Guo Biting's second child was in the basin, and she appeared at the Beijing Hospital to accompany the birth.

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Guo Biting's second child was in the basin, and she appeared at the Beijing Hospital to accompany the birth.

2022-06-24 12:31:55 13 ℃

On June 23, Xiang Zuo was photographed at a private hospital in Beijing, and he also followed a assistant around him. He was highly suspected to accompany Guo Biting to give birth.

After entering the hospital, Xiang Zuo went to the lobby on the first floor to buy some bread snacks, and the assistant paid behind him, and there was a bag of things in his hand. of.

On May 20 this year, I announced that Guo Biting was pregnant with a second child, and Xiang Tai revealed that his daughter -in -law was 8 months pregnant. This child was a boy.

Xiang Zuoyuan planned to go to Taipei to accompany his wife, but now in Taipei, the epidemic is serious. In the end, they chose to produce in Beijing.

Guo Biting's father and Xiang Zuo's parents did not show up for the time being, but this time Xiang Zuo chose a high -level private hospital, and the production cost of no less than 100,000. Many female stars were produced here. It will go smoothly.

And after the granddaughter "Little Milk Yellow" was born, Xiang Tai purchased a 450 -square -meter luxury mansion for his daughter -in -law in Beijing. The decoration was also responsible for finding a famous designer. Guo Biting could go home and recuperate directly after giving birth.

In the first year of marrying to Xiang's home, Guo Biting gave birth to daughter. He was born in two years without his son. Many netizens questioned that she became a "fertility machine" of the giants. It is much happier.

Xiang Tai once said that she wanted her son and daughter -in -law to have three children. Many netizens thought she was giving Guo Biting an indicator, but in fact, Guo Biting himself did not exclude the child. He also publicly said that the child was good.

Although her husband Xiang Zuo's appearance was not particularly outstanding, after marriage, the two separated from the two places for various reasons, and Xiang Zuo never came up with any gossip. Guo Biting's father praised the son -in -law from time to time, and he was satisfied with him.

Xiang Tai is not as good as Guo Biting's mother -in -law as some giants and ladies, and he got along very well with Guo Biting. Soon after the two met, Xiang Tai asked Guo Biting to be her daughter or daughter -in -law.

After Guo Biting gave birth to her eldest daughter, Xiang Tai not only bought her house in Beijing, but also purchased a villa worth 600 million in Taipei. Two plots were bought near Guo Biting's house. Value over 100 billion.

Guo Biting wanted to be given birth in Taipei, but he did not force her to Hong Kong. Instead, she purchased a villa for her to raise tires in Taipei. When Guo Biting produced, she flew to Taipei to accompany the birth of Taipei. Xiang Taihe rushed to the hospital.

Xiang Tai often took his son and daughter -in -law to go out with his little granddaughter, and the family got along very well.

Speaking of utilitarianism, although Xiang Tai and Xiang Huaqiang had two sons, his brother Xiangyou was a standard sister -in -law. He had been "favored" because he had entered the game because of causing trouble.

Guo Biting has been married for 3 years and gave birth to "hundreds of thousands of dollars". Now he has added a "100 billion yuan" to Xiangjia, and his status is stable.

In addition, she still has a reliable husband and a good -looking in -laws. This is already a winner of life. After all, people can't want everything.

I also wish Guo Biting for a successful birth, to the two little princesses and princes of their grandchildren to grow up healthy, it is best to inherit the mother's beauty gene.