Big S Ge Junjun's wedding photo exposes the big S wedding dress, wearing a veil, so grand Mr.

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Big S Ge Junjun's wedding photo exposes the big S wedding dress, wearing a veil, so grand Mr.

2022-06-24 12:33:39 3 ℃

Gu Junyu's wedding photos were exposed. S is so solemn when we wear a wedding dress. Mr. suit tie is unique.

Finally, I finally got the wedding photo of Da Sai Junjun. Not to mention, the bloody divorce of Big S and Wang Xiaofei feels like a TV series!

Big S got married after knowing Wang Xiaofei four days after he knew Wang Xiaofei. It is estimated that only big S can do. After the divorce, the big S backhand found the first love. Her critical object is South Korea Ouba. Big S is very sweet there, and here, Wang Xiaofei is constantly turbulent, either a derailed young actress or Wang Xiaofei facing bankruptcy!

After half a year, the marriage between Big S and Korean Ouba finally ushered in their wedding photos. For a long time, they have only seen their show affection, whether they are tattooing or buying couple shoes. Finally, they saw them in the same frame and took wedding photos. The couple looked very happy and happy!

Wedding photos are exposed. Big S is wearing a wedding dress and a veil. She looked like a beautiful Snow White with a happy smile on her face. She looks very happy. The point is that Big S is really well maintained. Looking at her skin is like an egg with shell, it is very girlish! In addition, Korean husbands are also spiritual. The combination of a suit tie, wearing black -frame glasses, and tie, is very formal. Seeing a couple of newcomers is really happy!

To be honest, the two of them have hardly seen their same frame. The exposure of this wedding photo was the first time they showed love. Sure enough, "Love of the City" is right!

As a big S, she is really in love. Whether it is Wang Xiaofei or her Korean husband, it is the result of her speed battle. Now with my husband in South Korea, the next step is to consider children!

However, it is reported that Wang Xiaofei will never agree with the children and Da S to go to South Korea to eat kimchi, and Wang Xiaofei misses the child very much. She does not want to see the children and Korean men living in a room. After all, the child is still young!

S sent a wedding photo with Korean men. What will happen to Wang Xiaofei? Attentive netizens have found that each time the big S has a dynamic, Wang Xiaofei will have dynamics. In fact, it is not necessary. They are two people who have no relationship. Hope they are all fine!

In the end, I hope that this time, Big S and her Korean husband can grow old, and also hope that they can live together with their first love feelings and have to admire the courage of Big S! How to think of the marriage between big S and Korean men?