Why is there an unwritten contempt chain in the film and television industry?

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Why is there an unwritten contempt chain in the film and television industry?

2022-06-24 12:34:07 8 ℃

Recently, the star rankings have suddenly become hot.

From internal entertainment to Hong Kong and Taiwan, from the movie to the music scene, from acting to traffic ...

All kinds of rankings, such as the spring, sprung up.

The stars are divided into "God", "Half God", "Top", and "To Blast".

However, because these lists are made by netizens, they lack professional and unified standards.

Once released, the people laughed.

All fans were not convinced, tearing × crazy.

Among them, there was a sound that attracted the attention of Uncle Yu.

TV coffee is also matched with movie coffee?

For a long time, the film and television industry has an unwritten contempt chain.

Movie Coffee > TV Coffee > Net Drama Coffee

From the industry to the audience, the existence of the contempt chain was acquiesced.

But why does this contempt for forming?

Let's talk about it today.

Movie coffee is more "advanced".

Many stars in the entertainment think so.

In recent years, many actors who have become popular on TV dramas have become groups in the film industry.

Liu Yifei also said in an interview in his early years that he wanted to make a movie even more.

Because the cycle is short and the shooting is more grade.

This grade is first reflected in commercial value.

In the public concept, the movie earns the box office of real gold and silver.

The title of movie coffee is tens of billions of box office actors.

Most of the TV coffee is advertised by the number of playbacks and ratings.

Regardless of whether the data is fraud, at least there is far from the box office.

In addition, movie coffee also has the significant advantage of business resources.

Before returning to domestic dramas, Liu Yifei groped for 16 years in the film industry.

Even if the scores in movies are generally not high, it does not affect the ability to suck gold at all.

Starring in the Disney movie "Mulan", making her uncomfortable.

Since then, the top brand endorsements such as LV and Tissot watches have been accepted.

Even some film actors with shallow resumes are also favored by the father of Jin Lord.

For example, Wen Qi and Spring and Summer, which are blessed by the Golden Horse and Golden Awards, have been favored by a number of top luxury brands.

Of course, this is a thing outside the body for the actors.

More importantly, acting.

What is the difference between acting and TV series?

Zhang Yi answered this question many years ago.

"Expressing in the movie is surprised, you may only need to blink."

The film is an art that rely on the big screen.

The audience sitting in the cinema can clearly see every detail of the actor's performance.

With a cluster of eyes, his eyes rolled, and his body trembled slightly.

These need to be just right to create emotions and the immersion of the audience.

For example, in "A Grand Master", Zhang Ziyi's eyes just moved slightly.

After clearing the tears, he said his sadness when he farewell.

But TV is different.

For the audience, it is an ordinary pastime.

The vast majority of people are watching the story and watching CP.

Therefore, the performances in the TV series try to live as much as possible.

The expression of emotions depends on relatively straightforward facial expressions and languages.

More importantly, the performance of TV drama coffee is often prone to formatting.

Most of them were put in inherent images and repeatedly repeated years.

Such as Yang Mi.

Li Shaohong once evaluated her in the show.

"Happy is hahaha, the pain is wow wow."

Such performances have not been said in the completion of the role.

But less amazing.

The audience just passed, and nothing was left.

Under the subtlety, the prejudice of the public is irreversible.

The most well -known, Zhang Yimou's teachings of Zhang Ziyi.

According to rumors, Zhang Ziyi intends to take over the TV series "Swordsman" many years ago.

As a result, the teacher Zhang Yimou stopped it.

And severely reprimanded her.

Your face is born for the big screen.

"If you want to play a TV series, you will be abandoned!"

This also reflects that in the entire industry, the contempt chain does exist.

Movie coffee is more advanced, but it does not mean that the TV coffee is "stepped on the feet."

This is the competition of two tracks.

In recent years, "Movie Coffee Fan" has already formed a set of inherent models.

Most of the episodes are the big IP drama in costume costumes.

But in many people's concepts, movie coffee should not be filmed.

This is a self -falling value.

For example, Zhang Zhen took the "Xi Xiyuan" before, causing collective blood books for fans.

Don't make a movie, you have to make an ancient puppet, unfortunately a high -end face.

"Zhang Zhen, if you were abducted, blinked."

However, the imagination of "dimension reduction strikes" did not appear.

Instead, it became the norm.

Zhang Ziyi did not keep in mind the teachings of the teacher.

In 2021, she tested the TV series for the first time and starred in "Shangyang Fu".

As a result, the teacher was unfavorable.

In a boo, it only ended with a 5.6 score of 5.6.

Any time, the goddess Tang Wei had already turned over the car.

"Daming Fenghua" has almost become a stain for her interpretation career.

Of course, this cannot be blame the actors themselves.

Although the movie is in the same vein, the production mode is very different.

To be exaggerated, interlaced like a mountain.

The birth of an excellent film actor is not just the best quality of itself.

It is inseparable from the director's training.

Everyone often said that there was no Ni Ni after Yu Mo.

Indeed, after "Jinling Thirteen Sisters", Ni Ni did not bring a refreshing performance.

However, Yu Mo's success is not the credit of Ni Ni alone.

Zhang Yimou's "drill" is famous. He likes to discover newcomers.

From Gong Li to Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Dongyu went to Liu Haocun.

Zhang Yimou always firmly strengthened a point of view.

Movie is a self -denied art.

Only repeatedly polishing can the result of the desired.

In "Jinling Thirteen Sisters", except Bell is almost all newcomers.

Including Ni Ni, how many actors entered the group for the first time and were uneasy.

The crew time is precious, but Zhang Yimou will make time to show them.

Starting from the most basic shots, I don't tire of annoyance.

Until the actors all understand what they mean.

It was also polished, and Zhang Zhen.

He was only 14 years old when he filmed "Lingling Street Junior Murder".

Director Yang Dechang taught him as an actor.

Last year, Zhang Zhen finally was like the film emperor.

At the end of the award -winning speech, he thanked Director Yang Dechang affectionately.

The TV series is completely different.

The production mode of the player is often very formulating.

Big IP+traffic actor+sufficient funds.

The rhythm is faster, one episode has been collected.

Like the product of the assembly line.

And this makes the movie coffee unable to adapt.

Because they have no time to integrate into the role.

Repeat the established type of performance is the comfort circle of TV drama actors, and it is also a safe card.

This is not a bad thing.

Repeatedly polishing the same type of character can also practice classics.

There are many types of professional households in domestic dramas.

Sun Yan, professional household.

Zhang Jia translated, professional family drama professional.

They have all contributed to Fengshen's acting skills.

Never question their status.

In addition, when performing a TV series, the movie star has a major disadvantage.

The characteristics of your own are too strong.

This is actually a good thing, but the platform is different and the effects are different.

Zhang Ziyi has always had a stingy temperament.

At first, she did not conform to the image in the script, nor was Li An's jade dragon that she wanted.

And this temperament is too hard, even Li An cannot cover up.

In the end, you can only modify the script repeatedly, so that the phenomenon of Yulonglong is fitted with Zhang Ziyi.

However, it is incompatible with "Shangyang Fu".

Not to mention that the role of the role is old.

Zhang Ziyi's characteristics have the ambitions of words, obviously not in line with the true person of Shangyang County.

The film actor is a hot flame with a dazzling light.

The TV drama actor is more like a quiet river.

Water can perfectly fit the mold, and they have become the role itself.

This is why many TV actors have a strong national degree.

When we talk about the contempt chain, it is inevitable to feel strong maliciousness.

Just like the reaction of netizens on multiple lists this time.

Some list data, big book special books.

Some yin and yang are weird, referring to Sang Huai.

After all, I just want to be upset for my own love beans.

To compete for popularity and traffic.

This fierce stamp ignored the work that should be valued -works.

In the final analysis, "movie coffee" should not be a title used when the rice circle is pulled.

It should be quality assurance.

Slow work is fine, not crazy.

People's respect for movie coffee also reflects the audience's expectations of high -quality works from the side.

Many people do not watch domestic dramas, contempt for drama coffee.

However, movies and TV scripts are the two art forms complement each other.

It is not high and low.

"Daming Dynasty 1566", "My Mission Master My Tour", "Wulin Wai Zhuan" ...

Which of these dramas is not a Douban score of 9.5 or more, leaving name in the history of film?

Chen Baoguo, Li Youbin, Feng Yuanzheng, these actors are also big coffees in big coffees.

For example, a simple example.

In the popular "House Gate" that year, you can also see the guest appearances of Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige.

In the final analysis, what we despise is rough -made.

Under the double impact of epidemic and streaming media, the film industry has long been exhausted.

More and more capital is inclined to TV dramas and online dramas.

In fact, the movie coffee also watched it early.

Rather than performing some bad movies, why not pick up some excellent TV series?

Earlier, Qin Hao said in an interview that filming a TV series saved his deductive career.

As Lou Ye's imperial male lead, Qin Hao is one of the best acting schools in China.

However, even his coffee and good script in the film may not be able to get one a year.

"The movie script to me, I want to scold the street so badly."

Fortunately, he participated in the episodes such as "Sinningless Crime" and "Hidden Corner".

This also made his superb acting skills be seen by more audiences.

This coincides with Zhang Ziyi's previous views.

The host asked her whether shooting a TV series meant to go down the altar.

Zhang Ziyi said that she never thought she was in the altar.

She only hopes that her performance can make more people see it.

And this channel may not be just on the big screen.

The same change of concept is Zhang Yimou, who advised Zhang Ziyi that year.

As the latest generation of "conspiracy girls", Liu Haocun also revealed to the media in an interview.

Zhang Yimou once told her that movies can be filmed, TV series can be filmed.

The times are different.

In fact, the so -called "movie coffee" and "TV coffee" are just a rough division.

If there is no good script and conscience, the movie coffee has a great ability, and it will not be able to turn decay into magic.In the end, it will only waste the feelings of the audience.

Similarly, TV coffee can only be carefully selected and polished their acting skills, can they just take their name for themselves.

After all, compared to the misplaced "pull".

Internal entertainment is more needed for good actors and good works.