An Yixuan status quo: Will she return to debt repayment?Social platforms have been broken for half a year, and the wealthy wife is reduced to a laughing stock

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An Yixuan status quo: Will she return to debt repayment?Social platforms have been broken for half a year, and the wealthy wife is reduced to a laughing stock

2022-06-24 12:31:26 9 ℃

Internet exposure An Yixuan is about to return to the filming to repay the debt.

Ximihua (real name: Zhou Yihua) was exposed to the amount involved in the case as high as 800 billion Hong Kong dollars, and will be tried on September 2 this year ... For a while, the outside world was uproar. The female star An Yixuan.

Because her husband Chen Ronglian was involved in his good brother "Wan Mihua" incident, An Yixuan, the wife, was also placed on the forefront.

It was rumored that An Yixuan was washed with tears throughout the day, and it lost a lot. It was not the scenery of the "Mrs. Mrs. Mrs." in the entertainment industry.

At the beginning, when Chen Ronglian was involved in the "Washing Mihua" incident, some media contacted the female star An Yixuan for the first time to ask about the situation and her status of the matter. However, An Yixuan did not answer the phone at the time, and until now she had not responded to any response.

An Yixuan has repeatedly showed affectionate private social platforms. It has stopped in January this year and sets the visual range within half a year.

This semi -year disappearance of the public's horizon, An Yixuan has digested alone and resolves the current status quo. As for the news that An Yixuan was about to return to the film and repay debts, many netizens said that they could not.

Regarding An Yixuan's "Flying Crisis", some fans are really distressed by An Yixuan and support her to return to make a movie to make money to support her family. The door "accumulate a lot of huge wealth.

Now that it is not just a business, it is a matter of time to step on the thunder to become a prisoner.

Some insiders broke the news that An Yixuan was doing divorce with her husband Chen Ronglian in private for a while. But because Chen Ronglian is now arrested, many steps and procedures cannot be performed. Therefore, the divorce is being dragged, and An Yixuan as his mother will try his best to fight for the custody of the two children. The matter is very troublesome.

Although An Yixuan was a front -line female star before fading out of the entertainment industry, but for many years with the entertainment industry, I am afraid it is difficult to come back this time.

Even if some netizens support An Yixuan as an independent woman, after all, the arrest of her husband is a scandal, which will affect An Yixuan's development. Therefore, at present, An Yixuan wants to return successfully, and must clarify the relationship with Chen Ronglian. At least he must come back after the divorce. Otherwise, there will be no rejoicing in the entertainment industry who dares to use An Yixuan.

Chen Ronglian is currently under investigation and is suspected of crimes. Not only that, he passed on the Internet that he refused to cooperate with the investigation, but also poured oil on the fire. I am afraid that the plot would only be more serious than "Washing Mihua".

A person familiar with the matter estimates that it is expected to face the penalty for about 20 years. Not only An Yixuan was anxious to clarify the relationship, Chen Ronglian's company is currently adjusting his position in the company, so as not to be more seriously affected by the company's stock.

At that time, An Yixuan married Chen Ronglian high -profile. With a large diamond ring with a full 10.57 carat, he successfully entered the rich wife circle.

For this husband, An Yixuan is also very sincere. After getting married, he announced that he had withdrawn from the entertainment industry, and concentrated on going home to teach his son.

At that time, An Yixuan was the "goddess" of the entertainment industry. Her exit made many fans reluctant. However, at that time, looking at her happiness, everyone still sent blessings.

After the marriage, An Yixuan had a child and a daughter for Chen Rong, and became the winner in the eyes of many people. It was the object of envy.

An Yixuan is not afraid to show affection on social platforms and shows many happy photos. Various festivals, various valuable gifts, high price diamond rings, necklaces, watches, bags, etc. are countless.

In the eyes of everyone, An Yixuan is so happy and favored by Chen Ronglian.

However, I did not expect that this "rich wife" had just passed for a few years, and Chen Ronglian even followed. I enjoyed the wealth of Ronghua, and the debt of the dynasty. I am afraid that An Yixuan is unacceptable.

After the divorce, An Yixuan still wants to raise the child. The cost of this on it can be imagined. Therefore, An Yixuan's comeback is probably the probability that it is on the board.

The difficulty of returning is now revealed. Many netizens think that An Yixuan is implicated by her husband and feels that she is innocent. Some people also think that An Yixuan cannot know what her husband does, and feels that her end is now.

How many people now support An Yixuan to come back, how many people want to see her jokes. Chen Ronglian may be difficult to turn over this time, and An Yixuan will be affected by it. Now there are so many new forces in the entertainment industry every day. After returning, An Yixuan wants to get a share in the entertainment industry. I am afraid it is even more difficult.