Dabhletu shares the summer song list to pick up the cozy time.

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Dabhletu shares the summer song list to pick up the cozy time.

2022-06-24 12:33:17 10 ℃

The new sound of the original musicians Dabshitu has been high -yielding this year, and heals the listener with a relaxed and happy singing voice.

Summer is approaching, he will share the summer song list for everyone, and regain limited vitality and color.

Summer's sticky and hot heat makes the cool breeze become precious. Nice music is cool and pleasant in the tree shadow. When it comes to summer, the Sarah Kang version of "Summer is Falling in Love" will pop up in Dabu's mind. Every time I listen to this song, I feel that I am on the sea beaches and enjoy the light stroke of the summer sea breeze, lazy Perrace the time comfortably. Summer is also the favorite season of Dabshittu, which will burst unique inspiration in summer. His original song "Baby Crazy" and "Summer Holiday" are very summer. These two songs were written when Dabu was in high school. Cozy, like the warm soda overflowing in the hand, fresh and warm, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Ride a bicycle with three or two friends; everyone uses the audio to challenge the new action of skateboarding; the fantasy future on the summer night market barbecue stall, these are Dabo's exclusive summer memory. Summer is a romantic and romantic dream, leisurely and comfortable. Dabhletu maintains a novel and unique taste in daily life and song creation. His music style is very diverse and welcomed by the audience. It is reported that a new work has been launched recently, so stay tuned.