Russian popular male singer Yuri Sarainov died of a heart attack, and the details of the medical treatment were made public.

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Russian popular male singer Yuri Sarainov died of a heart attack, and the details of the medical treatment were made public.

2022-06-24 12:31:53 3 ℃

According to Russian media reports, Russia's famous popular male singer Yuri Shapinov died on June 23 due to a heart attack and was only 48 years old.

Yuri Shatino is the lead singer of the Russian group "Gentle May". The masterpieces include many popular songs such as "Don't Said to Me", "White Rose", "Gray Night" and "Childhood". In addition to the high popularity and popularity, many works are also loved by Chinese fans.

It is reported that the cause of the death of Yuri Shatino is acute myocardial infarction. Before he was sick, Yuri was gathered with some friends in the countryside. They drank beer and ate crayfish. Suddenly, Yuri Shatinov felt the pain behind the sternum, and then suffocated. The last sentence he said during his lifetime was: "I have spasm."

At 23:45 pm local time on June 22, the two friends first drove a private car to take him to a clinic near the village. The local doctor believed that the situation of Yuri was very serious. After providing basic first aid measures, they It was decided to transfer Yuri to the central hospital of Domorgoto. "In fact, the situation when the artist was brought in was already bad. He was actually dragged away," the attending doctor of the hospital told the media.

There was also an image when Yuri was assisted to the hospital after being supported by Yuri on the Internet. The screen shows that Yuri almost cannot walk independently, but still subconsciously supports the wall with his hands.

The movement showed that when his friend walked into the hospital with him, his eyes could also be opened, which shows that there was still consciousness at the time.

At 0:20 on June 23, Yuri was sent to the emergency room of the Domorgoto City Hospital. The insider said that at this time, his heart had stopped. However, five doctors including heart disease experts, recovery experts, and neurologists quickly formed a first -aid team. It took an hour and a half of the rescue to try to make Yuri recover, but everything was futile. "Yuri is too late to go to the hospital. This is a severe heart disease that suddenly occurs a few hours ago. If it is too early, he has a great hope of survival."

In the afternoon of that day, in Yuri Shatinov's personal social account, he also posted a document confirming this unfortunate news: "Tonight, in the ambulance, Yuri's heart stops beating", including the famous host Valeri, etc. Many friends and fans in the circle have spoiled in the comment area.

A person familiar with the matter revealed that Yuri has been in the heart of the heart for more than half a year, but he has never been too serious, maybe he doesn't like to go to the hospital.

Yuri Shatuov's last update of social accounts was two days ago. He shared a short video about his recently broadcast on his TV station. In the picture, Yuri talked about laughter and looked very healthy. This video turned out to be the last film in his lifetime, which was sighing.

Yuri Shatinov's childhood is miserable. He was born on September 6, 1973. He was abandoned by his father at the age of three and grew up by his mother. At the age of eleven, his mother died of a heart disease. He spent a short period of time with his relatives, but his relatives said that he could not take care of him and sent him to the orphanage. There, he is famous for his harsh behavior, and often escapes from the orphanage alone, fights, and so on.

Fortunately, Yuri Suruv met his music enlightenment teacher in the orphanage, and soon formed a band called "Gentle May", Yuri Shatuoov served as the lead singer. After that, he has been developing in the field of music, and the songs sung in "Gentle May" are becoming more and more loved by fans.

Yuri Suruv in his youth was extremely high.

The "Gentle May" band disbanded in 1992. After that, Yuri Satino began to develop independently. In 1996, Yuri Shapinov moved to Germany.

Yuri Shatino's wife, Switlanna, was from Germany. The two married in 2007 and had a 15 -year -old son Dennis and a 9 -year -old daughter Estera.

The specific news of Yuri Shatino's funeral date, time, and place has not yet been announced. His wife, son, and daughter have been living in Germany in recent years. After knowing the news, the family is currently rushing to Russia on the fastest flight, cooking Yuri.