Qin Hao did not treat himself as a public figure. Yi Neng was crying, and was stunned by her mother -in -law: Who would not let you live?

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Qin Hao did not treat himself as a public figure. Yi Neng was crying, and was stunned by her mother -in -law: Who would not let you live?

2022-06-24 12:33:05 3 ℃

In a variety show in the latest issue, Yi Nengjing's mother -in -law also talked about this topic. She directly reminded her daughter -in -law as a public figure and should be careful!

In the face of her mother, Qin Hao talked about his own feelings and bluntly never regarded himself as a public figure!

Qin Hao said that in fact, he also wanted to give Yi Nengjing a step, and his wife's meaning was obvious.

However, in the face of her son's explanation, Mother Qin said directly: Sweep!

Yes, we can understand Qin Hao's statement, he has never been popular.

Although his classmates Zhang Ziyi, Liu Ye, Qin Hailu, and Yuan Quan have been red and beautiful, the acting career of the literary film niche Qin Hao has never been angry. He did not completely turn over until he encountered the drama "Hidden Corner" this year.

In the bland acting career in more than ten years, in the time that is not remembered by too many audiences, Qin Hao will feel that he is not a real star, but just a low -key and pragmatic actor. Therefore I would say that I never regarded myself as a public figure.

From a certain perspective, this is actually Qin Hao's truth and feelings.

However, Mother Qin also has a certain sense. It is just your own attitude as your own figures, but your actor's career and artist identity are destined to be the responsibility of being a public figure.

Moreover, Mother Qin not only stunned her son, but also daughter -in -law.

When Yi Nengjing explained: I can't live! My mother -in -law immediately stunned her: Who wouldn't let you live?

Yes, my mother -in -law is right. Netizens have various requirements for public figures. This is the characteristic of star artist profession. To enjoy flowers and applause, they must also be tested by public opinion.

Mother Qin said too much! As a public figure, we must learn to accept public opinion supervision, and learn to do with caution. If you say something wrong or do something wrong, you must actively face yourself after an apology.

However, in the face of her mother -in -law's severe and reminders, Yi Nengjing cried again.

Perhaps she really has a lot of feelings in her heart. After all, netizens are not celebrities, nor do they really understand some of the stars' things to do, so Yi Nengjing has her own unable to explain and various grievances.

But the point is not that Yi Nengjing burst into tears again, but that Mother Qin was really a super transparent and reasonable person.

Although she is not a public figure, she is just an ordinary mother -in -law, she is "standing high", so she looks far away.

Before she talked about some of the marriage of Qin Hao's father, she could see that Mother Qin was a very opinionation and thoughts. I feel that she is very accurate about many issues, and the three views are super positive.