Xie Na Zhang Jie, post together!

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Xie Na Zhang Jie, post together!

2022-06-24 12:34:01 7 ℃

On June 23, Xie Na posted a post on social accounts, and she was full of wisdom as soon as she opened.

I saw that Xie Na wrote in the text, "This time, I want to bring these days, those places to go, and bring to you by text" by text. "

A sharp -eyed netizen not only saw at a glance that Xie Na was going to publish a new book, but also saw Zhang Jie's name in the book.

Zhang Jie revealed that he had written the preface to Xie Na's new, and he was looking forward to that Xie Na's book could be loved by readers. After 12 years of marriage, Zhang Jie believes that as long as Xie Na wants to do, he will accompany her to complete it.

Zhang Jie revealed in the show that Xie Na took a lot of needles and took a lot of medicines in order to give him a child, but Xie Na never felt hard, because as long as she wanted to do, he would accompany her to complete it. Zhang Jie said, "It's preface, but you have your trip." A simple word reveals his love for Xie Na.

Xie Na and Zhang Jie experienced many difficulties with each other. Their marriage made many people envy.

When Zhang Jie's career fell into a trough, Xie Na appealed Zhang Jie while serving Zhang Jie, looking for job opportunities, and helping Zhang Jie's resurgence in the east of the music scene.

Although Xie Na was a husband and wife, they performed very low -key. They rarely propagated it. It was not until Xie Na published a new book that netizens felt that they had cultivated their sincere feelings for many years.

Now, the couple finally propaganda. I do n’t know what the content in the book has moved them. At the same time, it is also very curious. What are the surprises of the new book published this time?