Remember the sound of Fu Di who sang "Knowing Love"?The 28 -year -old son is the president, and the 52 -year -old wife is still beautiful

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Remember the sound of Fu Di who sang "Knowing Love"?The 28 -year -old son is the president, and the 52 -year -old wife is still beautiful

2022-06-24 12:33:56 5 ℃

Not long ago, the well -known singer Fu Di Sheng posted a video on the social platform. The 54 -year -old Fu Di Sheng wore a gray long -sleeved shirt that day. Some drooping, but his temperament in front of the camera was very elegant, and his voice was still very magnetic.

On the same day, Ren Jing wore a white figure with light blue jeans. His skin was fair and shiny. A pair of beautiful eyes were very bright. There was no trace of aging on his face. Her beautiful face looked full of collagen. Jiaomei, I did not expect that Ren Jing, 52, could be so beautiful. It was simply waiting for her.

Seeing Ren Jing, who is still beautiful, some netizens commented: No matter how many years in the past, Sister Jing is still your Sister Jing. Some netizens commented: Knowing lovers come out to show affection again, but is it a bit big?

Netizens' comments have always been sharp and unique, and Fu Di has not released videos on social platforms for the first time. Previously, he posted a video of cooking vegetables in the kitchen online. Fu Di in the video was wearing dark gray vests with black casual shorts. It looks a lot of haggard.

This time Fu Di sounded the video of showing affection with his wife on the Internet. In addition to the video content made everyone sweet, the interior scene of their mansion was also shocked to netizens. Fu Di and the mansion of the mansion where Ren Jing lived in European style, everywhere can be seen everywhere, they are well -known paintings. The artistic atmosphere and luxurious interior decoration are perfectly integrated together, reflecting the ultimate decoration taste of the Fu Di Sheng couple.

Both Fu Di and Ren Jing were from professional singers. At the beginning, when the two developed in the music circle, they did not attract too much attention. Until 1997, the two sang the song "Knowing the Love People" on the stage. In the future, this song has quickly spread all over the north and south of the river, and it has become a masterpiece of the two. This song also won the ten golden songs of the "Chinese Song Ranking" of the Central Internet users. No wonder it can be sung for so many years.

Although Fu Di and his wife have faded out of the entertainment industry and have no popularity before, they have been happy with family. Now the 28 -year -old son Fu Hao has inherited his parents' excellent genes and looks very handsome. After graduating from the Central Academy of Drama, Fu Hao officially entered the entertainment industry and became a singer. In 2014, Fu Hao founded the media company with his friends. Young talent.

This time, Fu Di sounded on the Internet that he showed his love with his wife to show affection, letting netizens see what is called love as early as the beginning. From love to getting married, the two crossed the fierce love and entered the bland marriage for more than 20 years, but they can still confess each other in the camera. Such love is too enviable.