"Menghua Record" is played on -demand.

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"Menghua Record" is played on -demand.

2022-06-24 12:33:41 4 ℃

The emergence of "Menghua Record" made the S+giant system of the Goose Factory finally stand up. For so many years, it has been widely promoted in the name of the S-PLUS giant system, and even three gold shadows. It can be said that it is enough to catch the eye, and as a result, one after another on the street.

The props are cheap, the actor's acting skills are not online, and there are even various ridiculous wearing gangs. Even the costumes are "two fakes" with collar printed on it.

And "Menghua Record" is indeed well made. The fairy -like casting and the super high value of all members, the acting skills are not allowed to play, it is completely amazing.

Therefore, the Douban score exceeded 8.7, and now it has dropped to 8.5. Even if there are nearly 500,000 people scores, it is still a good reputation.

Objectively speaking, this drama is definitely a shoulder in the current costume web drama. Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao's acting skills also absolutely defeat many men and women in costume costumes. After all, they are very experienced and powerful middle -generation actors.

The popularity of word of mouth brought a generous profit to the goose factories. What we had to do was to wait for the plot to update. I didn't expect others to "make a demon" again.

It is not that I do n’t want to rush the watch, but that I do n’t lose it every day, so I “sweet” at the “Freshy Freshy Screening Ceremony” at the wish of the majority of netizens, and look at the finale in advance.

You are worthy of "Nanji Goose". Obviously you can grab money directly, but he is still willing to relax the finale in advance. It doesn't matter if the actor and the player are scolded. Why not cut leeks first?

Objectively speaking, ancient puppet shows were not a pleasing theme in the market. There are not many innovations, no big scenes, and they are still welcomed by young audiences. Therefore, the plot of "Menghua Record" is more than half of the plot, and the stamina is obviously not as good as the scene that just broadcasts.

But this does not mean that "Menghua Lu" is losing money. It is impossible to lose money. The leeks are one after another, and they have many ways to make a lot of money.

According to incomplete statistics from netizens, there are more than 30 advertisements in the play, and even 5 million brands have to wait. There is no place at all. Fans supplemented by the comment area. This is just a separate VIP advertisement, and non -members are not even this.

Great guy! A costume drama cannot add modern elements in the plot, and the advertising position can even be popular. But even if they make a fortune, they are still dissatisfied.

It doesn't matter if you don't let "advance in need". The rule is that the dead person lives. As long as I say other names, the "screening ceremony" comes.

It can be understood by the movie, but your small network drama has been broadcast for more than half, and even the ending must be released. Are you playing for many audiences?

For non -member goose factories, there are two gift packages, namely "as always" and "send a box to Mei Qi". The former bought a one -month member with 40 yuan, the latter used 258 yuan to buy a year plus the surroundings, and then each had two movie viewing coupons.

In response to members, goose factories have launched a "Find Glory" gift package, which can be obtained in three ways. The first is a raffle, the second is the points exchange, and the last was bought for 18 yuan.

Netizens should know how much the prize is the probability of winning. Even the V6 Yao Xing members have less than 2888 points, and the number of hundreds of millions of playbacks has only 10,000 copies. Most netizens can only spend 18 yuan on the basis of charging membership.

If you really do n’t see the audience as a person, you will get empty and tear your face on your face. This is not a little ugly, people who spend money to be able to be a big head will become a big head.

Everyone spent money just to watch a few more episodes than others, but with the appearance of the show, once the money is not spent, the money of the membership of the membership is in vain, so what is the significance of buying members?

This kind of randomness is the same as the pre -saving interest on the call, and the goose factory has not suffered at the overpoch. During the popularity of "Sweeping Storm", piracy was overwhelmed, and the official number immediately issued a "anti -piracy statement".

However, speed o

Of course, piracy must be hit. They violated the interests of the player, allowing all the efforts of the crew to pay the east. However, forcing the audience in the name of spending money, as long as you look at the free piracy, you will be scolded. This must not be a moral abduction.

Should I blame the audience when pirated? It is the bottom line of the video platform to test the audience again. When everyone accepted it, they began to find new methods of cutting leeks. From then on, piracy began to rise.

The goose factory avoids early broadcast in the name of "point -in -the -question ceremony", which means that it is known that this set cannot be changed. This is a well -known trick. This is not a handful of the audience, it is a good card that disregards the explicit regulations.

When "Sweeping the Storm" was broadcast, some netizens said that the video platform could not be "used to", otherwise there would be another thing this time, and it would even create other things. Sure enough, goose factories are used to it.

It was not because everyone could not afford money, but because this behavior itself harmed the rights and interests of members, and repeatedly charged the consumer's free choice.

This time, the audience bowed to this platform because of a drama, so that the next door to see the sweetness will follow. Then everyone has to compromise on other platforms, whether other industries will follow the trend day by day. Then the rights and interests of members are nonsense, and spending money is the same.

In summer, goose factories will not only attack "Menghua Record", especially "Jade Bone Yao" with a high voice. Most audiences are young audiences, but the fans who like actors will be cut, and those black powder will be even more mad.

It can be seen that it is difficult for the starring and producer of the platform to operate "Menghua Record". Netizens complained.The shameless approach of "fighting with the world" is quite bold.In any case, "Menghua Lu" pays on demand for the board.Non -members have to submit 40, and members have to pay 18.Are you willing to contribute to the first wave of radio?