party.

The failure of this relationship caused Zhang Min to be hit and depressed for a long time. It was not until she met Liu Yonghui that her true emperor appeared.

The two got married in 2013, and Zhang Min was very low -key after marriage, but there were rumors that the two had divorced.

When she entered the public sight again, with the classic image of Zhao Min's re -engraving, a white horse rode a white horse and staged a wave of memories.

Unfortunately, the beauty is late, and Zhang Min's state is far less than that year.

Maybe Zhang Min did not care about these. Now traveling around and occasionally live broadcasting into her daily life, a generation of goddesses still attribute to bland after all.

If the first star girl is Zhang Min, then the most famous star girl should be considered as Cecilia Cheung. She once reached the top of the Hong Kong entertainment industry. She made her debut from Xingye's "The King of Comedy".

Cecilia Cheung was excavated by Zhou Xingchi. When filming this movie, she was still an experienced newcomer. Liu Piaopiao made her famous and successfully ranked among the jade girl.

The dialogue between the two in the movie also became an unable to copy.

But among the many star girls, Cecilia Cheung is the least "playing card".

The starting point is both "Star Girl", and also holds a best jade female skin, and many predecessors escort, successfully climbed to the pinnacle of her career, and she also guarded her husband like Nicholas Tse. Life.

But but everything was destroyed when he was young.

After a certain incident, Cecilia Cheung had depressed for many years, and his marriage had left. He lived with his two sons alone.

But after 6 years of divorce, she even had a third child again, and who was the secret of the third child's biological father is still the secret of the entertainment industry.

Fortunately, many years have passed, and everyone has not forgotten this pure jade girl, and has left a place on the variety show.

In "The Sister 2 of the Wind", Cecilia Cheung sings the best, and the dance jumps are also unsatisfactory, but the audience is full of tolerance for her.

Zhu Yin blin into a generation of classics, Mo Wenwei is ugly and stands up.

Among the many star girls, one who allows Xingye to move and let the fans be fascinated must be the permanent Zixia fairy -Zhu Yin.

When Zhu Yin was 20 years old, he encountered Zhou Xingchi, 29 years old. At that time, Xingye was in the rising period of career.

In the play, the girl with a baseball cap, a sweet smile, and a cute personality walked into the eyes of the public. Her bright eyes like stars became the love of fans' souls.

Immediately afterwards, Zhu Yin took the movie that made himself reach the peak of his career- "The Moonlight Box of the Westward Journey to the West", and also had a classic shot that made the latecomers difficult to surpass -Zixia Fairy blinked.

However, "Big Talk" has become a turning point in Zhu Yin's career. Since then, she has begun to go downhill from the peak. Almost all of the later works are flat and no longer water.

On the contrary, his confusing feelings with Zhou Xingchi have been rumored by the outside world.

Until she was in love with Huang Guanzhong, the Fairy Zixia still did not wait for the Supreme Treasure, and married another person, and the outside world finally relieved the relationship. Today, Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong have been married for many years. The man loves her very much. Even when he participated in "Brother who was cut in thorns", he also had to confess his wife and daughter on Weibo.

It is enough to see that although Sister Zixia did not perform her life according to the script, she gained the final happiness.

Now, Zhu Yin is still filming, and the new movie "Skin" is also killed in April. The friendship with friends Cai Shaofen and Chen Farong is still there. Several people occasionally record a variety show show, and everything is so natural and sincere, and it can be considered a complete life.

There are two more popular because of "Journey to the West", one is Mo Wenwei and the other is Lan Jieying.

In 1995, Mo Wenwei was appreciated by Xingye for the first time. In "Big Talk", he played Bai Jing, who liked Supreme 500 years.

The gossip of the two has become a condiment for the outside world to speculate that Xingye's emotional life, but the two sides have never admitted.

When Zhou Xingchi prepared for the movie "God of Food", Mo Wenwei, who was already famous, took the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the corner of the ugly and kind teeth.

Fortunately, the film finally won the high box office and reputation. Mo Wenwei was rewarded regardless of his image.

Since then, she has also made movies occasionally, but her achievements in music far exceeded film and television dramas and became one of the representatives of Chinese music.

Mo Wenwei, who was successful in his career, was more emotionally twists. He waited for Feng Delun for 9 years but did not get a complete result. It was not until he met his first love Johannes again that he really cared for her.

In 2011, 41 -year -old Mo Wenwei finally married love, and Johannes could guess her from the corner of the woman's smile.

Nowadays, Mo Wenwei lives flat and comfortable with her husband and his ex -wife. The media has taken more than one time for two people to date on the streets and walk around the sea like ordinary couples.

The 52nd birthday just passed, the goddess was as state of the past, and her eyes were full of sweet happiness, blessing her.

However, the fate of this goddess is not as good as her in the star girl. In her early years, she was also known as the excellent beauty of Liangyu Wutai Mountain, but in the end she could only wither silently.

When Lan Jieying was young, she was very good -looking and was loved by the resource brothers, but the girl had her own opinions and was not subject to worldly constraints.

When filming "Journey to the West", she has gone through many careers and waves in many careers, but the role of "Spring Thirteen Mother" is still the most amazing role in the entire movie.

However, the phrase of Hongyan's thin life is used in Lan Jieying's most appropriately. The two years that cooperated with Zhou Xingchi was already the end of her career, and her popularity gradually dispersed.

The frustration of her career is also related to her twists and turns. Her boyfriend Deng Qiyang, who has been dating for three years, committed suicide in gas, and her boyfriend's derailment and betrayal. These emotional blows made Lan Jieying's spiritual torture.

But life seems to have not let go of this beauty.

Some time she went to see the psychiatric department, and was diagnosed by the doctor's minor depression caused by insomnia. It was not a big deal, but it was promoted by the Hong Kong media. This made her interpretation her career completely entered the desperate situation.

During her uterine fibroids, she was also deceived by 2 million deposits. The days when there was no deposit or income, she completely defeated Lan Jieying.

When she lifts the media's attention again, her hair is pale and wrinkled, and her clothes and behavior are not related to the popular actresses in the past. She even accused the media that she had suffered in pain. So much of the spiritual collapse.

On October 31, 2018, Lan Jieying was found to die at home due to fainting and loss at home. It has been several days since she died.

The first half of the year of the red face was unlimited, but the second half of life went so desolate and sad, and could not help but sigh.

Huang Shengyi tears, Zhang Yuqi became famous

Speaking of Star Girls, another person must say -Huang Shengyi.

At that time, she was only a student of Beiying, and was found by Xingye to change from the newcomer to the heroine of the movie "Kung Fu".

In the film, she did not have a line, depending on her body movements to interpret the dumb girl, but let the audience remember the tears.

Before graduating, he could become a star girl. Huang Shengyi took a good card, but he failed to play the frying.

She packaged herself into the image of a jade girl, and was not allowed to take the hot advertisement. The company also accused him of disobeying the arrangement. "Snow Tibetan".

In fact, Huang Shengyi can still be remembered so far. It is still only one "Kung Fu". After turning over with Zhou Xingchi, she disappeared into the public sight. There is a child.

The star girl returned to the family with only one scene. It sounds a pity that in 2017, Huang Shengyi, who returned to the screen, smashed his star girl's signboard with "strength".

She performed exaggerated performance in "The Birth of an Actor", completely lost the literacy of a professional actor, and regarded Liu Ye, Zhang Ziyi and others very embarrassing.

The acting sign of the acting was smashed, and Huang Shengyi moved to the variety show again, hoping to use "Sister of the Wind" to realize his desire to turn red.

Unfortunately, everyone may not remember how good their performance is, but it is quite disgusted with her rich wife. Perhaps Huang Shengyi really responded to the words he said, and the star girl was her own starting point and end point.

Zhang Yuqi was also the one who was discovered by Xingye to the pinnacle of life with a movie.

Before the filming of "Yangtze River No. 7", Zhou Xingchi chose the female No. 1, and Zhang Yuqi entered the sight of Xingye for shooting KFC advertisements.

After the movie, Zhang Yuqi quickly became popular in the circle with the name of the star girl.

However, she was in a hurry to transform from the pure jade girl, and spent the money to "redeem her body" to herself and solve the contract with Xinghui Company peacefully.

After that, she successfully transformed from "White Deer Plain" and married the director of the director Wang. Who knew that when Zhang Yuqi was unhappy, Wang quickly divorced.

One year later, she held hands with Yuan Bayuan, who had known each other for 17 days, and gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenixes in the next year. When the public thought that Zhang Yuqi found the final happiness, she divorced her husband again.

Zhang Yuqi, who dared to love and hate, became synonymous with a big woman for a while, and also took advantage of this to set her independent and strong person.

Contrary to her star girl and Zhou Xingchi, Zhang Yuqi often put Xingye's lift on her mouth.

When Zhou Xingchi filmed "Mermaid" in 2016, Zhang Yuqi agreed without hesitation.

Since then, Zhang Yuqi has blossomed in various fields such as variety shows and movies.

In cooperation with Chen Kaige, the "Biography of the Demon Cat", "Sister who breaks the wind and waves", Sa Huan, can still have enough to look forward to love after two failed marriages.

Xu Jiao's debut is the peak, Lin Yun will be the last star girl?

The star girl who came out of "Yangtze River No. 7" not only Zhang Yuqi, but also a Xu Jiao. In the movie, the actor who played Zhou Xingchi's son was actually a beautiful girl.

The contrast between the character and the true identity made Xu Jiao quickly become the focus of attention, and Xingye also said on many occasions: "She is a completely rare actor."

This kind of evaluation comes from the critical Zhou Xingchi mouth, which undoubtedly gave Xu Jiao a trump card. If there was no accident, maybe she could develop well.

After playing the role of young Mulan in "Mulan", and becoming Liu Ruoying's daughter in "Starry Sky", the accident was still here.

In 2015, Xu Jiao suffered from benign vertical tumors and had to perform surgery. During that day, her physical condition was very poor and her morbid state was obvious, so that even dramas like "Whirlwind Girl" could only regret rejecting.

After her body gradually recovered, she made a decision to study in the United States and opened an online shop selling Hanfu during this period.

Originally, Kaijian Online Store was understandable, but when it was recorded in 2016, "We are here", Xu Jiao conflicted due to the Hanfu and the program group.

She insisted on her appearance, but ignored the overallness of the show itself, and even ignored the crew of the crew to persuade her opinion, which made the outside world's evaluation of her.

After this storm, when she participated in "I am an actor" in 2018, her acting skills were DISS. In addition, there were few works that have been rarely applied in the past two years. Xu Jiao's popularity was not as good as before.

Today, the little girl is still infatuated with Hanfu, how to evaluate the wisdom.

Lin Yun, the last star girl so far.

When "Mermaid" was released in 2016, Lin Yun, who was just 20 years old, was a new star girl. She was selected by Xingye from the 120,000 people.

After the popularity of popularity, Lin Yun has filmed a number of film and television dramas, from modern dramas to costume dramas to fantasy dramas. The development of the little girl has stepped on "point", and it has been smooth all the way.

Lin Yun's good appearance and slender figure and the grasp of fashion have laid a world for his development in the entertainment industry.

In the popular "Menghua Record", she plays the pipa coach Song Yinzhang. She is beautiful, but she has a little bit of agility. She has a slightly heavy performance trace and has been criticized by netizens.

From the heroine to the passerby, the E -Jingwen has changed from a star girl to an unknown generation

Perhaps Volkswagen is more interested in Xingye's gossip, but ignores that he has won so many actresses, and even many famous scenes are classics that cannot be surpassed so far.

But not every star girl is lucky. There are also Li Hui and E -Jingwen. They can only be regarded as the name of the star girl, but they have not got half a dividend.

Li Hui once won the championship for participating in "Lucky Flying Fei", and was signed with Xinghui Company for 8 years by Zhou Xingchi. When filming "Shaolin Football", he wanted Li Hui to be female No. 1.

But Li Hui changed from the female lead to the second female second, and from the female second to the passerby who fell on the road to the road.

In the past 8 years, Li Hui was almost hidden.

On Zhou Xingchi's birthday last year, she also called herself from the eight -year youth drama from 18 to 26 as "dedicated to Zhou Xingchi".

Although Li Hui has also made works such as "Bao Qingtian 2", "Kung Fu Champion", "Sweet Sisi", but the response was mediocre.

Now she has become the edge of the entertainment industry. It is rumored that she is married and has children. Although she is still beautiful, few audiences remember her.

Similar to Li Hui, there is also an E -Jingwen who is not popular.

In 2019, Zhou Xingchi's "The King of New Comedy" was filmed. Ejing was the heroine, and the aura of the star girl was covered on her head.

Unfortunately, the reputation is not good after the movie was released. Others said that Zhou Xingchi was fried rice, and Ejingwen was also questioned because of poor acting skills.In the past few years, E -Jingwen filmed 5 plays, but all of them were small characters without waterless flowers.In her own words, "I entered the group with joy, but found that there was no shot."

Until 2021, when he participated in "Listening to Sister", E -Jingwen had a conversation with Xingye's "King of New Comedy" because of his repeat and Xingye, and he was criticized by netizens and scolded him with traffic.

Also, it has been three years later, and it can make the public have memory points by relying on that year. It is really desolate.


The same is the star girl, but it is completely different.

Some people are red, smooth and smooth, but some people are bleak in their old age, and some people have the title of Star Girl, but they have become unattended passers -by, which is really sighing.


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