The scale is large but not attractive enough. Deng Jiajia's "Tongtian Tower" collapsed again?Qin Junjie's acting Facebook

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The scale is large but not attractive enough. Deng Jiajia's "Tongtian Tower" collapsed again?Qin Junjie's acting Facebook

2022-06-24 12:32:28 5 ℃

Deng Jiajia seemed to be on the bumper with the suspense drama. Some time ago, she and Zhang Xincheng co -starred in the suspense drama "Corridor Pavilion" had just launched. Another suspense crime drama "Tongtian Tower" starred in her starring in her.

On the evening of June 22, the criminal survey surrender drama "Tongtian Tower" starring Deng Jiajia, Qin Junjie, Liu Huan, and Li Meng was launched on time. The bold lens and the bizarre serial case made many small loves to watch suspense dramas. The partner was amazed, and at the same time, the drama was also badly reviewed by some audiences because the literary drama was too scattered.

From the current point of view, the praise and bad reviews after the broadcast of "Tongtian Tower" are almost "equivalent", showing a state of polarization. Then we will talk about it today. Large difference:

"Tongtian Tower" is adapted from the best -selling novel "Topping Twenty Twenty Days" by Cai Jun, a well -known suspense novelist in China. In the one -hundred and twenty days of non -human imprisonment life, who is the mysterious person who never shows up and peeps her?

The original work adopts a dual -line parallel narrative mode. The style of style is bold and sophisticated. In addition to thrilling stimuli, the whole story is full of a strong sense of depression and the small details that make people think about it. Ten Days of "Ten Days" one of the best -selling.

However, from the premiere content of "Tongtian Tower", the director has made greatly changes to the original plot, not only adding many roles in the original work, but also added some original cases. In addition to the original plot, it also Added a "floating corpse case" that seems to make the audience's scalp, which greatly enriches the details of the plot and makes the story more complicated.

At the same time, the director has also made some changes to be called "defeat", such as changing the heroine Cui Shan (Deng Jiajia) to change the rotten tail of the imprisonment to a theater that looks very "modern". The depression of despair survival was greatly weakened.

After all, most of the urgency and suffocating desperation in the original work come from Cui Shan who is trapped in the rooftop of the bad tail, especially when she is trying to survive, and to deal with the intimidation brought by the voyeur. Basically, basically It is the essence of the entire story.

It can be seen that the director consciously reduces Cui Shan's drama, and uses the police Fang Yitong's drama played by Li Meng, because compared to Cui Shan's "trapped" survival drama, Fang Yitong's "free man" The identity is more convenient to promote the story process.

But I do n’t know if the director intends to do it for it or the plot loopholes. In the opening content, the serial “floating corpse case” that Fang Yitong is investigating is emphasized, but the female model, female forensic doctor, and also received the “death preview” before death, and there are also some of the female forensic doctors, and there are also some of them. The taxi driver did not have any substantial connection with Cui Shan, which led to Lu Xiao and Li Meng played by Qin Junjie, the case, and Li Meng played a hot case, and Cui Shan's side escaped like a secret room, forming a plot. The inconsistent and logical sense of splitting.

This is also the fundamental reason why many audiences talk about narrative rhythm.

And the most uncomfortable of the player "Tongtian Tower" is still various "literary dramas" that have not played well.

For example, in the case of floating corpse serial, forensicist Jiang Yiran (Huang Mengying) was killed, and her other identity was the fiancee of Lu Xiao (Qin Junjie), the captain of the Municipal Interpol. The impact power and enhanced the actor Lu Xiao's inspection of the murderer's obsession are slightly more talked about the plot that can more liberate the audience than in detail.

However, the director had to add some of Lu Xiao for ten years, but he did not work hard to buy a ring.

A good suspense drama immediately became a bad idol drama, which not only destroyed the coherence of the plot, but also made people doubt the authenticity of the plot.

And because the role setting is relatively "empty", there is no focus, both Qin Junjie and Deng Jiajia's acting skills have similar problems. Although Deng Jiajia is called the heroine, in fact, there are not many appearances in the first six episodes. The performance status is very blank, and there is basically no memory point except "beauty".

The female police officers played by Li Meng have more plays, and they are more grounded, and they are more surprising.

In general, the premiere of this "Tongtian Tower" is scary but not attractive enough, but it is thrilled but there is no more than any taste. I don't know if the texture of the later story can be improved.