He is a "World Famous Brand Professional Household" at 38 years old worth 2.5 billion to marry an actress, and smashed his wife and girlfriends

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He is a "World Famous Brand Professional Household" at 38 years old worth 2.5 billion to marry an actress, and smashed his wife and girlfriends

2022-06-24 12:33:29 13 ℃

Last year, Li Ka -shing, a 90 -year -old richest man in Hong Kong, announced the official retirement. Since then, he only plans behind the scene as a senior consultant of the company. According to Li Jiacheng's own words, it is to leave resources and opportunities to the younger generation. Since then, the company has handed over his son Li Zezheng.

The descendants in Li Jiacheng's mouth are not limited to the second generation, but also the third generation, his grandchildren. Today, Li Side's eldest daughter, Li Side, has been the director of Cishan Temple Co., Ltd. and a director of Zhaofeng Real Estate Co., Ltd., becoming the third generation of the Li Ka -shing family as the group's business director. Get this honor, naturally has no relationship with her personal ability.

Li Side has been very low -key before. In her few information on the Internet, we learned that she graduated from the Pan Disheng Law School of the King College of London, England. Pan Disheng Law School is one of the top legal colleges in the world. It has the Britain's first GPA and the high level of research and research. It has a very high status in the UK.

And such a law school was named after a Chinese name, because the Chinese donated billions of billion to the school. We can't help wondering, where is Pan Disheng sacred?

He is a "world -famous professional household" in Hong Kong

Pan Disheng, who was born in 1956, is a rich second generation. His father Pan Jinxi is a watch business and has several watches. Although Pan Jinxi was poor in his childhood, he dropped out of school early, but he attached great importance to the education of his son. Pan Disheng was sent to the United Kingdom by his parents to be educated by his parents in the country. After that, he went to study in the United States again.

At the age of a teenager, he went to a foreign country alone, which made Pan Disheng stronger and more independent than children of the same age, and had his own ideas. After finishing college in the United States in 1978, Pan Disheng returned to Hong Kong. He did not participate in the management of his father's enterprise directly without his father's business, but went to his father's watch bank to be the bottom salesperson for half a year. Since then, he went to Switzerland, known as the watch industry, and became a apprentice in the famous Clocks and jewelry shop Chopard in Geneva. The experience of apprentices this year, he learned not only the skills of making clocks, but more importantly, he learned the concept of high -end watches and jewelry in Swiss.

In 1980, Pan Disheng returned to Hong Kong with a blueprint of entrepreneurial blueprint in his mind. He borrowed $ 1 million from his father and opened a Disheng watch jewelry shop in the high -end business district of Hong Kong. Pan Disheng ignored the doubts of others, insisted on taking the high -end boutique route and guiding the trend. As a result, he won a great victory and opened a branch in the second year.

Since then, he has entered the fields of fashion, sporting goods, and has only made high -end boutiques. He has become Hong Kong's most famous world -famous specialized rights. His company is welcomed by the increasingly rising middle class in Hong Kong.

Entering the film and television industry, three marriages

In the early 1980s, Hong Kong's economy declined, and it was not very prosperous with the film industry. When even the giant of the film industry reducing the film, Pan Disheng did the opposite and established Debao Film Company.

There are two reasons for Pan Disheng: First, the film, as a high -cost popular entertainment method, is not very affected by economic recession. Second, through the dress of the famous movie stars in the movie, it can also indirectly promote the world -famous brand he agent. This is just two strokes for Pan Disheng.

He and Sammo Hung founded Debao Film Company in a partnership. It spent 15 million Hong Kong dollars invited the famous directors to direct, and invited many superstars including Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, and Lin Zixiang to make a series of classic works, Debao Movie The company ranks among the top five in Hong Kong.

Since then, Pan Disheng has packed all its industries and was listed in the backdoor. The company changed its name to Disheng Creation Co., Ltd., with a market value of more than HK $ 5 billion.

In the 1990s, Pan Disheng's value in less than 40 years had reached HK $ 2.5 billion. You know, the value of China's richest man in that era was only billions of yuan.

However, Pan Disheng has a problem that many rich people have: abuse of affection. He had three marriages. The first wife Yang Minde was a giants who were right with him. They gave birth to a daughter. However, during the marriage duration, after Pan Disheng founded Debao Film Company, he fell in love with the actor Yang Ziqiong at first sight. At that time, the scandal between the two was boiled. In the end, Pan Disheng and Yang Minde divorced and married Michelle Yeoh in 1988. As a result, after the beauty returned, Pan Disheng fought with Michelle Yeoh's girlfriend again, Yu Guizhu, who was 20 years younger than Pan Disheng. As a result, Michelle Yeoh's giant marriage ended only three years after divorce. Pan Disheng smashed 30 million to pursue Yu Guizhu, and finally married her in 1992.

Today, Disheng Group already has more than 200 stores in the world, and Pandoson's value has reached 31 billion, which can be said to be a winner in life. As for his emotional problems, it can only be said that people have nothing.