It was still scolded eight years later, the only injustice of derailment team?

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It was still scolded eight years later, the only injustice of derailment team?

2022-06-24 12:32:07 5 ℃

The current drama announced that the audience could not see the routine at all.

Otherwise, take the audience with a vicious defraud in the back. Otherwise, forcibly camouflage social news fraud. A little fierce, you can also play a wave of suicide propaganda to earn a broken rice.

The latest confusing behavior is Yao Di, the starring old drama who has been accumulated for a long time.

It was normal to help the show on broadcasting dramas. As a result, her copy was "If you want to live, you must have a little green on his head." In the video, she also brought a fluorescent green hat.

It's time to say, the article has previously promoted Ma Yizhen's drama ...

Because the play was broadcast four episodes, she didn't know if she was implying the character setting. But it is really difficult to remind people of real life. After all, the "Seeing Monday" incident is still the legend of the gossip world.

After that, Yao Di's life continued, but netizens' impression of her has been staying for 14 years. Although she had also encountered a partner suspected derailment, it was not sympathetic to gain, but laughed.

It is not difficult for everyone to guess. This time, she will have a new round of ridicule of what kind of storms.

Yao Di paid so much for the play. As a result, I would have the heart to Mingyue, but He Mingyue took the ditch. As the true heroine in the play, the only main actor participating in the drama, the producer Fang Aite only ranked third.

This is not a bad smell that advocates fighting, but it describes objective reality.

Yao Di has fallen from the popular little flowers to this day to this day. After eight years, he is still paying for the cross -track behavior of the year. The article "The same is the fall of the world" can also be regrettable for acting skills, and Weibo is full of support. However, when it comes to Yao Di, only Xiao San derailed the door.

You can't help but sigh.

——I am the segmentation line of future burial-

Yao Di entered the circle very early, playing soy sauce in quite a lot of film and television dramas. The earliest version of "I am a song" has her, playing the heroine Cong Rong. But after filming a lot, the popularity never improved.

It wasn't until 2007 that through the east wind of the great "Dream of the Red Mansion", Yao Di first had water in the entertainment industry.

Yao Di was the champion of the Baodi group. Although her appearance is really unsatisfactory, there is no persuasiveness against the competitors, but because of the spokesperson of a certain funder during the draft, the last all the way has become a championship.

But her participation was not nailed. The protagonist group dropped airborne and dropped again. Her role arranged a big turn of 180 degrees.

However, Yao Di is also the only one in several champions in several championships.

But the same performance is the same, and in the end, they accompany the new version of "Dream of Red Mansions" Yongcheng joke. Speaking of the beauty of the draft at that time, the beauty of a large number of votes participated, thinking that he would re -create a classic film history to leave names. As a result, it was a crash at the aircraft carrier -level.

The reputation of this drama was miserable, but at least more people knew Yao Di, and the actor's road became more and more smooth. Soon, I met the "Naked Marriage Age", who was also Xiao He lost and Xiao He.

Although I always feel that the whole plot is like persuading the audience not to be a naked marriage, many people are moved by the love in the play, and there is a slogan "Marry Liu Yiyang" ...

At that time, the reputation of the play was very powerful, and Yao Di suddenly became a popular little flower. Since then, it has starred in many popular urban emotional dramas.

However, "Naked Marriage Era" to Yao Di brought more than flowers and applause to Yao Di, but also a love of the cross -rail of thunder.

She and her married article, quietly promoted the drama CP to the real -life CP.

Moreover, the two seem to have no consciousness. They dare to go to the streets to walk on the street.

At the end of March 14th, "Seeing on Monday" was born. The editor -in -chief of "Nandu Entertainment Weekly" stated that he had against the temptation of public relations, rejected all kinds of opinions, and will be released next Monday.

Said to "see Monday", in fact, I didn't wait until Monday. Just by the weekend, the news about Yao Di about Yao Di has been fermented.

In the case of plugging, this entertainment industry's events are not the writing of Zhuowei. He has become famous since then and is active in the broadcast positions of Gua Tian. Although there is no name in the future, the rivers and lakes will always have his legend.

At that time, the image of the article and Yao Di was a good husband and a good husband, and the other was a pure female star. At that time, at the pregnancy of Ma Yizhen's second child, their derailment was simply Garley.

The article was crazy on Weibo, scolded for a while, and confessed to mistakes for a while, everyone was like a joke. In the end, Ma Yizhen's famous sentences, "Although love is easy, marriage is not easy, and it is cherished and cherished."

The article kneels and admits his mistakes to return to his family. Ma Yizheng forgives (not blackened at the time), and the third person in the storm Yao Di was silent. She closed Weibo comments and chose to be silent.

Derailed, it is difficult to get away once it is stained.

Even if the derailed wife Ma Yizhen expressed forgiveness, more people would stand up to fight the third. Of course, some people also came up to scold the scumbag, but the team of scuming men seemed to be better than playing the team, powerful and lasting.

——I am the division that is difficult to turn over--

After the "Seeing Monday" incident, Yao Di was silent for nearly a year before trying the water to come back.

But the career is not too hot, just a lot of scolding. Participate in the reality show and put two posters, quickly assembled tens of thousands of scolds. The new drama officials announced that they still scolded, and the tumor of the crew would not be seen. Compared with the article, Zhang Li can also extend the olive branch to participate in "Young Marshal". If you do n’t play, you can shoot fans to call him back quickly. Yao Di's situation is too much.

In recent years, the works are not silent, or they should be downgraded into a female N No. N, and even many netizens said that she does not want to see it ...

A little bit of water is a scandal. In the past, Xiaohua only had a relationship with love. Coincidentally, it has something to do with this suicide propaganda "From Love to Happiness".

In 15 years, she and the male lead Li Wei were photographed in Haikou for a date. The man filmed in Haikou at the time, and Yao Di's car was also picked up suspected of Li Wei. Photos of the two traveling to Japan and Thailand have been exposed one after another.

Li Wei once played the role of Han Zhizhen in "The Stars of the Sheep".

The two of them were frequently released by the love signal. As a result, the man's relationship seemed to be more chaotic at that time. Yang Ziqing took a close photo of the two to announce the status of the palace, suspected that there was a primary three.

Yang Ziqing is the heroine of Tao Yan PPT derailed.

Li Wei quickly jumped out and denied that Yang Ziqing was not a girlfriend. He was single and was pursuing Yao Di. Yang Ziqing immediately opened the wheat and said, "It turned out that it was played" ... Love and hatred.

Yao Di continued to silence this time, and Li Wei soon lost the following.

The relationship of love again is the white man who returned to the hotel in 17 years, and her current wealthy businessman.

This time Yao Di admitted that he was very happy. He showed a large bunch of flowers on Weibo. "Yes", the love atmosphere was strong.

He was proposed in 18 years and his self -explosion has entered his marriage.

But in August 21st, the wealthy businessman was photographed in the middle of the night to hold hands with the beauty. The two had an intimate relationship and ambiguous relationship. After the two got on the car, there were even some people who sent flowers ...

Yao Di did not respond, but she and her husband were photographed in hand a few days later. It seemed that it was not affected.

In March 22, her husband Yao Di was photographed again to leave the bar and enter the hotel with a young woman wearing a white peaked cap.

These news themes are actually quite different, including sweet love proposal, derailment of damaged types, and forgive daily melon, but the theme of the comment area is not bad, that is, the primary three, pay attention to your own moral bottom line. Essence

Because the two sides have been silent, what is her marriage in the end, and the people who eat melon are also foggy. There is only one thing that is certain. Whether her husband is derailed or not, only her was scolded.

Even if Ma Yizheng and the official announcement of the article were announced, the at the bottom of the article was at most. Thank you for letting go of Ma Yizhen, but Yao Di is all kinds of difficult words.

The article has been considered to be relatively affected in the male tracking team. Yao Di's treatment is far worse, let alone Chen and others who have nothing to happen.

It is not for everyone to tolerate the moral flaws such as derailment, but they just feel that they should not be separated from men and women. If Yao Di is a male and the article is a female, she will probably be much less scolding.