The soil is so handsome to lick the screen. This feast is difficult to copy like our youth.

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The soil is so handsome to lick the screen. This feast is difficult to copy like our youth.

2022-06-24 12:32:05 4 ℃

Oops, the time passes so fast.

A few days ago, the memories of the youth were accidentally evoked by the stars.

Everything seemed to be yesterday, but it turned out so long?

The reason was that Douban netizens produced an internal entertainment draft talent delivery list. A blogger was moved on Weibo to ask everyone if you agree. As a result, Li Yifeng emerged in the comment area, saying that no one should add a good man.

Also, let's not say it, but it ’s really: When it comes to the draft of sending talents for the internal entertainment, I will fire the good man to the list. It’ s a bit unfair.

In the 06th session, Ma Tianyu was transported for the entertainment industry; although the champion Pauba had nothing to do on film and television works, it was considered a talent for melon. He has a wide range of girlfriends from Li Xiaolu to Liang Jie of "The Twin Concubine". , And with Liang Jie's proposal in 2018, she broke up silently in 2019 and grabbed the horse.

As for the 2007 session of Li Yifeng, there are more talents delivered.

A while ago, because of Hai Qing's phrase, you are my god, setting off a 07 fast male archeological fever; the tenth anniversary of the happy male voice in 1988, when there were many people left a message in the background: the fast man was youth, the good man was also the same time. what!

I found out that it was 15 years in a blink of an eye.

"That forgotten time gradually picked up my heart."

——I am a soil but handsome segmentation line--

Although all the teenagers that shone in our youth, looking back at the show of the year from our current vision, I can't help but feel that the soil is.

In addition to their attention to killing Matt hairstyles, have you noticed a small line on the poster?

Yes, it is Meitsbonway, which is integrated with the hot idol drama "Meteor Shower" that year.

There is no way, the fashion ceiling on our screen was just that year.

Not to mention the players of the amateur, even the mentor Yi Nengjing, who is holding the moon, is dressed in this earthy taste.

The lens is closer and appreciated ~~

The hot field song, now it seems a bit unintelligible. "Let your mother twist, what is it just a ghost?" What a ghost?

At that time, the draft show had just risen. When recording, even a aunt in a mop in a floral skirt accidentally walked from the camera with a mop. The dance beauty, lighting and even recording sheds seemed less tall.

So so soil, why is it still unforgettable? Of course, it is because the soil -haired earth clothes are not available on the stage of the soil stage.

To say how hot this show was, it was not like the current draft only the boys and girls were chasing, but the female audience of female audiences all over the age.

Hu Ge's mother looked at it every day, and she was fascinated by the player Tashi Donzu. Hu Ge became a brother to help his mother chase the stars.

As a look at the originator of the face, the good man's draft is true. Just look at the face, the most talent adds points.

The popular background of the current background of the wealthy filter is not all of the time, and there is all the time, so it guarantees the value content of high purity.

The most popular all over the city, all from ordinary families.

Jing Bairan is a poor child. He was abandoned by his parents less than a month after birth. He was brought by his grandparents. He seemed to be more independent and precocious. He knew how to take care of others and had more room for speaking. Feel this,

In addition to emotional intelligence, of course, there is still beauty that stands out. Please see the filter -free lounge without pictures.

Fu Xinbo was born in an ordinary family in Shaanxi. He only had a solo seedling in his family and was loved. He once said that he had been boiled to grew up by others since he was a child, and he would be proud of his personality.

What does the boy who grew up like a good -looking boy from an early age? Please see Fu Xinbo, 20.

The reason why Li Yifeng participated in a good man was that his dad was afraid that he was used to the rainbow farts of the people around him because he was a child. He wanted to make him frustrated, and he knew that there were still people who were handsome than himself.

However, his dad's painstaking efforts were endless, and he said that he found that he was still the most handsome after he came out.

Although a bit of Versailles, the original value of the original film was still able to play.

As for another one of the four youngsters, not to mention.

At that time, the players were also set up to sell the noble son, that is the following Zhang Chao.

It is said that his family lived on Chang'an Street. When he went out with his friends a few years, he went out to play a small island in the Caribbean. It was even more amazing that his grandmother was the prince of the last emperor Puyi.

Now I have seen a lot of people in the world of eating melon. I only smiled when I saw this kind of blowing draft, but that year, this trick was still fresh, and many people were bluffed.

He drove BMW and wore Rolex to participate in "Come on!" "Good man", when he was eliminated, he sent a Cartier ring directly from his hand to Jing Bairan.

Many years later, all of this was packaged, but at the time everyone believed it.

Although I believed it, the fans of the fans at that time would not take a look at the height of the noble son. In the end, Zhang Chaosi did not enter.

The face value standard of the draft will not be reduced by the rich filter. Please see Zhang Chao's hairstyle on Liang Chaowei's hairstyle on the show, and the handsomeness is also a bar.

Now some drafts have transported a lot of ugly people to idol dramas, which hurts the audience's eyes. This kind of thing will never happen that year!

Zhang Chao will have this performance because good men and super female fast men and other competition players singing skills are not the same. In addition to singing during the game, they are more like idols than acting, witty, popularity, and so on.

The impressive game of many people was the 8th in 6 in the elimination of Li Yifeng. Every player will put a short film they perform after singing, and everyone's partner is Xue Jianing.

"Golden Fan Family" performed by Qiao Renliang, Jing Bairan and Li Yifeng. Qiao Renliang's Jin Yanxi, wearing golden silk eyes, Swenli showed some naughty.

Jing Bairan's Jin Yanxi has a feeling of being pitted by hairstyles ...

However, Director Tang Jili was evaluated as the best performance.

Li Yifeng performed the classic scene of Yanxi's confession to Qingqiu in "Golden Fan Family":

But Fu Xinbo is different from them, and Xue Jianing plays "New Shanghai Beach".

During the singing, Fu Xinbo, who is wearing a stage, is a youthful idol taste:

But wearing a black trench coat and playing with Xu Wenqiang, I always couldn't hold the childish feeling of clothes.

In 2007, Yi Nengjing was still quite red on the screen on the mainland. He sent a draft and said that there were multiple draft invitations. Only a good man moved her.

She did not say the reason for being moved, but she knew it:

Not only has money to get, but also can enjoy the stars on the stage, let the small fresh meat accompany her from the romantic musical drama to the short drama of romance, just shed envy tears.

And the singer of the good man's theme song is Xiao Yaxuan.

At that time, the name of her fresh meat bodhisattva was not known yet, but the organizer had already known.

I have to sigh: the program group will really choose people.

Maybe this is why the show is so earthy.

At that time, there was no dazzling stage, no fashion clothing, everything, but people were right.

Now, many programs have a wealthy atmosphere of not bad money, and they are piled up in gorgeous big names, but they are not right.

——I am the division lines of life and death-

There are many people who have participated in good men. Some of the inconspicuous characters who did not get the ranking at all, and later they could occupy a place in the entertainment industry.

For example, the following face, it is estimated that many people who have chased the show can't be remembered.

He was Liu Xuan's boyfriend at the time, and his husband Wang Tao. At that time, the good man appeared at the good man, and he retired shortly after he appeared. Later, he became a player and a teacher of the Central Conservatory of Music. He had a lot of variety shows with Liu Xuan.

It was not enough to retire, and later appeared again.

The show group did not fight in one place. Threatened to sue the male Dai Yangtian to court, and later finally resolved it privately.

Dai Yangtian renamed Dai Xiangyu after his retirement and starred in the 2008 Singapore fire TV series "Little Nyonya". In 2020, China bought the copyright remake, and Dai Xiangyu performed the same role again.

He is also Chen Zihan's husband. The two were siblings. When they got married in 2016, Chen Zihan was 40 years old and Dai Xiangyu was 9 years younger than her.

Let's take a look at this man next to Jing Bairan. Can you recognize it? He is Wang Chuanjun, who has entered the top 20 nationwide.

In 2009, he took a light fire with Guan Gu in "Love Apartment". Later, because he was unwilling to play the same type of non -nutritional character for a while, he was silent for a period of time. Benefiting, he has stood firm in the entertainment industry since then.

Wang Chuanjun was praised because he could insist on his ideals without following the flow, but he also left a famous saying that "only 1 million in the card in the poorest time", which made many workers rolling their eyes.

The latest masterpiece was to brave Song Dandan in the second season of Taohuawu, which just launched, and won many introverted sensitive social terrorists who won many "bitter SB leaders". (Premier 9 minutes poke here to review here)

By the way, Zhang Han, who was on the Song Dandan on Taohuawu in the last season, signed up for 06 good men and then retired; Wang Chuanjun was from 07 good man.

So, is this a program that specializes in sending confrontation between Sister Dan to the entertainment industry? Hahahaha.

Looking at the following one, it is estimated that many people don't remember that he has also participated in the 07 good man.

Banjamin, who plays the court painter in "New Return to Zhugege", participated in the original name of Shi Lei and entered the top five in the Wuhan Division.

In the game, some small characters that have no one can have a name in the entertainment industry; you can imagine the four most popular four at that time. When you see the entertainment industry's open door to them, it is full of ambition.

A good man is indeed a draft for creating an idol. In addition to the face value of licking the screen, the CP service is also served.

If there is a CP super -linked at that time, the various beautiful men's combinations of this show can definitely win the top ten, and the top of the top is of course the champion Jing Bairan and the third place in the third place.

When participating in the competition, the two were the roommates who lived in the same dormitory and stayed in the same sleep. The chorus on the stage directly changed the lyrics of "You Are You Are You Are You to Marry Me" into "Komui in the House, Bunzi in the House", which caused the sharp tip, which caused the tip. The sound wave can be overturned.

At the end of the game, Huayi, who was in the middle of the day, immediately announced the signing of the two to form a official debut of BOBO.

At that time, the combination was really dazzling. At that time, there were few two men's combinations in the Mainland. They were young, handsome, and full of youth.

Friends who have chased the game are the most impressed by the BOBO combination. One is "Novice Love", and the other is the "Glory" that the streets and alleys were in the streets.

"Thank you for giving me the glory, I want to bow deeply to you" from the lyrics to the MV, both are a true portrayal of two people coming from the game. These two teenagers used to be ordinary, but in 2007, in the midsummer, they suddenly had the ability to make dreams the top.

07 The reason why a good man will become an unforgettable youth for many people is in addition to his face, but also because of the shining dreams and hazy and beautiful emotions.

However, how sweet the original sugar was, how painful the glass residue was later.

At the thank -you meeting established by the BOBO group, they were confident that the match would be destroyed, and our friendship would never be destroyed.

The boys and girls who have not been in the world like to say forever. Ke Luo Dayou sang in "Love Song 1980": I understand this thing but what is always?

How many CPs in the entertainment industry are sweet and BE's drama, which is also performed in them a lot. First, the fans who are unprecedented in the event are the "712 incident".

At the Anhui Song Friends Conference in 2008, Fu Xinbo's fans wanted to hang the balloon on the banner placed by the fans of Jingbairan. Barely finish.

Fans kept attacking each other, and the agent did not stop the pace of tearing X.

After BOBO's debut, he changed several agents. Fans accused the agent of Luo Shengmen with unfair resources, but it was not common to evolve to the point where the boiled and ends in person.

This drama was staged before the combination was about to be split. At that time, the agent Liu Jiaqi seemed to prefer to pay Xinbo, while another assistant Sun Hua supported Jing Bairan,

A few days before the announcement of the members, he said on Weibo that he went to Tanyu Temple to burn incense. He hoped that his friend's career would be flourishing.

And Liu Jiaqi posted a Weibo the next day, implying that some people had "persecution of delusional disease", and the fighting and dark fighting between the team was also a good show.

Various disturbances of the outside world are only incentives, and all collapse and breaks start from the inside. The BOBO group is finally dissolved. The character of the artist's own, the route and the contradiction between the interests are the main cause.

In 2009, Huayi started filming "Love in the City". It was from that movie that the situation of the two changed dramatically.

In the film, Jing Bairan's partner was still the BABY of the tender model at the time;

However, Fu Xinbo played the opponent's drama with Duan Yihong, who was just popular.

When the movie was released, Jing Bairan won the Best Newcomer Award for the Peking University Student Film Festival and nominated by the Golden Awards, but Fu Xinbo did not receive it.

In the long -term Weibo of Huayi, Fu Xinbo still had regrets when he mentioned the movie: "Almost all actors who performed together were both fame and fortune, and only I left the criticism of poor acting skills." It also hinted that his drama was cut a lot.

Since then, the gap between the two has become increasingly larger, and the final picture of the last combination before the single flying, although the same stage seems to be far the end of the world, attracting infinite booing.

Bobo combined into a army for 3 years, and announced that single -fly will not dissolve, and the members have developed. By 2012, with the expiration of Fu Xinbo and Huayi contract, the combination was officially dissolved.

On the occasion of dissolution, Fu Xinbo posted a long article on Weibo, which mentioned: "With the glory, it is endless discord", from explanation to silence, making him exhausted physically and mentally.

Later, Fu Xinbo's "Four Four Shakes" gathered in the first place. The photo was only lacking in Jingbao, and there was no Aite.

Jing Bairan participated in "Hua Shao". The girls talked about the BOBO group of the year. The posture of Jing Bao's nose revealed that he was a capital rejection of this topic.

After the combination was dissolved, Jing Bairan rose again and again with his "Catch Monster", which became more and more red. The same session of Li Yifeng has also been in the low valley period. With "Gu Jian Qi Tan", they have become popular again.

As soon as someone flew into the sky, someone was so confused.

Fifteen years ago, when they looked at the door of the entertainment industry, many people did not realize how cruel and stimulating their fame and fortune games they were about to join.

In the entertainment industry, red is metaphysics.

When Li Yifeng participated in the competition, he was famous for his lying lying player. Famous saying on the stage: I am still young and I am young. I do n’t have to vote for me. Please vote to other good brothers.

As one of the most popular TOP4, the other three won the finals of the finals, but he only won the eighth place, and the "Best Award Award" like being sent to a good card.

After debut for several years, he was in a small and transparent state. In 2010, he participated in the mango variety show. He watched a free concert on the streets of Dongguan on the streets of Dongguan, but was driven away by security guards.

Who would have thought that after a few years, he was so popular that he was like a home.

Starting with the same starting line, the subsequent encounters and status are very different. It is really hard to be willing.

Some people are painful, but they are always lucky to try all kinds of opportunities for redness.

Fu Xinbo has participated in diving variety and love variety shows, but the show has no flowers, and only achieved his marriage with Yinger.

At the end of the year before the previous year, he appeared in "Brother Chasing Light Bar". Among the greasy brother, it was refreshing and dazzling, showing the face value and singing ability that he could still play for more than ten years.

After that, he was exposed to the sea show "Reading", but he encountered restrictions and broadcasts.

Someone worked hard to the dawn, but turned over because of his own death.

In the previous paragraph, Zhang Chao, who had sold the noble son during the competition, touched the entertainment industry for more than ten years, and connected several dramas of "Exclusive Memory" and "Chess Soul". Finally, when there was signs of popularity, he was suspected of being suspected of scumbags such as female artists during his ex -girlfriend.

Some people also silently lived a small life, and became humble and dare not climb.

In 2016, Qiao Renliang died of shaking the entertainment industry. Yan An, who won the seventh place in the same seventh place, mourned. He regretted that he could not accompany him when Qiao needed.

He said that because he couldn't develop, he didn't even dare to pay attention to the Weibo of the good men's brothers.

Alas, just like the title of a magazine they had taken that year: "Everyone says that we must separate sooner or later."

In the four small miles of Qingcheng, the BOBO combination was "alive", and the Qiao Feng group "dead". In that summer, he couldn't go back after all.

We have also changed from naive children to adults of the world, and began to understand what the world is cold and what is the impermanence of the world.

But as Dong Yuhui said, celestial planets are romantic, three meals and four seasons are also romantic, mountains and lakes are romantic, and chai oil and salt are also romantic.

Fifteen years have passed, and some people have rushed to the moon, and some people are still busy for the six stools.

No matter where he encounters height, the shining youth, the beautiful and touching of the once, will always be a precious memory hidden in your heart.